SOL: Generation Two – Chapter One

Warning for swearing, because this is Kane and he has no filter.

Nine months ago, Kane hadn’t known a single thing about children. He was the youngest in his immediately family, and with no aunts or uncles on either side there was no possibility for younger cousins. He had always avoided children like he avoided everyone, even though he (like many in their nineteen-year-old minds) thought he’d like to have a family in the distant future, an idea that floated around his head from time to time and was no more committing than the idea of a year-round diet for a new year’s resolution.

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SOL: Generation Two – Prologue

Knowing when to begin is the hardest piece of starting. “Why,” they call, “at the beginning!” This is all very well, but it is rather misleading. My beginning is vastly different from yours. It would take too long to tell you all of my life, and you do not need to know it to understand what I require you to understand. I started these journals, therefore, at your beginning.

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Hi everyone! I’m back – I’ve actually been back for a couple of weeks but the catch up was just too much to deal with while everything else was going on. I’ve caught up now and have to apologise for not commenting — I just wanted to power through the stories unbroken this evening otherwise I would have dragged my feet for longer!

Sorry to say that I’m not back with anything new just yet. I was working on some projects on my simblr which are now sorted, so fingers crossed I can get back to SOL sometime in the next couple of weeks! I need to rediscover my energy for it and remember where I was at, but trust me, that’ll happen in no time 😀

Hope you’re all well and, unlike me, are enjoying the beginning of the festive period… (bah humbug)

P.S… I may be working on a pose dump 😉 Here is a lil taste of it! If anyone has any requests, now is the time, because I’m aiming to hit 50 poses and I’m only a few short!

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Notice and stuff idk

Wow, another one of these again, huh?

Soooooooooo I’m going away for a month (ish) and thought I should give you guys a head’s up now rather than when I’m back promising that I’m still alive. I know, I’ve just caught up on everything, but I’ve had this holiday planned for a while and I’m not gonna worry about sims while I’m away.

Hopefully though my creative juices will be flowing from time to time so I’m sure I’ll whip something up soon after I return. For those that follow on simblr, that will remain active with a queue of a free play legacy (The Starrs) that is… honestly something I like to reread all the time and giggle at because I’m a loser. If you’re interested the link on the left sidebar will take you to my simblr, where you can also find the BC which is yet another story I’m writing.

I know, I need to stop.

In other writing news, I’m hoping that in two days time I’ll have finished book 2! Yay! Currently it’s sitting at almost 80K which isn’t too bad for YA. And then I guess I better think about number 3 *cries*


Okay, toodles! Have a good (and spoopy) October ❤


SOL: Generation One – Chapter Thirty

A/N: A warning for the mention of abortion/miscarriages and some of the opinions that come along with these topics.

Oh, and I couldn’t be arsed to go through with the pregnancy in game to give her a bump, so just don’t look too closely at her flat stomach when it is in shots, lmao!

Faye had been dreading seeing his face ever since she realised she’d have to tell him. Part of her wanted to hide the truth from him – it wouldn’t be that hard, after all – but she thought of their growing friendship and the conversations they’d had that begun to bridge the startlingly large gap between them, and she couldn’t do that.

“Hey, what’s up?” Kane asked, closing the door softly behind him. He’d come straight from work because she’d asked him to, and usually that meant they would spend the rest of the night in each other’s company. One look at Faye’s indecisive expression quickly corrected the assumption that tonight was going to be like the others.

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Announcements and Updates

Oh man, I feel like I’ve disappeared over the last couple of weeks!

I think I mentioned I was going for a long journey to an interview for a year long position this week, and I am so happy to say I was successful! And already I have organised to meet with two (possibly three, when I figure out the journey to see Carrie) simmers for the first time, plus hopefully see a long time simmer friend again, which is really cool.

This comes with even better news – internet! Weekends with my computer with the sims games on it! Basically, I can keep up to date with wordpress and possibly even up my chapters to be published once a week or so.

However, the start date is almost the beginning of September, so I’m going to be in a flurry trying to get everything packed and sorted and saying goodbye to home (sniff! the furthest away I’ve ever been :/) so I have to say that I still won’t be catching up just yet, or at least I won’t be trying to find time to do it unless I really do have some free time. I hope you guys understand, and I am still super excited to read all the amazing chapters that have been published in like the three weeks or so that I have been a bit MIA!

However, because I hate to break my own goals, I am still really hoping to get the last SOL chapter of gen 2 published before the end of August, or at a push the beginning of September. We shall see!

Hope you are all well, and I’m excited to return to the community properly soon 😀

SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Nine

Hi folks! I know I said I’d post this last week, and I could have done, but it would have been rushed and I like a day or two to sit on a chapter and mull over the finished results. The tone of this one is a little weird to me because half of the POV is elsewhere, but there we go.

Oh, and I do mean to catch up on wordpress, hopefully tomorrow, but I also wanted to post this chapter before I could sit on it any longer!

“WOOHOO!” Felix cried, giving a dance that was more just like an excitable wiggle, as his bowling ball did its duty and carried out a strike.

“Fluke,” Skye muttered under her breath. “Beginners luck, for sure.”

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