SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Three

“Why are applications always so hard?” Summer complained to her mother, who had pulled up a chair beside her. “And scary,” she added, wiggling her mouse over all the questions she had to answer.

“To weed out the people they don’t want,” Jessica sighed. “I really don’t miss applying for places. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t changed jobs in years.”

Summer sighed and scrolled up and down the long page. Short and long answer questions stared back at her, waiting to be filled. She was applying to the mentorship that Uma had told her about. Her piece of writing was already done and edited – that had been the easy part – but now she had to say why she thought she deserved the place and why she liked writing. All things she could answer well enough face to face, but having to type them out seemed exhausting and not nearly as genuine.

“Start with the easy ones. Do it section by section and take a break if you need to. This will be an amazing opportunity so you just need to make sure the you that loves writing comes across.”

Summer nodded, glad for her mother’s guidance.

While James had always been the silly and fun parent, Jessica was the one that any of them went to for true dilemmas (Loxley excluded, since he never seemed to have such a problem). She had a capability of understanding their situations (and teenage brains) much better than James, and with a roll of her eyes had always reasoned it was because James had always been an adult.

(James responded by sticking his tongue out each time, of course).

“What was my inspiration for my piece?” Summer wailed, finally coming to a question she didn’t want to answer. “Oh, I don’t have to actually say that do I?”

“No one will read it but the people making the decision,” Jessica assured her. “What did you write about?”

Summer hid her face in her hands. “…How I see this girl. When she’s not aware that anyone is looking at her, and the light hits her just right, and how – how beautiful she is.”

Jessica made a sympathetic hum. “Sweetheart, you wrote about your crush. Just explain how you feel about her and why you wrote it. Your passion will come across.”

Summer grumbled under her breath and rested her chin on her hands, staring above her laptop screen and at the plain blue wall in front of her. The knowledge that she didn’t have to move out to take part in this mentorship had encouraged her to take it; she wasn’t as adventurous as Skye was becoming, and she wasn’t as blasé about everything as Loxley. Her parents had been happy to learn she was aiming to stick around for a bit longer after it seemed everyone else was hurrying to fly the nest.

“I wonder if Uma is staying here,” Summer said aloud, voice quiet, eyes faraway. In a (not-so) secret part of her heart, she imagined confessing her love to the girl when there was no school, no judgemental peers, and living happily after with Uma by her side, finally with no walls between them. Still, she was deluding herself, and she knew it. Uma was probably straight, with no interest in Summer even if she did like girls.

But what she would give to have Uma think that way about her…

“Why don’t you ask her?” Jessica prompted.

“She doesn’t know yet,” Summer replied, glumly. “I don’t think I’d be so lucky.”

Jessica reached forward and squeezed her shoulder. “You don’t know that yet.”


“Why did we decide to watch this?” Jessica asked, hanging onto James’ arm for some sense of safety, even as he reared back from the screen as a jump scare came out of nowhere.

“I hate to remind you, sweetheart, but it was your impeccable taste that led us down this route.”

“You could have vetoed the idea,” she groaned.

“And not have a pretty girl pressed into my side? Why, it would be foolish of me not to – AAAH!” James jumped, Jessica’s nails digging into his skin as she, too, squeaked with fright. “I’m not sure this is good for my heart, on second thoughts.”

“Turn it off?” Jessica asked hopefully.

“Definitely,” James agreed.

Jessica got up to fetch the remote and turn the screen dark, breathing a sigh of relief when there were no more horrors to be seen. She turned around and found that James had taken her spot and was stretching out on the sofa. He looked at her innocently.

“Finders, keepers.”

“Oi,” she muttered, poking his chest and then his cheek when he didn’t move. He swatted her hand away. “I thought you wanted a pretty girl pressed against your side.”

“Hmm, I don’t know…” James pretended to think about it. “I’m not sure you’re my type.”

“You cheeky sod. Fine then! I suppose we’re destined to have a boring night in with all the kids out and about.”

Suddenly, James was interested. His eyebrows shot up and he circled her wrist with his fingers. “Oh, they’re not back until later?”

“Nope, but I’m not your type…” Jessica trailed off, her tone light and teasing, as she wandered into the bedroom.

“I can make an exception, sweetheart!” James shouted after her. “Flash me your knickers again, for old time’s sake?”

He caught up with her in the bedroom, grinning at her laughter. “You’ll never let me forget that, will you?”

“Of course not. I’ll have it engraved on your tombstone somehow.”

“Who says I’m dying first?”

“Well, I can charm my way out of the reaper’s clutches, obviously.”

Jessica pushed her bottom lip out. “…I do feel older than you sometimes. And all the kids are growing up and leaving…” Her sad thoughts were interrupted when James held her hands and leaned forward, planting kisses along the exposed skin of her neck.

“Luckily for you, you’ve aged well. I guess you are my type after all.”

“You really know how to impress the ladies, huh?” Jessica said with a roll of her eyes.

“Well, there’s only ever been one lady I’ve wanted to impress.” He paused, planting a kiss on her lips. “And that’s Nigella Lawson. But I guess you’re my close second.”

“Asshole!” Jessica laughed.

James pulled her back onto the bed, both of them giggling like they were young and in uni again, not growing old with various parts of their bodies starting to ache and click worryingly. Still, they were young at heart, and James maintained that was what mattered.

Jessica sat on his lap, gazing at the man she had been so scared to spend the rest of her life with. “I guess I made a good choice, after all,” she said.

“Huh? Oh. Who said it was a choice? I put a spell on you. The local witchdoctor gave me the magic words and one night, outside your dorm window, I said ooh, ahh, ting tang, walla –“

“Stop talking,” Jessica ordered, trying to smother her laughter. “Just kiss me.”

“As the lady wants, so the lady shall get.”


“Why are you being so annoying?” Skye groaned, ducking away from Felix as she tried to figure out his new coffee machine. His parents were outside tending to the campsite, having a teasing and good natured argument over the pond. Skye loved his parents, and they loved her. The perks of this was access to their new coffee machine despite the expensive products. The downside of this was that they had requested her help trying to figure the damn thing out…

“I’m boooored. Come outside, identify some butterflies with me.”

“Only boring people get bored,” Skye quipped, repeated one of the mantras she often heard Felix and his mother say.

“It’s a nice day, and you’re stuck inside.”

“I’m stuck inside because I’m trying to understand these instructions which are translated into… I’m not sure this counts as English.”

Felix leaned over and skimmed the booklet. He began to read the Dutch instructions aloud.

“You know what that means?”

“Nope. I was hoping I’d be able to figure it out. Would probably have a better chance with the French ones.”

“Or… you know… the English ones? It may be translated poorly but it’s not an entirely different language.”

“Look, I’m just trying to help, and here you are criticising my creative ideas,” Felix protested, digging his fingers into her sides and causing her to squeak.

“Go away then!” Skye snapped. “I’m trying to focus and you’re annoying me. And stop trying to tickle me!”

Felix pouted and remained where he was, resting his chin on her shoulder while he continued to read. “I think that’s the on button,” he said, pointing to the very obvious black circle on the top of the machine, which was about the only thing Skye had managed to work out.

“Very good, Sherlock,” she muttered.

“C’mon, let’s leave this for later. Why don’t we go snorkelling?”

“…It’s November, Felix, what’s wrong with you?”

“Oh! Yeah, good point. Wind surfing, then!”

Skye turned around with a huff, coming face to face with Felix’s wide, excited grin, and very slowly pushed him back a step. He let her do so without complaint.

She folded her arms over her chest, trying to maintain her scowl while looking at his bright expression. “I need to figure this out. And I’m not doing anything which involves getting near cold water in November.”

“Right. Warmth, then. Erm… Oh! Let’s have a bonfire. I think my parents would be up for that. We should get some fireworks.”

Skye valiantly fought the urge not to facepalm. “I’m going to work out this machine for your parents. You can go find stuff to burn and stop bothering me.”

“Okay!” Felix agreed, not at all perturbed by her bad mood. “I’ll come save you from the boredom of the coffee machine later, when we have the fire going.”

Skye shook her head and watched him scamper off, wondering if he was really serious about a bonfire and fireworks. You never could tell with Felix, which was part of the fun (and irritation) of spending time with him.

Still, at least it was never boring with him.


Faye stared at herself in the mirror, her face devoid of all make-up. She hadn’t had any on all day – a first for her in years. It had been an experiment, of sorts, although she didn’t know what she was testing except to see how people reacted.

Most of the comments had been asking if she was ill. A couple of her friends had looked her up and down with obvious shock, but had said nothing about it. Faye couldn’t pretend she wasn’t disappointed about that – why had none of them actually asked her about it? Weren’t they curious why she hadn’t put anything on that day?

All it had made her realise was how distant her friend group were becoming. Several of them made their own plans without her, sometimes even “forgetting” to invite her to things she had expressed interest in. It felt all too much like the end of primary school, where she had been so desperate to fit in and be liked, where each social move was a political quagmire, and calculated to show the person they weren’t as good or as wanted as the others, and therefore not pretty enough, or interesting enough, or just… not enough.

Faye had felt “not enough” her entire life, but this was the first time in years she was forced to confront it.

She wandered back to her bedroom and wondered where her sisters were. Uma was probably hanging out with Summer, talking about books or something, and Faye wondered why her sisters were always preferred over her. It was that niggling thought in the back of her mind that was growing ever louder – her parents and siblings didn’t care about her, and her friends at school had grown bored of her, so she really must be worth about as much as a pile of crap.

Faye stared out of the window. Rain was running down, soaking the part of her bedsheets that were pressed up against the glass. She pulled them away and tried not to cry. Nothing was going her way today, was it?

She looked at her phone, forgotten on the floor. No one had texted her first in days. Weeks. It occurred to her that if she wasn’t the one organising things, no one thought of her at all.

Faye tried to reassure herself that this wasn’t true, that people were busy. It was the run up to Christmas so everyone was probably… preoccupied. Right?

She picked at her nails and blinked hastily. Faye couldn’t recall the last time she felt alone. Had she ever felt accepted by anyone? Was she really so worthless that people dropped her without a moment’s hesitation when someone better came along?

Faye wiped away a tear, stubbornly refusing to give into the crying. The downside about sharing a room with your siblings was that there was no privacy. Faye spent most of her time in the shower letting the water run over her face, allowing herself to cry, telling herself this was her allotted time to feel what she always felt, and when she got out she went back to trying to believe that everything was okay and, more importantly, that she was okay.


“Hey, bawheid,” Finn said, coming up behind Liam and wrapping his arms around the redhead. Liam found himself grinning.

“You give me the most romantic nicknames.”

“What’s not romantic about calling you a bawheid?” Finn asked, tightening his grip for a brief hug before stepping back and dumping his bag on the chair. He’d come home from school late, after a meeting with a career’s teacher, and had promised to come by later. Liam knew he couldn’t put it off much longer; even after Christmas and the holidays, even after weeks of Serenity giving them the cold shoulder, he couldn’t deny his feelings for her.

“Have… have you heard from Ser recently?”

A shadow passed over Finn’s face. “No,” he said, uncharacteristic emotion swelling his voice. “I don’t get it. I don’t get why she’s unhappy about us.”

Liam knew exactly why, of course, but part of him felt like he was betraying Ser by explaining it.

Taking his silence as a sign to change the conversation, Finn stepped forward and pressed himself against Liam, hands on his hips. “If you kiss me I’ll give you the answers to the English homework?” Finn offered, his grin intoxicating. Liam almost – almost – gave in, but instead placed his hands over Finn’s and moved them away. Finn frowned, waiting for Liam to explain.

“There’s something I need to talk about.”

There were no jokes, no comebacks. Finn, his face serious, simply waited.

“I really like you. I don’t really know how to word this, and it’s going to come out wrong no matter what I do, but I… I also really like Serenity. I know that’s – not fair, probably, but I have to be honest with you, right? I – I kind of thought my feelings for her would go away, but they haven’t…” Liam trailed off, unsure about what else he could say. Finn’s expression gave nothing away, as it so often did.

Finn sat down on the bed, hunching over, with a frown. Liam kneeled in front of him.
“Do you wanna be with her?”

“No! Well… I don’t want to not be with you, to be with her, but I kind of like her just as much, and –“

“You’re not making much sense,” Finn muttered, looking at his nails and picking off old black polish. Liam trapped Finn’s hands under his own and waited for Finn to meet his gaze again. Dark eyes searched his blues.

“We’re in this weird love triangle,” Liam blurted. “You both like me, and I like both of you, and I don’t know what to do about it but I do know that I shouldn’t lie to either of you about how I feel.” He looked down. “That’s why Ser isn’t talking to us. Because she admitted to me that you both liked me, and I… at the time, I only realised I had feelings for her.”


“Say something other than ‘oh’, Finn.”

“Oh… you bawheid,” he said weakly. Liam sighed and sat back on his legs. “I mean… I’m not jealous. If that’s what you’re worried about? I don’t know I – I’m just happy to spend time with you. If… If you wanted to kiss Serenity too, and I knew that it didn’t mean you didn’t want me too, then I don’t think… I’d mind?”

“Wait… Really?”

“Yeah? I… That’s an open relationship, right? I mean, people can have relationships in a tonne of different ways that isn’t just a guy and a girl. A lot of them just don’t get talked about much. Maybe there’s one that can work for us?”

Liam shot up and wrapped his arms around Finn, hardly daring to believe that his confession had not only been accepted, but something of a solution for his confusing feelings might have been found. He kissed Finn, muffling whatever the other boy had been about to say, and pulled back only when he had run out of breath.

“There was something that Loxley said, not long ago,” Liam said slowly, fingers curling through the long hair at the nape of Finn’s neck. “About… poly stuff.”

“Like the pokemon?” Finn asked.



“No. Nerd. Poly… like, amory or something. And he got this book recently that talks about different relationships and sexualities. He said I could borrow it and it had this term in it that he came across.”

“The poly-like-amory thing?” Finn checked.

“Yeah. So maybe – I mean, if you really are okay with it… And Serenity too, obviously…”

“There’s nothing wrong with learning about it. If it doesn’t work then…” Finn shrugged. “You really… do like me, though, right? This isn’t just some weird plot to get rid of me because you can’t figure out how to break up?”

Liam leaned forward and kissed Finn instead of answering him, trying to throw all his passion into it, leaving them both breathless and flushed.

“Good answer,” Finn whispered.

A/N: Nigella Lawson is a British chef who is very decadent and many older men I know appreciate her being on screen 😛

I hope I’m introducing polyamory well enough, since it’s teenagers who don’t /really/ know what it entails or how to go about openly talking about it or doing it. They’re all just bumbling through.

I’m hoping to cast light on Faye’s actions these last few years. It doesn’t excuse them, and she’s being a bit dramatic, but like all teens she has hormones and low self esteem and this is what’s manifesting. She’s still being incredibly dense about it, but that’s Faye for you.

22 thoughts on “SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Three”

  1. Wow, you’re really all about introducing these different sexualities. That’s a bit confusing sometimes that there are people who feel that much conflicted about whom they’re attracted to. I’m not entirely sure how that works, lol.
    Jessica is very supportive and I love that she tries so much to support her children and to help them out. It is always the thought of getting rejected that may provide us from some very beautiful relationships that may be just a step away.
    Aww, I loved that cute moment between James and Jessica, so sweet that they are very much in love after all these years.
    Felix is a bit immature, but I’m not sure if Skye is really trying to be a responsible one here or she is just distancing because she tries to deny her feelings towards him.
    Faye finally tries her hand at not lying even to herself. Time for some realizations, girl! There are things that mean much more than shaky feeling of being popular. Who will be there for you after all? Faye is friend with everyone and yet she doesn’t have a single real friend except her family.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, honestly, it’s because this is the only generation I’m completely rewriting and a lot of the rest isn’t as… diverse, I suppose, as I’d like it to be. But it feels wrong to change the character’s sexualities or genders when they’re so well defined in my mind. Plus it’s fun to explore. I’m not entirely sure how some different relationships work either tbh, but I know people that have managed them and been very happy. Whatever floats their boats.
      She does! We needed more screen time of Jessica with her kids. James is usually the one that I write in that situation.
      I just couldn’t bear to split them up. It would break my heart!
      A little bit of both, I think. Felix is teasing her and being silly, which Skye usually finds endearing, but that doesn’t mean she does all the time haha, especially when she has a job to do 😛
      You said it. Faye has made her bed, though. Soon enough she’s going to have to sleep in it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, that’s nice. Honestly, Bobbie and Charlotte are my first homosexual couple in this game. It feels so weird when I have never done that, yet Bobbie’s an old sim and I’ve already figured about her as much as she was a tomboy and what was her real name. In my head I couldn’t imagine her as any other than a lesbian, so I kind of went with the flow. I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, but I like new challenges and trying out new things.

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  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Do you see what I did? I saw your chapter in the reader and even though I wasn’t caught up yet, I couldn’t help but read it! Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! See how good your writing is? I couldn’t stop myself! lol 😀 Wonderful chapter, btw.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much! So sorry I couldn’t reply sooner, I don’t like using my phone on wordpress because apparently I’m behind the times haha, and I’ve been away for a little while!
      Thanks so much for your kind comment ❤ I can't wait to catch up on your story.

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  3. James is obviously the epitome of maturity. 😛
    How are James and Jess only becoming more gorgeous as they age? That’s entirely unfair. Ugh, I love them.
    oh, Felix. ❤ Him being untouched by her grump is so perfect.
    It's sad that it doesn't occur to Faye that maybe trying to lord it over as queen of the group for so long, and treating others so cruelly, might be why they're trying to get away from her as they prepare for college. I wish she would open up truthfully to someone.
    Oh man. I'm so glad things didn't blow up with Finn too. As soon as the conversation started I got really worried because Liam might have lost them both.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, he’s SUPER mature 😛
      I know, they’re like wines 😛
      He’s too damn cheerful! Even in the face of Skye’s grumpiness, haha.
      She’s just so… dense. I don’t think she understands people. She’s never tried, and has always seen herself as the victim. Some things never change.
      Nah, I only have a few more scenes before Faye leaves, so I need to wrap things up 😉
      Thanks for commenting! ❤


  4. Wow, I really like Summer with her hair pulled back. She’s gorgeous! And I like that
    you showed Jessica being a great parent. I hope Summer takes her encouragement to tell Uma to heart.

    The Jessica and James scene was very sweet! They still love to tease each other, haha!

    Felix was being a bit annoying there. I think he’s in the teasing-the-girl-he-likes phase.

    The part with Faye was almost downright depressing. Realizing these things about yourself and your friends must be shocking. But I guess she hasn’t gotten so far as realizing that when you treat people like crap, they will want to treat you the same, and that’s why her family doesn’t spend so much time with her. (Oh, BTW, I really love her freckles.)

    Hmm, I think being in a relationship with someone like Finn could be difficult because he’s so good at covering his feelings. But at least Liam was able to talk with him honestly here. I wonder how they will bring this up with Serenity? I’m picturing lots of awkwardness, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really suits her, doesn’t it? Haha yeah, I don’t show Jess being a mother much, do I? I have a soft spot for James so that’s why 😛
      Haha, pulling the pigtails of the girl to show he likes her. That sounds like something he’d do!
      Oh, absolutely. She’s so wrapped up in her own world still, playing the victim. Sure, those thoughts might need to be addressed before long, but she can only really blame herself for the situation.
      Finn does hide his emotions and is a private person, true, but he’s honest. If Liam asked him a direct question, he’d answer truthfully even if it might hurt the person. Finn can be a bit blunt, too. I wish we could have known the side characters better but this generation is FAR too long!
      I haven’t actually taken the pictures OR written it yet, so who knows how it’ll turn out haha.
      Thanks so much for your wonderful comment ❤

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  5. I feel so bad for Faye. If all she has is her social life and its all artifice, she’s nothing.

    Felix is adorable and everything but I wanted to STRANGLE HIM! XD Just let the woman work, okay??

    Finn and Liam’s relationship is taking an interesting turn. While I want to declare Lox as being entirely correct, they’re really leaving Serena out of the equation. How would she feel about this?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! To be fair, that’s entirely her own fault.
      Hahaha there are two responses to him. People find it endearing or annoying. Skye is in the latter group too, but he annoys her in the best possible way!
      Quite hurt – but to be fair to them, they don’t quite now how to handle it. Better than this, obviously, but a new relationship is scary even when it’s the “typical” kind!
      Thanks for reading and commenting 😀


  6. I feel so bad for Summer. She should just lay it all out on the table and see how things fall into place. At least she’d know and this limbo she’s in will be over.
    James and Jess are too adorable for their own good! I like James’ attitude towards getting older. You don’t have to act a certain way just because of some number you happen to be.
    I don’t get very good vibes from Felix and Skye. It’s like they’re growing apart. Felix is still way too immature and Skye is way more confident in herself than she was when they first met. I hope they’re wrong. They’re relationship reminds me of her parents.
    Liam and Finn are too adorable for words. As bumbling and unsure of himself as Liam appears to be he still has more courage than a lot of his siblings. At least he put himself out there come what may. Depending on how Serenity takes it things are working out well.
    I think Faye’s self awareness is coming a bit too late. Nobody is contacting her because nobody likes her. She’s been so mean and awful for way too long for anyone to dare bring up the fact she’s not wearing makeup. Who wants to be torn into by asking her about it? She brought this on herself and I’m not sorry for her at all. I hope she grows from it though. Anyone can change. It’s just going to take a while before anyone trusts her enough to believe she has.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It would be the better way to go about things, but imagine how awful it would be to find out that not only does your crush not like you back, but doesn’t like the fact that you’re gay – that’s what’s holding her back, poor girl :/
      Yeah, exactly! You have to grow old but you don’t have to grow up.
      Oo that’s an interesting thought. Maybe I could play with that a bit more depending on the way things go with Faye, hmm.
      Liam is brave in his own way, yeah. It takes a lot of confidence to live away from your parents for one!
      Oh, it’s definitely too little, too late. I’m going to have fun writing her when she moves away and she has to face these things.
      Thanks so much for your lovely long comment! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I mean, people can have relationships in a tonne of different ways that isn’t just a guy and a girl. 

    I’M TAKING FULL CREDIT FOR THIS ONE SENTENCE AND YOU CAN’T STOP ME! I am SO happy this was finally said and I hope these bumbling kids work something out that makes everyone happy and they all learn a thing or two.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah yes, you originally said something very much like that to me! I’m fairly certain I thought of you when I wrote it. So you can def take credit!

      Well, I’m never cruel to spares who are pretty much off screen so they’ll be good!

      Thanks for commenting!

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  8. I love how James and Jessica are still so close and in love ^-^

    I just want Skye and Felix to travel the world and then settle down and have kids and then bring their kids to travel the world and the kids are homeschooled and they teach them stuff like history of the world and herbal remedies and about insects and nature ❤️ (I’m thinking too far lmao)

    I feel bad for Faye, I get what it can be like to sometimes feel left out. It’s hard and it’s a sucky feeling, no matter how horrible of a person you are, no one deserves to be left out :c

    I know she will, but I hope Summer confesses her feelings to Uma soon

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m a sucker for a good happy romance
      That’s essentially it. That’s their life.
      I know, but it might make her realise some things. Maybe…
      Or what if she DOESN’T?!
      Fanks for dah comment xoxox


  9. Jess and James ❤ I know I've said that many times, but I love them! Their relationship is close to perfect!
    Hmmm, maybe that love triangle with Liam Finn and Ser could work! At least Finn isn't jealous (for now), let's see about Ser!
    Faye…oh Faye. Sucks to be you right now. But I still feel bad about her. She made many mistakes, but she's still very young. There's still time to be a person who's worthy of anyone's time and energy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a habit of making the parents too perfect, but I guess it’s a good thing!
      it works for some people, or so I hear!
      She is still very young. She’s eighteen and led a sheltered life. So although it’s her fault she’s in this situation, a lot of people do similar things at her age I think!
      Thanks for reading!!

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