SOL: Generation One – Prologue

After some hours of reading, the man slips out of his seat and wanders over to the large windows. He stares out of them, unseeing; his gaze is blank, his mind miles away. He keeps his back to the letters and the opened box, to his files upon files from work, to the experimental plasma orange juice from the science department (his friend had given it to him with a smirk, and said that it was going to be called Blood Orange if it passed all the tests). He keeps his back to what his life is like now, and remembers what his life was like then.

He hears her approach – of course he does. She’s not exactly subtle.

From the corner of his eye, he sees her hover behind him. She has all of his features; his hair, his eyes, his stubbornness, his unbending will. Not for the first time, he sees small glimpses of what he used to be like. Thankfully, they are very small.

“Why did you stop reading?” she asks, sounding put out. He looks over his shoulder at her and gives a fond smile.

“Why? Do you want to continue reading over my shoulder?”

She doesn’t so much as blush, and her stubborn refusal to be embarrassed makes him smile. She was definitely his daughter, for better or for worse.

“You didn’t know them, did you?”

There is silence for a long time. “No, I didn’t. I can’t help but wonder what they would have done, had they known.”

She steps forward and gazes out of the window too, if only to be closer to her father. “Known what?”

“What was coming.” He crosses his arms over his chest and frowns. “I wonder when the Council became aware of them.”

At the mention of their old enemy, the girl perks up with interest. “Do you think they knew, even then?”

“No,” he scoffs. “No, not even they could have known.” He thinks silently for a long time, calculating something in his head. “I must have been Turned by now,” he thinks aloud. “Everything was set in motion.”

The girl lets the silence sit for a while, but then she cannot resist the urge to burst it. “Will you send the letters to them?”

“Yes,” he says, without missing a beat. “But first… first I have to finish them. I’m dreading reading about what it was like, back then. What I was like.”

The girl bites her lip, and almost asks the question on the tip of her tongue – but she supposes that she will learn what he was like soon enough.

He sighs, a sharp sound, and turns around. He has set his shoulders and a determined look comes to him. He is ready for what comes next.

20 thoughts on “SOL: Generation One – Prologue”

    1. They are indeed vampires! The man especially is incredibly important to the legacy. Back on LJ, he was pretty much everyone’s favourite (even though he made some super bad choices) and the most badass throughout the legacy. I’m very excited to bring him back, but, sadly, we have another two generations to get through first. Or maybe one and a half xD
      I have loved reading your comments! You’re the best 😀 thanks so much ❤

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  1. I’ve been curious, why is the former generation zero? I really liked there being no supernatural presence in Jess’ gen and now seeing this prologue. I hope its like a gradual introduction to vampires and the like.

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    1. I guess because that was entirely Jessica and James’ story of how they got together, and it would be almost the entire length of one generation, or maybe it just sounded cool at the time xD
      That’s a yes and no. There are going to be more and more clues as we go through, but when things are properly discovered then it’s not long before shit gets real xD
      Thanks for commenting!


    1. The prologues are actually in the “present” and the legacy is in the past, BUT they’re pretty old vampires so that comes out in the way they speak.
      The guy was very much a tragic hero for a while. He tried to do his best on flawed logic, and at points failed. Also, he had great one liners!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!! ❤


  2. Oh wow, I’m so intrigued!! I really want to find out how these prologues are tied to the rest of the story! I saw in one of your comments that one of the vampires is a real badass who also makes bad choices and I couldn’t be happier (I love those types of character, lol)!! ❤ Great chapter! 🙂

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    1. Ah, you are going to love him then. In the previous iteration he was everyone’s favourite. He’s such fun to write and I am SO looking forward to introducing him into the actual story, not just the prologues.
      Thank you for commenting and reading ❤

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  3. Well, after a quick speed-re-read of gen 0, I’m here, hehe. Hopefully it wont take me a year to finish this, lol. Interesting that these prologues and the actual gens take place during different times. I’m wondering if the lack of any face shots in the two prologues thus far is deliberate… Is this man someone we’ll come to know well later on? Guess I shall see how this plays out. Excited to start 😀

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      1. “I’m sorry Ma’am, your child is more susceptible to developing cancer because he has a mutation in the Sonic Hedgehog gene.” Oh no. Now I want to make a terrible OC character sheet about the Sonic Hedgehog gene (á la Coldsteel the Hedgehog).

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