SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Four

We are so close to finally getting the hell on with this generation. Don’t worry guys. I’m never having five parallel story lines ever again…

The wave of perfume hit Summer a second before Uma’s arms wrapped around her from behind, the other girl leaning over the back of the chair to hug her. “I’m so proud of you!”

Summer laughed. She had read the email telling her that her application was successful, and she had got the internship, and texted Uma immediately. It had only taken the girl three minutes to find her.

“Well, I couldn’t have done it without you telling me about it.”

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A lil’ post

Hey folks!

Has anyone had problems with spam comments recently? I got like 30 this morning, very strange. I don’t have time to properly deal with it so I’ve just set my blog to private – just a head’s up that I’ve not deleted if it seems to have suddenly disappeared.

I’m going to be away for a bit and everything is hectic with packing and end of uni stuff, as well as a few personal things, but I hope to catch up and post more soon!


SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Three

“Why are applications always so hard?” Summer complained to her mother, who had pulled up a chair beside her. “And scary,” she added, wiggling her mouse over all the questions she had to answer.

“To weed out the people they don’t want,” Jessica sighed. “I really don’t miss applying for places. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t changed jobs in years.”

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Two

Perhaps all of the talks from her parents were finally getting to her, but one evening deep in Autumn Faye sat at the desk she shared with her sisters and stared out the window. The laptop was on, but the lid closed, and it whirred away quite happily. It was almost five years old now, and the only reason they hadn’t bought a new one was because it still worked fine for writing, and Summer maintained that she was too used to the keyboard to change.

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty One

Just to make it clear, the time skip ended up being a year long – so the triplets are now in their last year of high school and have just turned eighteen.

Faye sidled up to her sister who had been eyeing her appearance in the mirror for the last five minutes, fingers worrying at each other absently. They didn’t need to leave for another five minutes, and Faye didn’t exactly care about getting to school on time (especially on the first day back), but she also wanted to see what her friends were wearing. The school was trying out a new thing – allowing the sixth year students to wear their usual clothes, rather than uniforms.

Faye was quite happy with her outfit, and had spent a few minutes last night picking one out. Skye seemed a lot less happy. “You look fine,” Faye said sweetly, nudging her.

“Thanks,” Skye said. The tone of her voice was flat. Faye wasn’t sure if she had accepted the compliment or not.

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The Quest: Season Two Part Five [finale]

Panaj: We’re here! God’s balls, it’s not very pretty is it?

Kaofthe: [tightly] Well we are at war. And that… is the Shifting Island. Was?

Emusci: [breathless] What happened?!

Kaofthe: I don’t know. But look – [relieved] our continent is safe. Well… my continent.

Moon: Docking

Panaj: You know I tried to run away from home before, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting as this.

Dash: Don’t we have a responsibility to get this kid back?

Panaj: [glaring at Dash] I dare you to try.

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