SOL: Generation One – Chapter Seven

The day was a beautiful one.

It was a bit of an understatement, Skye thought. If she was Summer, she could describe it in perfectly poetic prose, but she wasn’t, and the best she could do was say that it was beautiful.

Admiring the scenery did little to dampen the butterflies in her stomach. This was no normal walk to the park. This was a date.

Kind of. Well, she wasn’t really sure. She thought it might be. She hoped it might be.

She turned when she heard footsteps, half expecting it to be a stranger walking home, but it was Joshua. They knew each other through their Social Studies class in school, and sat at the same table for the best part of half a year.

Skye wasn’t sure if she liked him as someone to date, but she liked the idea of going on a date.

She had no idea what to expect.

“Hey,” Joshua said, awkwardly, coming to stand in front of her. Skye stood up from her seat, feeling just as unsure, and didn’t know how to react when he reached out towards her in a belated gesture to… she wasn’t sure what he had been planning to do; his hand quickly fell to his side. “Um, h-how are you?”

“Fine.” A knee-jerk reaction to that question. Skye felt her cheeks heat up. “It’s been a nice day,” she tried to add on. Her voice sounded strangled. “And you?”

“I’m good. I, um, I’m glad you decided to come here.”

They decided to go walk around the park, which was a fair size for its location in the middle of the town. Skye was so focused on her own awkwardness that she barely noticed that Joshua was just as nervous as she was. Their conversation was stilted. It was harder to hold a conversation on a date than in class, Skye learned.

This was what dates were like, or at least that’s what they always seemed in the stories Skye heard from classmates (retelling a sibling’s story, usually), which meant that this wasn’t unusual, which was good. Skye really wanted this to work. Having someone interested in her was an exciting new feeling.

Just as all good things come to an end, all awkward things must too. Skye knew it was coming up to the time that her parents had told her to be back by, and she still had to walk across town to get there. The autumn evening was getting chilly, too, and Skye regretted leaving her jacket at home.

Joshua hovered in front of her shyly. “We should maybe do something like this again,” he mumbled, gaze only meeting hers for a moment before falling back to the ground near her feet. His cheeks were red. Maybe it was from the cold. “If you want.”

Skye nodded, pleased but painfully unsure of how enthusiastic she should seem. “That would be nice.” She peered up at him through her glasses and wondered who would leave first. Should she just walk away? Was he waiting for her to say something else?

There was another long moment of hesitation until Joshua smiled bashfully and ducked in to press his lips against her cheek. Skye almost made a squeak in surprise but stopped the sound last minute, her hands fluttering by her sides, unsure what she should do in return. His lips were warm, and nice. Were they dating now? The thought sent another shiver of trepidation through her.

Josh pulled away and offered another shy smile. “I’ll see you in school?”

“Yeah. Yes.” Skye cleared her throat. “Have a good walk home.” As soon as she said it, she almost cringed. It wasn’t very romantic, was it?

“You too,” he said, and after a moment turned away to walk back the way he’d come a couple of hours before, looking over his shoulder and waving goodbye.

Finally, Skye could relax.


Skye was happy to recount the entire experience to Summer the next day, who had read some romances and so was far more knowledgeable than Skye was.
“So you like him?” Summer asked with a sly smile.

“I think so. How do I know?”

“Do you want to see him right now?”

Skye thought about it, peering into the trees and their lengthening shadows. Finally, she shrugged. Summer huffed.

“Maybe you don’t. In the romances, things are always clear and more… full of passion!”

“But maybe these things grow?”

Summer shook her head. “It should be love at first sight.”

Skye frowned down at her feet and watched the goosebumps rise on her legs as a cool breeze flew past them. “Oh.”

Skye didn’t want to tell Joshua that she didn’t want to see him again. She did enjoy his company, and she didn’t want to be mean. Maybe Summer wasn’t right. Skye tried to remember what her parents had said about how they had met. Had they known they had something special as soon as they saw each other?

“I think I’ll see how it goes,” Skye said, after a long silence, causing Summer to blink out from her thoughts and glance over.

“Okay,” she said doubtfully, eyebrows drawing together. “I wish I was in your social studies class. I could help.”

Skye remained quiet. Summer’s help would only consist of telling Skye about the romantic sub plot in whatever book she was reading and trying to apply it to Skye’s budding relationship. Still, it would be better than Faye’s help, but then anything would.

Skye stretched her legs out and pushed the swinging seat gently, watching the shadows flicker over her legs. It was getting too cold to stay out much longer, but she always cherished the quiet moments with Summer. Their room was shared with Faye, who was loud and usually talking about her friends at school. It was so mind-numbingly boring that Skye wondered how Faye could stand it, and while Summer could just hide away in her daydreams, Skye couldn’t block it out.

She wished that the house was bigger, sometimes.

Summer gave a sigh. “Are you coming inside?”

Skye nodded and stood up, casting one more look to their back garden and the hills behind. The sunset made everything serene and peaceful – very unlike Faye’s chaos inside.


Since Skye had started dating Joshua, there were some lunchtimes where Summer found herself with no one to sit with for lunch. It didn’t bother her – Skye had double and triple checked that it was okay – but it was awkward sitting in the canteen alone, painfully aware that her loneliness was obvious to everyone else.

Summer spent those lunch times in the library, typing away at the computer with the occasional pause to munch on her food. There were usually others there too, finishing projects or taking safety in the library like she was.

A small group beside her chatted over one such project. Summer only knew the girl furthest from her, though knew was a loose term for it.

Her name was Uma Frazier, and she was part of Faye’s group of friends. She was really kind and she was also really, really pretty.

Summer tried hard to concentrate on her story. She wrote a little every evening and now it was a fair size. It was just for her own interest, too, so she hadn’t been worried about plot holes or silly mistakes. It was fun to be whisked off into a world so unlike her own, with vampires and werewolves and portals to other worlds… and there was a love interest by the heroine’s side, their banter playful and their actions romantic.

Summer stole a glance at Uma. If only this world could be a little more exciting.

Summer blinked at the screen. Her eyes darted to the time in the bottom corner and she wondered how long she had been daydreaming about Uma standing up from her chair and coming over to talk. Of course, if such a thing had happened, Summer would have frozen in embarrassment. Uma would be able to see her writing and Summer didn’t fancy explaining why the love interest’s name was so close to hers…

Her cheeks were warm. From the wistful thought of Uma talking to her, or the mortifying idea that she could read ‘Unna’ in the document, Summer wasn’t sure. She saved what she had done and closed the document anyway. It was better safe rather than sorry.

Anyway, it was easier to sneak glances at the girl without the writing to concentrate on.


“Time passes, like clouds in the sky. Weeks and months go by as if they were a single day. Summer fades to fall, winter yields to spring, different minutes of the same hour.” – Yann Martel


James perched on the edge of the toy box until he was sure it was going to take his weight, and then scooted back into a more comfortable position, hand resting on his wife’s shoulder as she sat, crossed legged, on the floor beside him. Loxley perched on the table, shoes squeaking as he fidgeted.

“Your head teacher talked to us before school finished for the summer, just last week.” James smiled at his son, who looked up at them, eyes sparkling with curiosity. “She said that, if we all agreed, she would like to put you forward a year in high school. You’ve done exceptionally well and aced the more advanced work, which she said is essentially first year of high school. Anne Arbour High is happy to let you go straight into second year if you want.”

“You got my brains,” Jessica winked, giggling when James pouted. More seriously, she reached forward and squeezed Loxley’s hand. “We’re so proud of you, Lox. You’ve worked so hard, and it’s your choice.”

“I can skip straight into second year?” Loxley asked, eyebrows rising. “Just like that?”

“If you want,” James nodded. “But it’s worth thinking carefully about. You won’t know other people in your class and Liam isn’t skipping ahead. We have no doubts that you can handle the work, but there’s more to it than that.”

“Nah there’s not,” Lox said, shoulders shrugging. “I don’t go to school to make friends, I do it to learn.”

“Are you sure?” Jessica asked gently. “Summer and Skye struggled a lot with some people in their class. You might too.”

Loxley scoffed, eyes rolling heavenward. “I really don’t care about what other people think. I want to skip ahead.”

His parents beamed at him. “Okay, if you’re sure, we’ll let the high school know,” James said. Whatever Loxley had chosen, they would have been happy and supported him, but they took pride in the fact that their son had been given the option.

“Definitely has my brains,” Jessica muttered on her way out of the room, causing James to dig his fingers into her sides with a smirk.


“But why?” Liam asked, leaning forward and watching his twin balance awkwardly on the bed, facing him with his tongue poking out.

The image of Liam was upside down to Lox, but he could make out the hurt look all too well. He wasn’t great with people and reading their emotions or body language, but Liam was his twin. Science had said a lot about twins and their ability to know each other.
Lox sighed. “Because learning the same stuff is boring, Liam. I know I can learn more this way, not repeat the entire year. Anyway, we’ll see each other at break and lunch.”

It wasn’t the right answer. “But what about class?”

“We weren’t necessarily going to be in the same class anyway. Faye isn’t in half of Summer and Skye’s classes. Luckily for them..” he added, wrinkling his nose. “It’ll be fine. Do you think I can flip off the bed and land on my feet?”

“You’ll hit me,” Liam complained.

“Get out of my way then!”

Liam didn’t move. “Do you think mum and dad are proud of me too?” he said quietly.
Loxley pulled back from his attempt to flip off the bed. There was no missing the worry and hurt there. He blinked at his brother. “They literally just said they were this morning.”

“But compared to our sisters, and to you, what do I do that’s special?”

“You’re you. That’s special and unique. Anyway, do you really think mum and dad are more proud of Faye than of you?” Loxley said pointedly.

“They probably are,” he mumbled, casting his gaze down on the floor.

“Don’t be a twit,” Lox snapped. “You don’t give yourself enough credit. Anyway, we’re barely out of primary school. Give yourself some time to shine.”

“What if I don’t?” Liam whined. “What if I can’t? And what’s a twit?”

“You should read the books I recommended to you, then you’d know.” Loxley straightened up and twisted around, the blood rushing down from his head and making him momentarily light headed. He refocused on his brother. “I mean, statistically speaking, there’s always someone better than you. There’s someone smarter than me, that’s for sure. Loads of someones. But it’s not about being the best, it’s about doing your best. And you’ll find something where your best sets you apart from others around you. Maybe you’ll be the best cook in this entire county. Or maybe you’ll be the best minesweeper player.”


“Oh, never mind,” Lox sighed.


A/N: Are the chapters a decent length? I used to hit ~3.5-4K on LJ but these are usually 2-2.5K. I’m not sure if that’s the best length – any thoughts?

23 thoughts on “SOL: Generation One – Chapter Seven”

  1. The chapter lengths are fine ^-^ if you want to make them longer, make them longer. If you want them shorter, make them shorter. Your blog mate, your rules 😉

    I feel bad for Liam. I feel like Loxley didn’t think about Liam when he decided to jump ahead a year. Yes, Loxley may not need Liam, but Liam may need Loxley :c

    Summer’s got a crush on one of Faye’s friends? I can’t see this ending very well: I’m anticipating bad blood in the family if Summer acts on her crush in any way (or if Faye notices)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay haha. I’ll stick with this size for now ^.^
      Yeah he didn’t, but also he doesn’t see why he should. He’s not insecure like Liam is and would not risk this opportunity for someone’s hurt feelings. He just doesn’t think that way.
      Yup! The lovely Uma. She was made by another simblr, actually, I need to remember to mention that at some point.
      Oh, there will be!
      Thanks for commenting ❤

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  2. The chapter length is fine. My chapters usually run about 2.5-3.5 depending upon the chapter and what needs to be said.
    I couldn’t help but think that in a way Faye’s siblings are more mature than she is. She wouldn’t agree I’m sure since she believes otherwise but just in the way they treat others shows they are. Interesting that basically no one in her family likes her. Poor girl spend all her time being popular and still not being liked by the people who should matter the most.
    Skye shouldn’t listen to her sister regarding Joshua. Love isn’t always at first sight. Sometimes it sneaks up on you overtime. Loved her thoughts that she liked the idea of dating more than who she was dating. I know I’ve felt that way before.
    I have a feeling that sparks are going to fly once Faye finds out that Summer likes one of her friends. But what is her friend doing hanging out in the library anyway? Seems strange for someone in the popular group to be doing.
    I feel really bad for Liam he tries so hard to keep up with the rest of them but just can’t do it. I wish that Lox would stay behind to be with him but Lox answered why himself he doesn’t think that way. Plus he just wouldn’t be happy staying behind either and it would soon affect his relationship with his brother.

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    1. Oh that’s good then! Glad I hit a good number.
      Oh, I’ll absolutely agree. She thinks she’s so sophisticated and that she has life sorted when in reality it’s quite the opposite, and she will realise that eventually.
      Summer, sadly, is a hopeless romantic xD so she genuinely believes in what she says, especially because she felt that way with Uma!
      Oh, it would have been a group project or something. I kind of see it as popular groups in my high school were – there were a couple of really nice people there, somehow, that just didn’t cause a fuss and no one bothered them as a result.
      Yeah 😦 he’s a bit of a late developer, which doesn’t help with being the youngest!
      Thanks for the wonderful comment 😀 ❤

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  3. I like this chapter length. It didn’t seem too long or short. ^^

    Skye’s first date was so cute. Definitely captured the awkwardness. And she’s right, it’s not always love at first sight. So we’ll see how it goes with Josh.

    I kind of think Summer should just go for it with her crush, but at the same time that may make things complicated with her sister. And it would be heartbreaking if Uma values popularity over people/friends and rejected her because of Faye.

    Good for Lox! Hopefully he can still spend lots of time with his brother, at lunch and breaks like he said.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Perfect! That seems to be the general consensus 🙂
      I’m glad I got the awkwardness right. I think everyone’s first date is awkward!
      Summer’s a hopeless romantic, so she’d love to declare her undying love for Uma, but alas she has enough sense not to out herself in front of the school, which may not be so accepting…
      Yes! He sort of has his brain wired differently from the other siblings, so for him it’s no big deal that he wouldn’t be in class with Liam, since they wouldn’t talk anyway. But for Liam, he’d like the comfort of just having his brother there, which Lox doesn’t understand.
      Thanks for commenting and reading ❤


  4. I’m late to the party here but my chapters range anywhere from 1800-2500 words. 3000+ seems a bit lengthy, but that’s just me. Skye and Summer are precious and I think you did a good job capturing their innocence. Lox may be my favorite child though. He knows just what to say. PS: Your pic lighting is so gorgeous. I’m really intrigued with Faye since all of her siblings have come to the conclusion that she’s pretty rotten.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think LJ was better suited for the longer chapters, plus I had a lot more to say at that point (far more drama to be written!)
      They certainly are very innocent – I’m glad that came across! I think the way Lox thinks is refreshing, he’s wise beyond his years.
      Thank you! Because they all get posted to tumblr beforehand, I usually edit them – make them lighter and then more vibrant, that’s about it most of the time though.
      Faye is blind to her siblings’ opinions of her. For now…
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  5. The chapter length is perfect, not too long or too short, but if you want to change it than you can!
    I loved Skye’s date with Joshua! So cute! <3.
    I don't know what I'd do if I were Summer! She must be careful, because Uma is part of Faye's group, which means she probably cares more about her popularity!
    Also, poor Liam! He shouldn't be so hard on himself, but I guess that comes with having a genius for a twin!
    Lovely chapter! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think I’ll keep it around this length, but thanks for your input! ❤
      Yes! Awkward and sweet. Exactly how dates at that age should be.
      Sum definitely has that in the back of her mind. But Uma is very nice and Summer is such a hopeless romantic…
      Comparing yourself to others is never good – to a genius twin even less so!! But he'll find himself eventually 🙂
      Thanks for commenting and reading ❤

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  6. I love how you describe individually all of the children and their adventures. How funny of Skye to have thought about her parents’ first meeting, knowing what it was. I really liked what Loxley said in the end, I agree 100%

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I made the mistake of giving them all a story line haha. I’m not sure I’ll do that again, but come to think about it I will never have five damn kids for one generation again!
      Yes, Loxley is a smart cookie!
      Thanks for reading ❤

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  7. I thought these chapters felt shorter, glad to know I’m not crazy and that is actually the case.

    I am SO HAPPY Lox decided to skip ahead and not really think about anyone else! School is set up in such a shitty way with same age groups and keeping people together just because they’ve *always* been together. We wonder why people are so antisocial! Its hard to know how to interact with people who weren’t born within 9 months of you when those are the only people you’re with day in and day out!
    anyway. Good on him. Do what’s right for you kid.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I might get it back to 4K when I get into the middle of the drama, I think it was a good length for chapters.
      Yeah, I think he made the right choice! Liam doesn’t agree but then he can’t sit in Lox’s shadow forever.
      Thanks for commenting!


  8. Aaaw, awkward teenage romance 🙂 You seem to write it so realistically. Though considering my first date was at age 24, eh, take that with a grain of salt.
    I do admire you giving all the kids a storyline, and they all have something going for them personality-wise. It’s very cool 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lmao, I have only ever experienced awkward teen dating. It’s put me off for life!
      It felt weird not to – on LJ it was the done thing to have all kids have a potential storyline. Then after the vote you just tied the rest up and extended one. It would be weird to write version two any other way!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh gosh, I mean, even dating as an adult is awkward as heck. I only online dated briefly (two months or so) before I met my boyfriend. Soooo glad that I don’t have to do it anymore! With all the teenage bs, I can only imagine it’s worse.
        Ah, yeah okay. Still – pretty impressive. I don’t have the energy to develop that many characters. (That’s why Camillo just disappeared, lol). I like the differences between the sibs here 🙂

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  9. I love that we never actually see Joshua’s face: you could have fooled me in the first part that he was a pair of legs and half a torso.

    Glad that Lox is redeeming himself by caring about Liam. He’s right; refusing to tank his own goals to cater to Liam is a healthy boundary to set, and Liam does need some room to discover his personality. Idk about a Ravenclaw trying to fling themselves upside down off the bed, though; that’s Gryffindor bullshit.

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