The Quest S1: Part One

~Isla Kieruve~


Valk: There is no one here. Yet another dead end.

Yajd: [yawns] Bored!
Valk: There will be more amusement when we find what we are looking for, Yajd.
Yajd: [huffs] Journey! Exciting! More!
Valk: Don’t worry, Yajd. We will be on our way promptly.

Yajd: [curious sniff towards the sea] Water? Water!

Valk: Yajd, where are you going? We must leave soon. Yajd?

Valk: [sighs] Oh, Yajd.
Yajd: [happy barks]

Yajd: Water! Fresh, fun!

Valk: I suppose we can stay here a little longer, if you’d like, Yajd.
Yajd: [playing] Join!
Valk: We don’t need two pairs of wet cloths on the ship. I shall refrain.
Yajd: [splashing, tongue lolling] Refreshing!
Valk: I’m sure it is, Yajd.
Yajd: [stops playing, cocks head] We leave?
Valk: Soon. Another place calls our names. We have a mission, remember.
Yajd: [pouting] Time for fun!
Valk: I will see you on the ship, Yajd. Whenever you have had your ‘fun’.
Yajd: [returns to playing in the water]

~Island of Vurz~

Valk: Once again, there is nothing. A stagnant, empty world. We are chasing a fading trail and choosing all the wrong decisions. I am… I am going to fail.

Valk: Perhaps we should stay here, in this cold dead place. There would be no one to laugh at how far we have fallen. No one to realise our mistakes.
Yajd: [pouts] No! Cold! Do not like!
Valk: You should leave, Yajd. You will have a more fulfilling life with another. Perhaps someone that could give you more enjoyment.

Yajd: [with effort] You are my master. I chose you.
Valk: And that was a mistake. My reputation is already in tatters, Yajd. Where else can we go, if I fail this too?
Yajd: Don’t need reputation! Only you.
Valk: [fondly] You are certainly loyal, my dear Yajd. You are the best companion I could have hoped for all these years.

Yajd: Inside. Warmth.
Valk: Yes, let us return to the ship. We will… we will try another planet, perhaps with more luck. Soon the time will be up and I… will not be welcome back home. We will not be welcome, Yajd.
Yajd: Don’t care. You, my home.
Valk: Yes, Yajd, but I am not much of one.
Yajd: Warm. Food. Company. Love.
Valk: [smiling] Ah, you never get tired of cheering me up, which I am very grateful for. Come. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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