SOL: Generation One – Chapter Seventeen

They had timed their trip to the beach to coincide with low tide so that they could claim the bank of sand which jutted out into the sea when it receded. It was referred to as the finger, which was apt if dull, and was known to be the sun trap of the beach, well sheltered by reeds and, further away, hills.

Serenity stripped off into her swimwear with record timing, running through the shallow water and gracefully arcing into a cartwheel. Liam laughed at her enthusiasm.

“I would have preferred it if she had fucked it up,” Finn muttered to Liam, who turned to him and elbowed his chest.

“Don’t be so mean,” he admonished through a grin. “I bet you couldn’t do one better.”

“Aye, ‘cause I’m not a flexible spoon like her,” he tutted.

Liam snorted at the weird use of words, but he was learning to embrace Finn’s odd insults. He was originally from the north of Scotland or, in Finn’s words, the arse end of the UK, complete with the expected amounts of wind to go along with the comparison.

Serenity flicked some salt water out of hair. “I forgot to bring towels to sunbathe. Anyone bring towels? Finn?”

“I don’t give a crap if I lie on some sand,” Finn shrugged and flopped down on the bank. Liam followed his lead, and after Serenity groaned some more about getting sand stuck to her skin, she did too.

They peered out at the sea, occasionally shielding their eyes against the glare of the sun. Serenity had fooled him into believing that this stretch of coast was used by blue whales to migrate, but Finn’s bark of laughter had quickly set him right. Liam still hoped to see a whale or a dolphin one day. There were a few boats that took tours out, but they could get expense at the times of the year when there was likely to be sightings.

“Hey, was that a seal that just poked its head up?” Serenity asked, pushing herself up onto her elbows for a better look.

“You’re not fooling me again,” Liam warned her.

“Seals aren’t exactly rare, you tools,” Finn muttered sleepily, his arm slung over his eyes.

“No, it is a seal! Do you think it’s a grey one?” Serenity narrowed her eyes. “Finn. Finn!” She patted, and then whacked, her friend’s chest when he didn’t reply. He grunted. “You know about seals, right, what do you think it is?”

“Why am I the sudden expert?”

“Don’t they have seals in the north?”

“They have gulls too but I don’t know them all on a fucking first name basis, you absolute bawbag.”

Serenity squeaked with laughter at the insult.

They stayed as the tide encroached onto the finger. Liam moved back so that his trainers wouldn’t get wet but Finn stayed where he was, letting the water rise up his toned legs. It must have been all the skateboarding he did, Liam thought idly. Serenity, the more playful one of them, waded through the water and occasionally splashed it at Finn.

Finn leaned back to peer at the sky, letting Serenity’s words about their new English teacher wash over him. He was content like that – leaving her to speak, only interjecting with the odd remark or grunt. His head craned back, neck curved, until he could almost meet Liam’s gaze. He rolled his eyes, dark chocolate flecked with honey, as Serenity moved onto speaking about how mermaids could be real. Always the mermaids. Liam smirked.

“Your eyes are the colour of the sky,” Finn observed, raising an eyebrow. It was an odd expression upside down. Liam felt surprised by the comment and was saved from a flustered reply by Serenity huffing at them.

“Are you listening to me?”

Finn’s attention flicked away from Liam. “Always, unless you’re speaking.”

Serenity kicked more water at him, leaving Finn complaining about it going right up his shorts and freezing his junk. Liam laughed at them from behind his hand, glad to have fallen in with the two of them.


Summer’s fingers flew over the keys. It had taken her some time to get used to the school’s blocky keyboard, so unlike the shared laptop at home or even the spaced out library keys that practically had to be hammered down in order to type, but finally her fingers could keep up with the words flowing into her mind.

While her eyes rested on the screen, absently tracking the words filling the white document, her mind was far away. Her character, Shanna, arced gracefully in the air over two villains while slipping out the dual knives at her sides. It was a fight scene that Summer had been building up to for chapters. One of the villains was her uncle – a man who had tried to fool and manipulate her for his own gain – and the other had killed her older brother. Her fingers zapped across the keys, their clicking filling the almost empty library, her skin dancing with electric excitement as the scene unfolded around her.

She could see it in her mind’s eye perfectly. Her heart was pounding in her chest in time with Shanna’s. She wasn’t aware of the clock ticking ever closer to the end of lunch. She wasn’t aware of the librarian humming to herself as she replaced books on a nearby shelf. She wasn’t aware of the door opening with the sudden floral scent of Uma’s perfume.

Uma placed her hands either side of Summer’s head, giggling, and Sum startled. Her fingers froze. The scene in her mind crumbled out of her reach, fading into black. The words on her screen broke off mid sentence and she felt blood rise in her cheeks. She had been so inspired, so close! The scene had been alive and all the more magical for it.

“Summer?” Uma asked, after the silence had stretched for too long and become awkward. Summer blinked out of her despair over the interrupted scene. She turned the computer screen off and hoped her crush hadn’t noted the similar name mentioned while Shanna had thought of her lover.

“Yeah, um, hi Uma.” Summer spun her chair around to face the girl. She was happy to see her, of course, but her voice came out flat. She had been so in the zone! Would she be able to restart that feeling and catch the muse later?

Uma snatched her hands away from Sum’s hair. Her eyes seemed dull. “Sorry, did I interrupt you?”

It’s fine,” Summer shook her head quickly, aware of how rude she was being. Half of her mind was still caught up in the writing mood and it took her too long to realise that Uma had sought her out. “I just don’t like people to see my writing.” This wasn’t a lie. It was just not the full truth.

“Oh, of course.” She brushed her fringe behind her ear but, second later, it slipped back in front of her face. “I’m sure your writing would be great to read. You have nothing to feel worried about.”

“It just kills my inspiration,” Summer mumbled. She glanced at the clock. The time that she had before returning to class was dwindling, as was the fire at her fingertips. “But thank you.”

The words did little to reassure Uma, though she still smiled. It was brittle.

“Why are you in the library?” Summer asked, torn between keeping the conversation going and picking up the scene where she had left it.

Uma pursed her lips, shifting her weight from one foot to the other. Summer tried hard not to look at her long legs. “I wanted to see if they had this book.”

“Oh, the librarian can help you with that. She might even order it in if you sweet talk her enough.” That wouldn’t be hard. Summer was sure that Uma could sweet talk a wall. She had the perfect smile to convince anyone. She wasn’t wearing it now, though. Uma glanced over to the librarian and fiddled with her hair again. “What book is it you’re looking for?”

“One of the ones for English.” Uma’s cheeks were red. “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

“Better than Sunset Song,” Summer rolled her eyes. It was impossible to understand even if you were a Scot. “Can’t you get it from the shop?”

“Um, yes.” Uma laughed and shrugged. It struck Sum that there was something very awkward about the movements – like they were forced and stilted. She had no idea why that would be the case. “But why pay money for it when I can get it here for free?”

“Good point,” Summer agreed.

There was a pause. Summer curled hair around her finger. She wanted to get back to her writing. It was burning within her! She only had a few minutes until the bell rang, but that might be all she needed. It would be enough to note her ideas down and save the document, anyway.

Usually the conversation flowed between them. Uma was open and easy to speak to, but she didn’t seem eager to fill the silence. Her shoulders were curled in. Her fingers were fiddling with the fabric belt of her dress.

“Are you alright?” Summer asked, after it became clear Uma wasn’t going to say anything.

“Yeah – yes. Have fun writing.” She turned on her heel, casting an unsure gaze over her shoulder at Summer, and left without speaking to the librarian. Summer opened her mouth to remind Uma about the book she was looking for, but the girl had already gone.
Summer turned back to her screen and realised her inspiration had well and truly flown away.

The teacher’s shrill voice carried over the class like a black cloud, low overhead and impossible to ignore. Miss Davidson wittered on about report cards, placing her hand on a stack of white booklets at her desk. She was young and over-enthusiastic, not yet resigned to the sad fact that no one took PSE classes seriously. They were a skive because there was no coursework or exam and therefore no reason to pay attention – and since when did Faye need to know about why not to take drugs and what protection to use? Faye yawned and guessed an ‘H’ for the game of hangman she was surreptitiously playing with Uma.
While the teacher picked up the stack of cards and trailed up and down the class to hand them out. Uma slid her striped pencil case over their game and gave the teacher a benign smile when she handed theirs out. Faye didn’t even bother to look at hers and only yawned again.

Uma put hers in her bag. She glanced over at her friend and fiddled with the loose strap on her bag. “Does Summer talk about school much? Or friends she has at school?”

Faye was thrown by the odd question. She frowned at Uma who was trying her best to appear casual. “I dunno. She talks about her day with Skye and Lox sometimes.”
“I just don’t often see her hanging around others. I wondered if she mentioned any friends.” Uma cringed and distracted herself by taking out her report card, smoothing it down, and putting it back in her back.

“What? Um, no, not that I’ve heard. She’s a loner. Prefers characters and books over real life people like you and me.” Faye shrugged, stuffing her report card into her back without much care.

“Oh,” Uma said, and that was that.

They were walking home, taking the long route through one of the parks as they tended to do during late Autumn, and Faye came to a stop. She slipped her hand into her bag and pulled out her report card with a wink at her friends, who all watched her keenly.

“Oops,” she giggled. The card dropped from her hand and fell to the ground. With some help from her foot it tumbled into the small pond. The card quickly grew dark as it absorbed water and began to sink before long. A duck paddled up to it and gave it an experimental peck. A disgruntled quack informed the others that it wasn’t for eating.

“Faye,” Uma rolled her eyes. “Your sisters will have report cards too, you know, if you really didn’t want your parents to find out.”

“Oh, Uma, you’re such a spoilsport,” Faye teased, sticking her tongue out at her friend.

“I’ll say I didn’t get one. Who cares?” She giggled again, half hiding her mouth in a way she thought made her look elegant and poised. “Miss Davidson is such a pushover anyway. I’ll just turn on my charm. I lost it, Miss, when I was walking home. You guys can back me up.”

Uma laughed, reaching out to push Faye’s arm playfully. “I’m not covering up for you if you do get into trouble.”

Faye stepped onto the path and out of the mud near the pond. She glared at Uma. “You’re my friend, aren’t you? Don’t be so lame.” Faye turned away from Uma, who was clearly now being ignored until Faye decided otherwise. “What about you two?”

“Sure, I saw it,” Courtney laughed. “You tried to feed the ducks and it turned out to be your report card instead,” she joked. “I got your back.”

“See, Uma? Court’s a better friend than you are.” Faye linked arms with Courtney and stuck her tongue out at Uma again, though it was clear her words were barbed. Uma tutted and said nothing, wrapping her arms around herself and trying not to let the bad day get to her.


Their friendship was easy, so simple that Loxley wondered if this was how it felt to other people normally. They were both often on the same wavelength and if Beth ever noticed Lox’s tendency to ignore the unspoken social rules, she never commented on it. They very quickly settled into a friendship that suited them both, and could tease each other mercilessly while a hundred unsaid comments and questions buzzed between them, each rapidly answered without needing any words spoken.

They had completed the workbooks the week before and were finally moving onto Lukas’ projects. Today there was nothing to do in the lab, but they had to think about systematic designs of the experiments and that needed cooperation and a knowledge about what supplies they needed to gather.

And, in truth, Loxley was quite happy to be at the lab rather than at home. Even after some redesigning of his room it still felt appallingly empty.

Lukas was a very exact man when he was at work, though Loxley had a sneaking suspicion that this organisation flew out the window when the man was at home. Still, it benefited Lox and Beth because they knew when and where they could catch him, if his advice was needed.

At exactly one, Lukas would be in the small break room that seemed to only be used by him. It was in an awkward and half-hidden part of an already convoluted building, so Lox suspected that few people actually knew it existed, and often forgot how to get there. This worked to their advantage; it was a quiet place to get lunch and tea, since they couldn’t eat in the lab.

Lox entered into the room and went to turn up the lights, which were usually left on low. He only noticed Lukas was inside when the man greeted him, and it was then that Lox remarked silently on how bright blue that the scientist’s eyes were. They almost shone in the dark.

Unfortunately Lukas had to check on something Febe had earmarked for his attention; he promised to return shortly so that they could talk. Lox nodded and watched him hurry out of the door. He still had never managed to place that accent, but it wasn’t the only part of Lukas that was a mystery. He moved so fluidly that Lox hypothesised he was, or had been, a dancer of some sort. Or perhaps a gymnast. He didn’t have the build of a sporty man, and anyway there weren’t many sports which honed the sort of liquid movement that Lukas possessed.

Loxley shook his head and made a coffee, yet again thanking the almost-secret of the break room, allowing them to invest in a coffee machine that was miles better than the ones in other rooms, which churned out some sort of watery mud with the texture of stagnant water.

He nosed into the fridge in search of milk, his hand pausing halfway to the green-lidded plastic jug when the iron-dark red of blood caught his eye. He snorted to himself, noting the label on the blood pack (”perfectly good pig’s blood infested with viruses for research, please don’t move”) and let the door close. This wasn’t the first time that scientists had used communal places to keep products for experiments, and with as scatter-brained as many academics seemed to be, it would hardly be the last.

Lukas returned some ten minutes later, interrupting Lox’s assessment of one of the posters up on the wall. He was trying to fathom the strange poetic paragraph, the handwriting not dissimilar from Lukas’ elaborate looping letters, and eventually came to the conclusion that it was either coded in a way that he’d need more than ten minutes to figure out, or it was absolutely gibberish in the first place.

“Ah, are you trying to make sense of the poster? Febe put it up; it’s something to do with the witch hunts. Half of it isn’t even English.”

Lox stared at it and finally saw that he was right; the cursive was so decorative that each block had been difficult to identify as an English word, so it was no wonder he hadn’t spotted the foreign ones.

Lox’s mind went to another mystery – how Lukas moved so quietly. Perhaps it was an extension of his flowing movements, but each time the man came out from nowhere, the hairs on the back of Lox’s neck stood on end and he had the distinct feeling that he was prey.

It was absurd, of course, but Lox wasn’t just going to discard unlikely evidence. If scientists stopped being curious, well, then no one would have ever found the evidence of water on Mars.


Skye perched on the edge of Felix’s bed. Like everything in his room, it was perfectly tidy. This was at distinct odds with Felix’s character; he often became messy when he was interested with something, flitting from one task to another and forgetting to tidy up in between. Since his room was so tiny, though, he made an effort to keep everything in its place.

“Well why don’t you go into town and find some new clothes, if you want to change your look?”

Skye sighed and rested her chin on her hand. She shrugged, her eyes staring vacantly at the rug. “It’s expensive. And I don’t know if I’m brave enough. I’d love to dye my hair, pierce my nose, that sort of stuff but – but it’s so… bold.”

Felix grinned at her. “Small steps! That’s how you do it.”

Skye contemplated this, wondering what she would start with. The more she thought about what she wanted to do in life, who she wanted to be, the bolder her answers became. Sometimes she went to sleep envisioning herself clad in black leather and on a roaring motorbike, tattoos curling around her arm. What would people think?

It was only when Felix answered that she realised she had spoken out loud. “Who cares? You’re not here to cater to them. Life is boring if you do.”

“I know. But knowing it and believing it are two different things! I can’t help but feel my toes curl with embarrassment at the thought of people laughing at me in school if I try to dye my hair and it goes badly, or doesn’t suit me. Or if they see me in town wearing clothes they don’t like and teasing me about it.”

Felix tilted his head to the side, his hair still defying gravity and standing at awkward angles. “Would they really do that?

“I wouldn’t be surprised if they did,” she said glumly.

Felix opened his mouth to reply but his father shouted up to them. Skye had met him twice since coming to apologise to Felix and he was an infinitely kind and patient man; she could see a lot of him in Felix, albeit more mischevious and livelier. Felix gestured for Skye to wait and he slipped out of the door. She could hear him bounding down the stairs to ask what his dad wanted, their bright and bold voices resonating throughout the house.

When Felix returned he found Skye lying on his bed; he jumped over her and landed on the other side, making the mattress bounce. Skye giggled as she flew up in the air.

“Dad’s going to make some cupcakes. There’s a kid of one of the couples on the campsite and he offered to look after her while they had a date or something. He’s talked me into helping out and I reckon we’re going to put a film on or something if you want to stay?”

Skye shook her head, feeling brave. “Actually, I’m going to go into town and see if there are any clothes that catch my eye. You know, small steps.”

Felix beamed at her. “You’ll have to text me if you do! I’m curious about what you’d choose.”

“So am I,” she admitted, staring at the wooden walls of Felix’s room, their dark grain suiting the walls beautifully even if it did make the room seem so much smaller than it already was. “I might stay for a cupcake though.”

He laughed, the sound filling his room, the bed shaking, and nudged her hard enough that she slipped off the bed with a squawk. He giggled again. “I see how it is! But dad’s baking is the best so I can’t say I blame you.”

Long chapter, whoops. I hope you didn’t mind!

21 thoughts on “SOL: Generation One – Chapter Seventeen”

  1. Finn is that kind of character that seems to always be stuck in his own world, isn’t ecstatic at all and gets easily irritated by people like Serenity. I love the odds of his speech, they’re so fascinating to learn! Actually, I love learning some slang words or something, they can be really interesting.
    Hm…It looks like Uma may be into Summer- all these questions about her and stuff. But it’s hard to tell, especially since they are both girls and girl friendship can be really misleading at times. I wonder why she was acting so strangely- at first I thought she was amazed and confused as she read what Summer was writing.
    Faye is acting so stupidly. It must be irritating being around her-I knew I would be; I get irritated at girls that are acting less dumbly, I am so not fun, lol. It would be nice if Uma broke off their stupid cool girls group and joined Summer at the school corridors. It looks like she could do that ; she’s different than them, better.
    Oh, Lukas is a vampire! Interesting. I wonder if Loxley will be later trying to prove it scientifically, that would have been interesting.
    Skye wants to change her look. I am thinking about how she will do that and how it turns out. Felix is such a cutie. It’s nice to have a supportive person around. At least she can be sure that he won’t ever make fun of her new look.
    I love all the pictures, they are really detailed and it seems like you have spent lots of time on staging them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really adore Finn – he’s exactly how you say he is but deep down he cares for Serenity so much. He’s an interesting character! I lived for a while in caithness, where he is from, so I know how they speak even if I couldn’t possibly write it accurately (also it would be hard to read!)
      Girl friendship can be super misleading! It’s such a minefield to Summer. Uma wanted to talk, was trying to find an excuse to do so, and is now really confused because of the way Summer acted. Poor girl!
      Faye irritates me so much haha, but way back when I was trying to figure out this generation and what her plot would be (because future ones are very dramatic and supernatural) someone suggested that maybe her worst enemy is herself. So I’ve rolled with it!
      Loxley won’t be chasing after the mystery, but it might chase after him. We’ll have to see!
      Skye really wants to get piercings, a couple of tattoos, wear black leather jackets and own a motorbike! But she’s still too shy to go quite that far…
      Thank you!! I crosspost these on tumblr and there’s a bigger emphasis on staging on that site, I feel, which I don’t really enjoy as much but it is nice to have your character shine through in the way they have theri room and such. I only wish I could have more CC without my computer giving up!
      Thank you so much for such a wonderfully long comment, you’re the best!! Hope you have a great day 😀

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      1. Thank you very much for such a wonderfully long response. I, too, love thinking about my characters’ personalities- by which I mean largely overthinking. Lol. I use only a couple of CC, just mostly hair and skin, I also often go with EA clothes as I love dressing up my sims and fiddling with patterns. It’s interesting what it may lead to for all of them!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Clothes are actually something I tend to overlook beyond the basic style as in dress, skirt, trousers and top. I’m not used to having to visually show my characters but I’m trying to do it more! Plus I’m trying to incorporate new words since I really don’t know enough.

        Liked by 1 person


    Second! Obviously I was like LUKAS the second he was mentioned all those chapters ago but I couldn’t quite put my finger on anything about him that I remembered besides his name and that he matters. Bits and pieces are coming back to me though. I THINK I remember how he plays into things.

    Third! Faye is heir but real talk you are building up literally everyone but her. I don’t doubt that everything will come full circle in time; I’ve been here long enough to have a little patience but I think I’m falling in love with every person but her. Which, now that I say it could be a good thing because we spend this time on everyone else and then later they can all fuck off with their nice tidy story lines and she can be the sole focus. Or whatever it is you’re doing.

    Fourth! I caught up. After all these months I have finally done the thing. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Writing someone from Caithness is a bunch fo fun!
      Heh >:) Well, don’t spoil it for the others, but yes he certainly does play into things…
      Yes, they will have their nice tidy storylines and Faye will have her life to fuck up on her own! Also we’ll get to see Kane some more and who knows, maybe he’ll teach her to be less selfish. But maybe she’s beyond hope. We’ll see 😛
      Well done! There is another chapter out now, apparently. I forget when they get scheduled. I also have nothing left to post…
      THanks for reading!!


  3. Lukas is a vampire!!! I still don’t get some of the Scottish/UK jokes but I find that infinitely intriguing. Though I do wonder what kind of school these kids go to that the other students are so ruthless?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I wouldn’t say super nice! There are cliques and things but a lot of it is overemphasized in movies and the like. So when I got to hs I was shocked to see that while there was drama it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been. Idk I think it also depends what state you’re going to school in as well. People are different, different cultural values etc. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Calling it, Finn and Liam are going to fall in love.

    So are Summer and Uma but we’ve known that for a while. I hope Uma’s not losing interest in Summer because Summer doesn’t have too many friends.

    Ugh. Faye.

    How did Lox not scream at the blood? I would have had a full blown panic.
    I agree that Lukas may be supernatural. You seem to be subtly hinting at that fact.

    I’m excited to see Skye’s new look. I hope she goes for a cool punk look

    Liked by 1 person

    1. -innocent smile- are you willing to bet on that?
      I guess we’ll find out at some point.. when I get round to writing more!
      Yup, that sums Faye up…
      Because Lox is chill, dude.
      He’s totally a vampire. I can tell you that much 😛
      She’ll get there with baby steps!
      THanks for commenting 😀


  5. I love that Liam is having a good time with his friends. Finn and Serenity seem fun and amusing to hang around.

    Okay, now I’m almost definite that Uma also has a crush on Summer. Maybe she finally decided that she wants to ask her out and that made her nervous? And it seems that she may be getting fed up with trying to be Faye’s friend. I hope so.

    Lukas is a vampire!!! I honestly didn’t notice before. The vampire eyes are usually so obvious, but his glasses are covering them up.

    I think that Skye’s shyness is really charming, and I relate to her a lot. But I hope she makes the changes that she wants to. It would probably help her to be more confident in herself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re great fun to write, I have to say!
      Maybe she was! And maybe Summer’s attitude scared her away O:
      Uma is way too good to be Faye’s friend. When will she realise this?!
      Yes he is! Honestly, I don’t think he’s got the occult status in the game because I hate that glow to their skin. I don’t actually remember. Maybe he is and I’ve modded that glow away… I’ll have to check now xD
      I relate to Skye a lot too – in the struggles of being who you want to be despite judgy people, anyway. I think she’ll grow in confidence slowly but surely 🙂
      Thank you for reading and commenting!


  6. I love to see how much Liam seems to blossoming where he is without his family. His friends are good for him for totally different reasons. Finn I’d love to meet someone like him in RL. Serenity is so bubbly and fun that it’s easy to like her.
    I think Uma likes Summer. I hope she’s not too discouraged by Summers reaction to her interrupting her writing mojo. Although I totally understand where Summer was coming from. It’s hard to come out of that writing space when your really in the zone.
    Faye I dont know what to say. Does she really think people are that stupid? Really??? Ugh she so needs a reality check.
    I think Lox may have come across someone’s secret. Lucas is a vampire. Had to smile though at Lox’s idea that he was a dancer to be able to move so fast.
    Skye and Felix are so cute together. I think he’s right though she needs to take baby steps if she wants to make changes. Too bad she feels if she does change she’ll be teased for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, it really was the best decision for Liam to go away. Really it was only his own mind that was stopping him from blossoming at home, but now he feels freer without his siblings around so he can finally stand on his own two feet! I adore his friends a lot too 😀
      Yeah, especially if it’s rare to get into that zone!
      She’s sooo far into her own reality. Just like the typical vapid teenage girl I suppose. She will have her reality check eventually, but she is who she is. Unfortunately 😛
      At the time it was the only logical explanation. However, scientists have to open their mind even to seemingly impossible things or they will never find the correct answer! So Loxley is trying to do that, but the idea of vampires actually existing is very bizarre.
      Baby steps are way easier to do, I agree. I think she’ll be just fine 🙂
      Thank you so much for the comment! I’m sorry about the late reply, I’ve been so busy lately with uni stuff ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Liam’s friends seem very nice, I love how they’ve liberated Liam! I wonder who he’s gonna fall in love with – Finn or Serenity (my bet’s on Finn)!
    I hope the awkward encounter between Uma and Summer hasn’t discouraged them from talking again…I can understand Summer completely (the thing about liking characters and books more than people sometimes), but not all people do. Especially people like Uma.
    Faye…what a loser! She’s really going to f#%& up her life and then blame everyone but herself, I’m certain!
    I can’t wait to see Skye’s new look!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They took on minds of their own, as good characters tend to do 😀
      Haha, characters are easier than real people. Less hassle and less likely to be irritating 😛
      You’ve got her character down to a T hahaha.
      Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Aaaw, Summer and Uma are too adorable. I can’t tell yet if Uma returns her crush, but I hope so. They’re too cute. Faye can go with her report card into the pond 😛
    Gaah, I’m so slow at catching up, but I’m getting there! I really like this gen so far 🙂

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