Game night

Hi folks! Follow this link here for the game, password is just hi

I’ll keep an eye on this and tumblr if you need to get hold of me.

See you in 15 mins!


Edit: the site seems to have crashed or something – will see if it gets back up shortly and edit this post if so


Edit 2: the site is still down, so let’s assume it’ll be like that for the night and reschedule. Sorry folks! </3


Game night – Update

Hey folks! I think based on the responses that Saturday 16th 7pm GMT will be our goal 😀 I’ll post at 6.45pm on the day with a link to the game. Any more card suggestions, let me know before Friday 15th.

See you then! ❤

Game Night

I have my internet, and you know what that means? GAME NIGHT!!

I’m up for another round of Cards Against Humanity, with a bonus pack of sim cards. My time on the upcoming weekends is a little tight, but I assume that’s the best time for people to gather, so I’m suggesting either Friday night GMT (8th) (this will be during the day for some folk, which might not work) or Saturday night on the 16th — I’m not 100% sure I’ll be free, because that’s my birthday, but I don’t have any plans as of yet, and that’s a good to spend the night imo!

Let me know what you all can do and I’ll figure it out!

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SOL: Generation Three – Chapter Six

Quinn had arrived first, following directions on a scrap piece of paper until the Arron’s Arcade sign had caught his eye, spilling neon blue light out onto the dull side street. He had recognised the name once Mia had suggested the venue; his uncles had visited on occasion, but luckily he wouldn’t be running into them that day; they were in America for a conference-and-holiday, so Quinn didn’t have to worry.

He’d drifted inside and was pleasantly surprised to find a friendly assistant point him into a cosy room, where muted grey walls gave a good contrast to the electric lights of the arcade machines.

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SOL: Generation Three – Chapter Five

Quinn sat in the front room, underneath sun rays highlighting spiralling dust motes. He always knew summer had officially arrived when the fire lay dormant for over a week, and then the thick curtains opened to reveal single glazed windows and the view of undulating hills and trees bowing under the weight of their leaves.

Within his lap sat his new DM notebook where he was plotting the next few sessions. His cooling cup of tea waited patiently for him to come back to the world of the living, but it was his phone that won his attention first. It buzzed on the hard white table, startling Quinn who had been daydreaming about his brother’s beloved character, Dova, and he glanced over to see a text blooming onto his home screen.

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Family Tree

I was asked by Louise a couple of chapters ago if I had a family tree – and the answer was no. Until now!

I’ll update this every gen or so, but if you’re not caught up there will be spoilers!

Unfortunately the picture won’t enlarge, so I’ll either split it into two or see if hosting it on imgur helps. I’ll figure that out at… some point.