SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Four

We are so close to finally getting the hell on with this generation. Don’t worry guys. I’m never having five parallel story lines ever again…

The wave of perfume hit Summer a second before Uma’s arms wrapped around her from behind, the other girl leaning over the back of the chair to hug her. “I’m so proud of you!”

Summer laughed. She had read the email telling her that her application was successful, and she had got the internship, and texted Uma immediately. It had only taken the girl three minutes to find her.

“Well, I couldn’t have done it without you telling me about it.”

“The celebration is for us both, then,” she said, eyes shining. “What did you write about?”

Summer was quiet for a moment. She was tempted to load up the document and show Uma, but common sense prevailed. “I wrote about how Shanna sees her love.” Summer had always been careful about saying Shanna was gay, because even that could have cast unwelcome attention on her at school. You could never be too careful.

Uma straightened up. “That sounds cute! You really need to let me read your stuff. One day,” Uma added, half teasing, since that was always Summer’s response.

Summer’s eyes hovered over the document that had won her the mentorship. She’d spent so long refining it that she could probably recite most of the piece from memory.

The light that shines from her is hypnotising, drawing me in like I am a moth with no ability – or will – to resist. Her cheeks rosy, her smile forever kind, her laughter pure. Her perfume is always floral, and she is my favourite flower…

“One day,” Summer agreed. “But won’t you be off on a grand adventure at some point?” she asked, switching the computer off and standing when the bell interrupted them.

Uma laughed and threw her arms around Summer again, who hadn’t been prepared and stumbled back, knocking the desk chair back into the wood and casting her arms out for balance.

“I’m staying here, silly! I might even go to the local Uni, I’ve been looking at some of their courses.”

“Really?” Summer gasped, and then quickly tried to hide her enthusiasm. “That sounds cool.” She hugged Uma back, enjoying the comfort of having the other girl in her arms. The hug went on for a second too long and Summer hurriedly stepped back – or tried to, but the chair was cutting into her legs already. Uma laughed again and gave her some space.

“Sorry. I just got so excited! I can keep my job at the bookstore, stay at home, save money for later.”

“And we can still be friends,” Summer added, hopefully.

“Well, of course we’d be friends anyway!” Uma scoffed, “but this way we can still hang out.”


Skye spent a lot of her time at Felix’s. It was peaceful here, and even though Felix loved to chatter away and say whatever came into his mind, he also knew how to leave them both to their thoughts. Unlike Faye, who always had to fill the silence, and Summer, who was always typing away loudly on the laptop. Felix’s room was tinier than hers, but there was nothing better than spending time with him, even if they were both doing their own thing.

Skye scrolled through simbook on her phone, legs propped up against the wall. Felix had, at some point, manoeuvred himself so that his head rested on her stomach, and the only reason Skye hadn’t moved him was because it was actually quite comfortable.

He stole her phone from her grasp and pressed it against his chest. “I thought you hated people who scroll inanely through their social medias?” he teased, glancing sideways at her.

“I do,” she argued. “But some people that left school last year are travelling and stuff. It’s cool to see their posts. Pass it back.”

“Nuh-uh. A good friend wouldn’t let you be inane,” he grinned.

She tried to snatch it from him and he held it out her way, and somehow their wrestling ended with Skye’s head resting on top of his chest, his arm around loosely around her. Skye desperately tried not to blush but, of course, she had no control over that particular reaction.

“Where do you want to go first?” Felix asked.

“Are you coming with me?” Skye tilted her head back so that she could look at his face, but he was staring up at the ceiling with a thoughtful expression and didn’t notice.

“Of course.” He sounded offended that she thought otherwise.

“Where do you want to go?” Skye asked.

“Wherever you’re going.” He laughed when she huffed in irritation at his vague answer.

“Well, right now I need to go home,” Skye sighed, holding her hand out for the phone which he obediently set back in her palm. She shoved it in her pocket and stood, already sad to be leaving.

“Skye,” Felix said, as her hand was on the door knob. Curiously, she twisted around to see him hovering behind her. The way he had said her name was strange. Skye couldn’t decide how it was strange; it was curious, nervous, gentle and just downright strange. He never said her name like that –

“What?” Skye’s hand dropped away from the handle when she noticed Felix’s indecisive expression. He always did wear his emotions out in the open, but she had never seen this particular look.

“I was – I mean – do you ever…?” He trailed off expectantly, somehow expecting her to understand what he was trying to say. Skye blinked at him. “Never mind,” he sighed.

“You can’t just start off a conversation like that and then drop it,” Skye complained.

What were you going to say?”

Felix mumbled something under his breath.


Instead of answering, Felix leaned forward and pressed his lips against hers, just a peck, and drew back so that he could look at her. When she couldn’t figure out what to say, Felix slowly brought a hand to her cheek, smoothing his thumb over the blushing skin, and bit his lip.

“Do you really not know?”

“Not know what?” she whispered.

“That I’ve wanted to do that for – forever, really.”

Skye shook her head slowly. She hadn’t really thought about it. In fact, she had routinely cast such thoughts from her mind, knowing that she was scared to go down that route. After what happened with Joshua, the idea of being in another relationship seemed exhausting to Skye, and she didn’t want to ruin her friendship with Felix in such a way.

Felix grabbed her hands, his fingers entwining with hers, and searched her eyes. “Have I – have I just fucked up?”

The harsh swearword shocked Skye back into the present, her thoughts peeling back from Joshua and instead trying to unlock the confusing ball of emotions currently knotting her stomach. The idea of Felix had never seriously been considered. Everything with Josh had felt like effort, had felt so unnatural, but it hadn’t hit her how much her relationship with Felix was the opposite of that until now.

The kisses with Joshua had been – for the most part – dull, repeating the motions, feeling none of that spark that Summer insisted there would be according to the books she’d read. And with Felix – Skye’s train of thought came to a stop when he pulled his hands from hers and began to turn away, his shoulders slumped and his face red with embarrassment.

“Kiss me again?” Skye asked.

He followed her instructions so quickly that Skye had little time to process what was happening, but she quickly recovered from the shock and kissed him back, her heart racing, her toes curling, lips tingling. Felix relaxed and let Skye guide him, one of her hands tangling in his hair, the other at his waist, pulling him closer. This was nothing like Joshua. This was Felix, and Felix was kissing her, and Skye realised that this was how it should have been.

He pulled away, breathless and flushed, but grinning infectiously. “We should do that again. Right?”

Skye couldn’t help but laugh at his enthusiasm. It was one of the things about Felix that was so enthralling. “Yeah, I think we should.”

“How is Felix?” Loxley asked when Skye slunk into his room, her cheeks flushed and her lips red.

“Oh, shut up,” Skye rolled her eyes, giving him the finger when he cackled. Summer patted the floor next to her. It had been a couple of weeks since their first kiss, and Summer was happily living vicariously through Skye. Lox, meanwhile, was only surprised it hadn’t happened earlier.

“What is it that mum specialises in, exactly?” Summer asked, continuing whatever conversation they were on before Skye had appeared.

“Biochemistry. She never did a masters,” Loxley answered. “She just does lab work.”

“What are we talking about?” Skye asked, pulling her fingers through her hair.

“I’m trying to find my calling in life,” Loxley said, voice dry.


“Always good to be prepared,” he shrugged.

The sounds of Loxley typing and scrolling through web pages filled the silence in the room. Summer leaned her head on her sister’s shoulder, waiting for Lox to announce what he’d found next. Lox’s eyebrows were stooped into a frown as he hunched over his laptop, making indecisive sounds every now and then.

“Have you started figuring out your travel plans with Felix yet?” Summer asked.

“Just that we’re going around Europe at first. I want to learn and get a motorbike first though. Then we don’t need to worry about transport.”

“Be careful,” Summer pouted.

“I will be,” Skye laughed.

“What about cancer?” Loxley interrupted, looking up at them both. Skye raised an eyebrow and Summer frowned, both of them conveying their confusion at this sudden change in topic.

Loxley turned the laptop towards them and lay on his stomach, indicating the masters he was looking at. “If anyone can come up with a cure for cancer…” Loxley gave them a smug grin. Summer snorted and Skye rolled her eyes at his arrogance, even if it was somewhat validated.

“Why not?” Summer shrugged. “So long as you’ll like doing it.”

“Sure,” Loxley said. “I like lab work, and I like challenges. This ticks both of those boxes.”

“And it has the opportunity to let him boast about his progress,” Skye added, exchanging a grin with her sister.

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it,” Loxley snorted.

“That’s not what that means,” Summer informed him.


“When do I get to properly meet this boy?” James asked, taking the other seat on the sofa as Skye replied to a text from Felix. She felt herself blushing already.

“Never. Absolutely not.”

“It’s Felix, right?” James grinned, already knowing her answer before Skye nodded fearfully. “Called it. Your mother owes me a dinner out.”

“You bet on whether I’d be with Felix or not?” Summer gasped. “You are the worst father ever!”

“Best,” James corrected. “I’m the best, obviously. Also I’m not blind, and neither is your mother. We both thought you’d get together, your mother just thought it would happen sooner.”

“Oh my God,” Skye muttered.

“Does this mean I have to launch into my ‘be safe’ spiel again?” James asked, giving her a shit-eating grin. Skye groaned. If only the floor could just swallow her right… now…

“Please, dad, don’t. I would rather die.”

“Ah, I remember being your age,” James chuckled.

“How did you know that you were going to be with mum forever?” Skye fiddled with her phone and tried to imagine such a future with Felix. She couldn’t, not really, and it made her wonder if they were going to stay together. She certainly wanted to…

“Oh, I didn’t. I liked her, I wanted to be with her, and she took a while to come round. And we’re still together with five kids. It’s how it goes.”

“Oh,” Skye muttered, frowning over at her father. “I kind of imagined you knew as soon as you saw her.”

James laughed. “I knew I wanted to know her. I knew that I wanted to be with her. But no one knows the future, and dwelling on it only ruins the present. That’s what your mum was doing too much, and it’s why it took her so long to commit.”

“So it’s a good thing that I don’t know if I’m going to be with Felix forever?”

“Don’t you want to be?”

“Yeah! I really like him. I – I…”

“Do you loo-oove him?” James asked, singing the word, causing Skye to hide her head in her hands. He cackled with delight. “Oh, I love teasing you kids.”

“You’re so embarrassing!” she wailed.

“That’s my job. Listen, Ms Blue Skye, don’t worry about the future. If you want to be with him now, be with him now. If you want to be with him in five years time, be with him. Don’t overthink things, just take them as they come.”

“It all sounds so simple when you say it like that…”

“Ugh, that’s exactly what I’ve been trying to get your mother to realise for years!”


Faye, Michelle, Courtney and Uma were the last out of the classroom. It was the last day before study leave began, and Faye was very conscious of the fact that she probably wouldn’t see these girls again. They were all making their own plans with no thought to her, and this realisation was cutting her deeply.

This, she reasoned later, was why she said what she did.

“We should all get together before the RE exam,” Faye said, smiling at her friends.

“Oh, I promised Sum that we’d hang out then,” Uma said apologetically, giving Faye a smile.

“Right,” Faye snapped, with a roll of her eyes, “you two are so damn inseparable, despite Summer being one of the most boring people on the planet.”

“Don’t be such a bitch, Faye,” Uma retorted, almost immediately, her hands curling at her sides. “Don’t put her down just because you can’t get your way.”

Faye forced herself to laugh. “I’m just telling the truth! All she does is type, all day, every day. What on earth is interesting about that?”

“She actually has intelligent views and opinions on things. You just don’t bother to ask her about them, because all you care about is superficial crap like reality TV and gossip.”

“Ooooh,” Courtney laughed. “Calm down, girls, it’s the last day. Who cares?”

“I care!” Faye yelled in return. “You like talking about that shit too, so why are you attacking me about it?”

“Because unlike you, that’s not all I like to talk about. God, Faye, you think everything revolves around you, and when it doesn’t, you go off in a strop and lash out.”

“Ugh, you’re right, I should have known you’d have come to her defence. You have as much of a lady boner for her as she does for you, right?”

“Wh-what?” Uma gasped, all the fight leaving her.

“Holy shit,” Michelle laughed. “Wait, really? Sum and Uma?”

Faye felt as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over her. “We-well. I don’t know, I just, said some stupid thing –“

“Uma, are you gay?” Courtney asked. “With Summer? Oh my God, this is too cute, you have a girl crush!”

“This is what I meant,” Uma said, covering her face with her hand, trying to hide tears that were threatening to fall, “when I said you went in a strop and lash out,” she hissed.

“I was just joking, obviously,” Faye huffed. “Anyway, who cares, right?”

“I care!” Michelle gasped. “I’ve been naked in front of you, Uma. Gross!”

With that Uma turned around and thrust the door open, the sounds of her sandals slapping on the flagstone floor echoing down the hall. Faye stared after her. Well, she couldn’t have known that Uma was gay too! And anyway, it had just been a joke, and now Uma and Summer could be together! She had done them a favour, really…

“Well I think that’s adorable,” Courtney said, after the silence had gone on for far too long.

“We have to tell Chloe,” Michelle chortled. “Weren’t they going to have a sleepover at the weekend? Oh my God, this is priceless. Better not change in front of Uma again.”

“Don’t tell Chloe,” Faye protested.

“Wait, did you know all this time?” Michelle gasped. “Damn, Faye, I didn’t think you had it in you to keep a secret.”

Faye saw this rapidly spinning out of her control and tried to snatch Michelle’s phone out of her hand, but she saw that it was too late, and she had already sent a message and a bunch of stupid GIFs to their group chat on simbook.

The next update was that Uma had left the chat.

25 thoughts on “SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twenty Four”

  1. Oh, I think I will miss reading about five parallel story lines. This is so much fun and original way of writing a generation.
    Finally, finally, finally! Skye and Felix, I saw it coming and I’m so excited to see it happen. They are so adorable!
    Look, James is being awkward again, who’d have guessed it? 😛 But he gives some good advice at least.
    This last thing makes me feel a little conflicted- Faye accidentally slipped out Uma’s secret and it made her look bad along their friends, but at the same it seems like she’s attracted to Summer, which is good. It’s so two-sided when you think about it. Had Faye not said it, maybe they would bever get together.
    I’m looking forward to see what happens next!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! It was the way things tended to be done on Livejournal when I started writing – you’d set up all the storylines, then people would vote for their favourite characters. The other siblings would have their storylines tied up drama free, and the heir would have a longer one. It makes for longer generations, but I do enjoy it!
      I had to tease it for a while 😉
      Haha, it’s what he does best!
      Yes, Faye should have been more careful and there’s no excuse for what she did – but she didn’t actually do it maliciously. It doesn’t make it okay, but I think it’s a distinction I should make for her character.
      Thanks for reading and commenting! I hope to catch up on your chapters soon (I’m moving tomorrow though, yikes!)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s an interesting way of making things. In my previous legacy I’d write plots for literally everyone and just switching households, but I grew tired of it. Don’t hurry, get with this move, good luck!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Well way to go Faye! Just when I started liking you, you had to go and do that. >.> Poor Uma. If she is gay (which she is, right?) that’s an awful way to be outted. What a horrible bunch of people.

    Okay, the brighter parts of the chapter: James is a treasure. I love him. He is the best dad, I agree! Every conversation he has with his children brightens my day. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup, and she is mortified and hurt at being outted. Faye didn’t do it maliciously, of course, but it’s clear she doesn’t understand how serious this is if she said it at all. But don’t worry, she will learn.
      Aw, James. I’m glad everyone adores him as much as I do! I’m gearing up to write a different kind of father next generation (not a bad one, just a clueless one in a whole different way), so I’m making the most of this while I can haha.
      Your comments have made my day!Thank you kindly!


  3. Yay for Felix and Skye! I also loved her conversation with James, and his response to her question. “It’s how it goes.”

    Faye’s insecurities are really starting to show now. Uma was very right about her lashing out when she doesn’t get her way. I’m not sure why Uma was still in her friend group. Maybe she just didn’t want to start anything so close to graduation?

    So now we know that Uma is gay, so I’m positive that she really does like Summer! I wonder if she knew that Summer felt the same way?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Uma was sort of part of the group because she did enjoy them at times, and that late into high school everyone already has their groups. It’s difficult to get new friends sometimes.
      Ah, well, I couldn’t possibly say 😛
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

      Liked by 1 person


    It’s cute that Summer and Uma are all cute, but I’m worried about Uma now in particular. I feel like she was blind to everything and I feel bad for her, like I dunno it feels like Faye outted her without even knowing if she was applicable to be outed.

    It’s cute that Skye and Felix are happy ^-^ I feel like they’ll be together forever. I hope they will at least

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I can’t do that I’m afraid.
      Well, I can’t say anything about that. I guess we shall have to see whenever I get the chance to post more…
      They better be after all the work I put in lmao
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  5. Haha I started off this chapter thinking why doesn’t Uma just tell Summer she likes her and not just as friends. It’s so obvious if they weren’t so worried over how others would react. I guess Sum had good reasons for being worried considering what happened to Uma after Faye outed her by accident. Sure Faye didn’t do it on purpose but still that was was pretty heartless. She really needs to learn that the world doesn’t revolve around her.
    Yay Felix finally made a move and Skye is so cute. I hope after all of this build they stay together. James isn’t as clueless as he appears to be. He has the art of embarrassing his children down but he is a very caring father none the less.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re both too scared to make a move in case they were wrong and get outted by the other (or anyone else). It’s a scary thing :/
      Faye really has a lot to learn, you are so right!
      Haha, I love Felix and Skye. They’re a good match and make my heart melt!
      The job of a parent is to embarrass your children! That’s what my father says anyway >.>
      Thanks for reading and commenting 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m having a lot of weird deja vu this week where I’m almost certain I read something but there are no comments by me on it and it’s registered as not yet liked. It’s kinda weirding me out. If somehow I AM repeating myself, tell me to shush.

    Summer and Uma are a balm to my soul.

    “and Skye realised that this was how it should have been.” ;_; Write this on my tombstone.

    James is best dad. XD Dad of the year.

    OH SHIT. See?! I know I’ve read this before because this is where Faye outs Summer!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You probably saw it on tumblr? I’m fairly certain you have left a few comments but I also don’t mind you reading these again on here 😉
      Honestly I loved Skye’s storyline so much. Her opening up and learning about herself was so important!
      And yes, James is the best dad. Bless.
      Yeah, Faye is a right bitch in this one :c
      thanks for reading ! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh god, Faye, you’ve really gone and stepped in it this time. That’s just about the worst way to be outed. Ugh. Yes, it might mean that Summer and Uma can finally get together, but this isn’t the way to go about it. Jeez. You can really tell that Faye’s life is crumbling around her. Thing is, the mean girl shtick might mean you’re popular in high school, but once people grow up, they get sick of that nonsense…
    I think it’s so crazy how you’ve juggled five storylines (six, if you count The Adventures of Awkward Dad James – the best story line), and they’re all just amazing and interesting 🙂 I love this a lot! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, it was hard to write. Faye frustrates me a lot, mainly because I know several people like that!
      You’re so right – no one will give her the time of day if she continues on like this.
      Thank you! It was exhausting, haha. Never again (she says, though I have 4 major characters in gen 4 oops).
      Thanks for reading 😀

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