SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Nine

Hi folks! I know I said I’d post this last week, and I could have done, but it would have been rushed and I like a day or two to sit on a chapter and mull over the finished results. The tone of this one is a little weird to me because half of the POV is elsewhere, but there we go.

Oh, and I do mean to catch up on wordpress, hopefully tomorrow, but I also wanted to post this chapter before I could sit on it any longer!

“WOOHOO!” Felix cried, giving a dance that was more just like an excitable wiggle, as his bowling ball did its duty and carried out a strike.

“Fluke,” Skye muttered under her breath. “Beginners luck, for sure.”

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Memory Lane Challenge

I have been nominated, very kindly, by several lovely simmers whose stories I adore. Alas their comments telling me about this have been somewhat buried in my notifications over the last week or so. But I thank you from the bottom of my heart 😀

Congratulations! You’ve been nominated for a totally legit award. Get a gold star and stick it on your forehead like a boss.
2. Share FIVE of your favourite moments from your legacy/challenge/story so far.
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This is sort of the moment that it all began. Jessica, half asleep, stubs her toes on the kitchen door when surprised by a cute stranger sitting on their kitchen counter after a very athletic night with her flatmate.

And it started the joke about Jessica flashing her knickers at James, so it’s here for that reason too!

I’m forever disappointed in myself that I couldn’t keep up with the uni friends, but it happens every generation and honestly this one was long enough. Just know that they’re all happily living their lives and they are in touch with Jessica and James!

My BABE. All time favourite character of mine, and most other readers on the previous iteration of this legacy, but I also included this picture because the prologues are, so far, the most important part of what I’ve written. They take place in the present, and the story of the family is being told through letters and memories left to him in a parcel.

He’s a sarcastic, mysterious asshole, with more power than sense half the time, but his heart is usually in the right place even when he’s royally fucking up. Also, he loves chocolate. And hates cats, because somehow he’s allergic despite being a vampire. Poor sod.

*sniff* This is the picture where Jessica told James she was pregnant, the last picture of the generation, I believe, with the ominous message that her family has a history of multiples. Neither of them suspected triplets, and then twins. Mwahahah! But they wouldn’t have it any other way.

I would. Never again…. Or, not until generation three and four where we have four kids each time. Fuck, why did I do this to myself? 

Okay, so this picture isn’t the best in terms of setting, lighting etc, but it’s important to me because:

a) Lukas. My secretive vampire son running from his past. Unknowingly, he’ll fall back in with the family before long.

b) this picture is around the time Loxley started getting close to figuring out the mystery of Lukas, but to us, we know he’s a vampire. And so the family gets closer to becoming irrevocably linked with the supernatural world.

I was going to be a tease and plop a picture of my previous iteration of this legacy here, but alas photobucket has changed its rules and won’t host to third party sites. What a menace. Instead I’ll be less of a tease and leave you with the picture I currently use to head the SOL archive page:


I’m ridiculously proud of this simple picture, but more so because it kind of hints at the characters of each of them, as much as you can in a family portrait! The placement of Faye was more than just making sure she stood out as our heir, but to symbolise the emotional separation of her family from her.

Look at me, getting all psychological.

I think most people have already been tagged. I shall attempt to tag people I haven’t seen do the memory lane challenge yet, a couple of them on simblr.

  1. A Clover and A Bee. Owly is one of my favourite writers and is starting a sims comic on her simblr which I am SO HYPED for. I’m 5eva jealous of her talent.
  2. DRSE by Futurecarrie. Nothing special to say about this one. Carrie sucks. JK, she’s gr8 and may kill the sim I have lovingly gifted to her in her horror story if I say anything mean 😛
  3. The Homily Legacy by simaroosimblr. A really good mix of storytelling and gameplay, with lovable, quirky characters!



SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Eight

This is a blanket warning for my chapters. There will be swearing, and crude language. I just can’t have a story set in Scotland where this isn’t part of how people speak 😛 I can’t be arsed to tack it on to each chapter when there will be more important warnings I will need people to take heed of before they read!

Awaking to an empty bed had been less of a surprise than waking up to Kane would have been. Faye remembered the night clearly – neither of them had been that drunk – and recalled the feeling of his strength; the tenderness of his hands. Sure, it hadn’t been mind-blowing, but it was far better than most drunken sorties she’d had in the past.
Seeing that her room was empty, and his stuff long gone, gave her both relief and embarrassment. There was no awkward morning after, but instead she had to look forward to their shift later on in the day. Really, they had only delayed the inevitable bumbling around each other until they could find a way to let what happened slide – or embrace it, though Faye wasn’t convinced that was the likely solution.

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Seven

Wee warning for swearing in this chapter. Kane likes a good f-bomb and has a dirty mouth. Also, there’s hinted nudity? Idk how to explain it. Nothing is shown, she’s just in bed, but thought I’d warn just in case.

“Keeping the bar clean is important. That means mopping up spills as soon as you can, keeping the equipment spotless and the mess as organised as possible. There’ll be some nights that are pure chaos and if you’re in the habit of doing these things it makes it much easier, trust me.”

Faye fidgeted in her chair. She was still being caught up to speed and her shifts were entirely used for training purposes – not that there were many customers during the revamp of the place. It often shut its doors during the day to let workmen in, and even in the two days Faye had been here the wallpaper had changed colour to fit more in with the hive theme.

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Six

Faye’s idea to go to Glasgow turned out to be a little ambitious; she didn’t have much money saved up and with no guarantee of a job there, her parents had talked her into staying at one of the outlying towns which was close enough to commute by train, but cheaper than staying in the city proper. Her parents had set her up with a possible job, upon proving herself with a few practice shifts, by sweet talking one of their old university friends who had just bought out the local pub.

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Four

We are so close to finally getting the hell on with this generation. Don’t worry guys. I’m never having five parallel story lines ever again…

The wave of perfume hit Summer a second before Uma’s arms wrapped around her from behind, the other girl leaning over the back of the chair to hug her. “I’m so proud of you!”

Summer laughed. She had read the email telling her that her application was successful, and she had got the internship, and texted Uma immediately. It had only taken the girl three minutes to find her.

“Well, I couldn’t have done it without you telling me about it.”

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