SOL: Generation Zero – Prologue

The old man is bent double, all his weight on a sturdy cane. His gnarled fingers are wrapped tightly around the wood and his mouth is open; he is breathing in short gasps.

He has left a box by a large house and his badly dressed state is out of place against the ostentatious backdrop. How he delivered the box, it is not clear; he certainly is in no shape to carry it.

As he walks further away from the box, he becomes frailer and frailer. His skin becomes paper; his wrinkles deepen; his gait little more than a hobble. It is dark, too dark to clearly make out what happens next.

In a blink of an eye, he appears to crumble to dust.

The box is found when the sun rises. It is dragged inside by a woman. She reaches for a device to ensure it is safe to open – they have to take precautions, these days – but a hand on her arm stops her.

“I think I know what it is,” a man says. His voice is quiet – respectful? – and he easily tears the box open.

There is much inside. He picks up the envelope labelled ‘1′ and reads.

This is a little… strange, for me. Of course it must also be quite bizarre for you, though perhaps by now you’re used to queer happenings in your life. I am writing to you to explain all that has happened up to this point, but it will take a long time. However, I am sure you can make the time. You are smart; you will understand that this is important. I know that you have already learned some of the truth, but soon you will know it all.

I apologise, first and foremost. All of this time was but a blink of an eye to me, and I suspect I am… disassociated, as it were. Maybe the pain and struggles that you have been through have been too much, and you will hate me – but I think I know enough about you that you will understand.
Needs must. We are both of the rather utilitarian school of thought. My means may be harsh, but I had to know that you were capable. I trusted that you were strong enough.
After all, only the breakable break.

Yours Forever,

30 thoughts on “SOL: Generation Zero – Prologue”

    1. Yup! Though I pretend that time doesn’t really happen so much, like technically after ten generations of the family they should have gone through some historical eras, but fuck that xD
      I’m excited to see you read it!
      Thanks for the comment 😀

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  1. Hello! I’ve been checking out some of your chapters here and there (not enough to get spoilers lol) and I really like your writing, so I think it’s time to officially start reading this legacy 🙂
    The opening is very mysterious, I really like it! Can’t wait to read more!


    1. Oh wow, thank you so much!! I can’t wait to check out yours too, though I have to warn you my internet access is patchy atm so I’ll be a slow reader xD
      Again, thanks! I’m excited to see what you think 😀

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  2. The sky in that second photo is stunning! This was quite an interesting intro, the way you described the old man was incredibly vivid. I already have quite a few questions, but I suppose as I venture through the story, the answers shall appear. And off I go~

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  3. Yes, I do know that I have actually read much of this beginning on Tumblr, but:

    A. it’s been years since I first read it!
    B. I have a lot to catch up on and I’ve avoided reading it all, so I could go back and start over
    C. Oh, lovely C… JAMES!

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