SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Two

Reminder that I know nothing about child development and that I took these photos a month ago and I’m trash (not really)

“Daddy, up?”

Law blinked up at Kane with big eyes and smiled sweetly, and Kane bent down with a chuckle. His knee dipped into the rug that was probably too dirty for Law to be sitting on, but exposing them to things was supposed to help their immune system and prevent allergies, right? Well, that was the excuse Kane was going with.

“Up?” Kane repeated, watching with pride as Law nodded eagerly. Law loved to be in Kane’s arms and, well, Kane could hardly say he wasn’t happy with that. Cuddling his little boy was as amazing as it had been the first time.

He scooped Law up and was rewarded by a beaming smile and giggle. Damn, but it made his heart melt every time.

Kane hugged Law closely to him, fingers running through Law’s short hair. It had only started coming in recently, which was (from what Kane could tell) a bit late for a one year old. Still, Law seemed to be ahead of the curve for most things, so it wasn’t a big deal.

“Are you excited to see Auntie Cat?” Kane asked, glancing at the time on the tiny alarm clock by his bed. He was a bit far away to see properly (because it was such a tiny thing, not because he needed glasses, thankfully) but he reckoned she would be turning up in five minutes. Which was good, because Kane had a meeting with the single parents’ group.


He’d been going almost every week since the first time, Cat forcing him to return despite his reluctance to. It was rare that all six of them were in a session at once, everyone having different commitments, but he was glad he continued to return. It was a nice excuse to get out of the flat for something that wasn’t work.

He couldn’t afford anything else, anyway. His bank account attested to that. He’d become used to living off the barest minimum, and it wasn’t an easy life, but he didn’t mind. Occasionally he missed the chance to spend a night with friends drinking and smoking, but both of those things were expensive and something that he didn’t want around Law.

He ticked Law’s stomach and tried to keep hold of his wriggling son, both of them laughing – Law’s high-pitched squeal of delight fuelling Kane’s amusement. As stressed as he was financially, Kane had to admit this was this the happiest he’d ever been.

Kane knelt to put Law down, smoothing his hand over Law’s short hair again. His son’s hand came up to reach for his fingers, but he wasn’t quite coordinated enough. Kane met him halfway and smiled as Law wrapped his tiny fingers around as much of his hand as he could.


“Auntie Cat might play with you, daddy has to go out for a bit.” Kane’s heart twisted as Law pouted once he’d decoded what that meant, or at least picked up enough to understand vaguely.

“Do you think you can walk with me to the door?” Kane asked, lifting Law up onto his feet.

He grabbed his son’s hands and began to walk backwards towards his bedroom door. Law obediently took steps with Kane’s help, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, the tip of his tongue poking out from his mouth. Kane sincerely hoped that Law’s focused expression never changed, but in case it did he’d taken a lot of snaps for prosperity.
The buzzer sounded before they were out of the room, and since Kane could hear the rain spitting at his windows he decided Cat would rather not wait. He carefully dropped Law’s hands and propped the door open so he could answer his front door, keeping one eye on the approaching toddler behind him.

He opened the door and was surprised to find Alicia standing next to Cat, the two of them sharing a laugh at something Cat had just said as Kane was opening the door.

“Alicia,” he greeted, nodding at the girl. He’d barely seen her in the last year, except for a few whirlwind chats in the streets or the one time she’d come into the pub with a boy who she’d clearly become bored with after an hour.

“I hope you don’t mind,” Cat said, something apologetic in her tone.

“Of course not,” Kane said. Alicia shot Cat a victorious look and grinned winningly at Kane.

“I want to see how cute Law is! Cat has told me all about the genius child.”

Kane laughed at that. He wasn’t sure if Cat was really serious about Law being a genius (his walking, for one, was probably not ahead of the curve, as evidenced by Law resorting to crawling his way towards the front door).

“Are you about to head out, or can we talk first?” Cat asked, sweeping a few loose strands of hair away from her eyes. Kane shrugged; the group didn’t mind if you were late, so he could spare the time.

“We can talk, what’s up?”

Cat made a face close to a grimace, and Kane wondered why she was so hesitant to bring it up. He was used to his parents’ bluntness, even after all these years living away from them, but sometimes he preferred that to people beating around the bush. Of all the things he didn’t like about Faye, at least she had come out with whatever she wanted to say without much preamble… most of the time.

He shook the old anger away and opened the door to his friends.

Cat’s eyes lit up and she bent down to scoop Law, who had shouted her name when seeing her. Alicia peered over her shoulder and cooed at Law, though he wasn’t interested in the newcomer. Law adored Cat and though Kane had never had any other babysitter, he was sure she must be great. She often brought books to read to Law and educational games she’d found, and Kane was happy to know she adored Law back.

“How’s my favourite little Law?” Cat asked, her voice going high pitched and silly. She beamed down at Law who reached up to her cheeks, though he couldn’t quite reach. Cat giggled and straightened up, turning briefly to Alicia. “This is Alicia. Can you say hi Alicia?”

“Hi,” Law mumbled, hiding his face in Cat’s top.

“Hello Law,” Alicia responded, giving an over-the-top wave.

“Play?” Law asked, twisting around to look up at Cat.

“Play?!” she gasped in mock outrage, tickling Law’s sides to make him squeal. “Not in the door one minute and you want to play? Well, good thing you’re so cute, but first I have to talk to daddy.”

“Noooo,” Law wailed.

Kane watched them both with a fond smile and Alicia nudged him quietly. “Have you heard from her at all?”

“No,” he said shortly, but then curiosity got the better of him. He glanced sideways to his old friend with a raised eyebrow, the silent question implicit.

Alicia shook her head, expression conveying how unsurprising she found that. Kane didn’t know if he was relieved or frustrated. Faye had made it clear she wanted nothing to do with Law, but he couldn’t help but worry that Law would ask some hard questions about it later.

They moved into the living room where Alicia took a seat at the corner of the room, as always preferring to have a good view of the room (and TV, Kane bet). Cat stayed standing, murmuring at Law to wait a few minutes. Surprisingly, he settled against her chest and was quiet for now.

“So what’s up?” Kane asked. Alicia pretended to be very interested in the TV and, although Kane wasn’t the most perceptive of people, some sense inside him quickly made him pay more attention to Cat. She wasn’t meeting his eyes, her cheeks more flushed than usual. His heart began to sink.

“I’ve decided I’m not going back to uni for my last year,” Cat admitted. “For… well, a host of reasons, honestly, but mainly because I’m going to move to Hong Kong to help look after my grandmother a bit and learn some of my heritage… She’s getting on and – anyway… I’m sorry.”

“You’re throwing away your education for that?” Kane blurted before he could help himself.

Alicia glanced over from the TV, about to interject with something, but Cat waved her away quickly. “It’s not being thrown away, Kane, I can come back to it. Anyway, this might be my last chance to get to know her.”

Kane screwed up his face. He guessed he could see why someone might want to do that, but Cat loved her degree and the town so much he was surprised she was happily tossing it away. Then again, he admitted internally, most people put more emphasis on family than he did.

It occurred to him the main issue he would have with her leaving and he could feel the back of his neck burn with panic.

“What about Law?” Kane hadn’t meant it to come out as so accusing, but all of his brain power was being focused on wondering how the hell he was going to take care of Law and work without his cheap babysitter.

Alicia leaned over from the sofa and this time Catherine didn’t stop her. “I can help every so often,” Alicia said. “As a last resort.”

Cat sighed quietly. “That’s why I brought her along today, so she’d get to know what to do. But I’m sorry Kane, it’s not my job to be a mother to Law.”

Effectively admonished, Kane nodded stiffly. He had nothing to say to that, because of course she was right, even though she was the closest thing Law had to a mother. Cat’s cheeks flushed further at her comment and she avoided his gaze, probably understanding that – although her comment was justified – it had been hard for Kane to hear.

He mulled over his options as he walked out of the flat and towards the town hall, leaving the awkward atmosphere behind. With all of his mental calculations, there was no scenario where he could afford a babysitter and work. He had already cut back as much of his costs as possible, and since council taxes were going to be raised soon he was already expecting to be in the red.

Shit. The bleak future was enough to put him into a black mood. He would sacrifice anything for Law, of course, but he genuinely enjoyed his job and the independence he felt with it.

Still, it was a cut he was going to have to make.

Kane had been in his own world walking to the town hall, frowning down at his scruffy trainers. The warmth of the sun was making him sweat, the back of his neck growing warm as the sun beat down on him. He only glanced up when he saw ridiculously high pink heels in his peripheral vision, and was greeted with the sight of Elspeth waiting by the locked door.

They hadn’t made much progress since Kane’s first meeting, but they also hadn’t gone out of their way to speak to each other. Occasionally Kane felt frustrated at her as she droned on in the meetings at how hard her life was, but he wasn’t willing to get into an argument with her about how she clearly had the money to fix whatever was bothering her.

He could see the moment she realised that someone was approaching, and the moment she realised it was him. Her head bobbed up and she tucked her phone away into stylish fitted jeans, her lips turning down in the barest hint of a disapproving frown as she recognised him.

Kane felt awkwardness settle on his shoulders at the prospect of standing around with her waiting for someone to open the door. Everything about her grated on his nerves – she was so obsessed with appearance and looking young, the image she presented to the world so carefully and painstakingly perfected; immaculate.

Kane found it ridiculous for a whole host of reasons, and infuriating to see someone being so frivolous with money when he had to look at anything first hand as a luxury.

“Kane,” she greeted, and he resisted the urge to roll his eyes. Who the hell said someone’s name instead of the simple ‘hello’? Besides, she infused the word with so much animosity he was surprised to find himself unharmed.

“Yo,” he returned, if only to see her nose crinkle in disgust. “Just us?”

Elspeth glanced around pointedly, though instead of saying what Kane assumed she wanted to (‘Obviously’) she instead explained: “Charlotte’s sitter cancelled, and the others have prior engagements. Jacqueline is running a bit late but should be here in a moment.”

Well thank Christ for that.

Kane nodded and rocked back and forth on his feet, wondering how to fill the awkward silence. She was clearly happy for him to speak and watched him with a haughtily raised eyebrow. Kane seethed silently. She probably thought he was a pleb.

“So,” Kane tried, clearing his throat to give himself a few more seconds to think of a decent topic of conversation, “How’s your, uh, kid.”

“Fine, thank you.” Elspeth’s daughter was only a year older than Law, but a playdate had never been suggested. “And yours? Still managing to surpass all expectations?” she added cattily. Kane clenched his hands shut and inhaled deeply.

Often the adults talked about how their children were developing – it wasn’t his fault that it sounded like he was boasting. He wasn’t, really, in fact the first eight months he’d had no idea Law was apparently ahead of the curve.

“I’m sure he is,” Kane replied through gritted teeth, the tension draining away from him when he heard Jacqueline’s familiar gait on the stone path behind him. She always walked so quickly, like she had somewhere to be (or was late to that somewhere, more likely), and every so often would break into what was almost a jog before returning to her speed walking.

Kane turned around with relief, grateful to be rescued from his one-on-one with Elspeth.

“Sorry, sorry,” Jacqueline flapped, unusually flustered. Maybe she was aware of the adverse glares and stances of two of her charges. “Here we go, I’ve got the key ready. Let’s go inside. Thank goodness it stopped raining, hmm?”

Neither of them offered an answer, instead crowding behind her as she thrust the key into the lock and manhandled the door open. Despite the cultivated appearance of the hall, the lock had never been reliable.

“I’m afraid I have no food with me today; in too much of a rush.”

They both murmured placating phrases as she led them inside.

There wasn’t much of a difference in temperature from outside, but it felt muggier somehow. Kane made a face and Elspeth swept past him to start taking the tables and chairs out.

“So how have you been? Elspeth?”

“No change, though Matthew’s family seem to have finally stopped bothering to glare at me on the streets.”

Kane sent a curious glance to Elspeth; he knew she had gone through a divorce as a result of choosing to keep her child, but that was where his knowledge ended. He assumed most of the details were shared in private. Jacqueline tutted and shook her head with a gravity that removed the need for words. “And Kane, dear?”

His abysmal attitude returned. “My cheap babysitter is leaving. I’m going to have to quit work.”

“Oh, Kane,” she said sympathetically, pushing the last chair towards the table with a dull whine. “That’s not ideal, is it?”

“No,” he agreed moodily, staring at a deep scratch in the table where some bored kid had tried to write his name but been whisked away before they could finish. “But there’s no way to pay a babysitter on my wage. I don’t know what else to do.”

He felt it then, the wave of bleak despair, the emotion familiar to him after staring it in the face for most of his life. It put him uncomfortably back in the shoes of past Kane who had silently suffered through his father’s dislike and his mother’s disapproval, and he grimaced.

Elspeth’s gaze flicked over to him, decidedly unsure, and he wondered if his mood was so obvious even she had caught it.

Jacqueline pursed her lips thoughtfully. “Perhaps we can help each other, Kane.”

He blinked. “Huh?”

“The reason I was so late today was because my daughter has returned from gallivanting abroad,” she smiled in fond exasperation. Kane had heard plenty about Jacqueline’s daughter, who was almost his age, and the inspiration for Jacqueline starting this group.

“She is adamant that she will not be living with her boring old mother again!” Jacqueline tittered, and Kane wondered how she could be so blasé about that. The idea that Law might not want to live with him pulled on heartstrings he didn’t know he had. “But she has enrolled to go to the university here, and of course is too late to get some accommodation there… Do you have a spare room, Kane?”

Jacqueline looked so eager to help and, honestly, Kane had no qualms about living with her daughter. There was no way an inspiring and kind woman like Jacq would have raised anything less than a generous and respectful daughter, but the issue was more the fact that what was technically a second room was Law’s bedroom.

But if Kane could keep his job, even at reduced hours, and have someone to share the bills…

“I could make one,” he said, because he couldn’t lie to Jacq. “Currently it’s Law’s, but I could fit his cot in the bedroom, probably… I would just need to buy a bed for her.”

Jacq pressed her hands together with a beaming smile. “She loves children, and I’m sure she’ll be happy to help with Law as well as paying rent. She’s meeting me here after we’re finished, so perhaps you could both chat about it then and see what you think. In the meantime, if you’re not sure about having space for Law’s cot in his room, we could talk about co-sleeping.”

“Co-sleeping?” Kane repeated, rubbing a hand over his tired face. After the short but turbulent emotional rollercoaster that evening he wasn’t ready to learn something new.

“That can be dangerous for a child,” Elspeth muttered, the v between her eyebrows tightening as she frowned. Kane almost did roll his eyes then, but managed to resist by some miracle.

“Oh, Law is old enough that it shouldn’t be an issue,” Jacq said reassuringly. “Some parents co-sleep well into childhood. Of course some people believe it makes the child too strongly attached to the parent, but I think that’s poppycock.” Jacqueline rummaged around for a pen and wrote the name of a website on a post it note. “If you’re interested, give this website on the internet a read. It has a lot of information about it.”

“Oh, thanks,” Kane said, tucking it into his pocket. Anything that Elspeth disapproved of had to be good, he figured, and resolved to look it up when he got home.

They headed outside into the sinking sun, everything dyed golden with the warm light. It was shaping up to be a glorious evening, one of the rare times that Kane’s family would have broken out the barbeque and filled the air with the delicious charred smells so unique to this kind of day. They were all fond memories, especially when Kane was younger, because it was the only time he could remember when they acted like a family, that he wasn’t an imposter or a second class citizen. With a pained grimace he tugged his mind back to the present, watching Jacq’s eighteen year old daughter approach.

The resemblance, in some ways, was uncanny, but immediately Kane could tell they were nothing alike in personality. For one, Jacqueline was always smartly dressed and put together, whereas her daughter was wearing leggings. Kane was certain Jacq would never wear leggings even for yoga.

“Ah, Jasmine, lovely daughter of mine,” Jacq said warmly, causing Jasmine to pause in the middle of the stone path, purse her lips and tap her finger on her lips playfully.

“Well that’s not a good tone. What have you done?” she asked, grinning cheekily. Jacqueline laughed and beckoned her daughter over, and as she approached Kane could smell coconut faintly on the air.

There was something innocent in the roundness of her face and the sparkle of her eyes, her cheerful disposition hard to mistake in every over-the-top gesture and delighted smile.

“This is Kane,” Jacq said, and Jasmine waved excitedly. Kane wasn’t entirely sure what to do in the face of such a sunny grin, feeling blinded by her contagious happiness.

“Heya Kane,” Jasmine said happily. “I hope mama’s treated you well and passed on her wisdom.”

“Oh, yeah, of course,” Kane nodded, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.
“I mentioned the possibility of finding you a spare room,” Jacq told her. “Perhaps you could talk about it and see if the arrangement would suit you both?”

“Oh for sure!” Jas squealed. “I so need a place to stay, that’s away from the parental unit, you know?” She stuck her tongue out at her mother, who only laughed in exasperation.

Kane didn’t know, but he pretended to.

“Anyway, I wouldn’t be a hassle, and I can pay rent. I’m a hella good babysitter too, you know.”

“Jasmine,” Jacqueline said in amused disapproval, “’Hella’ is a made up word.”

“Well since all words are made up anyway, it is a word, mama.” She winked at Kane, who decided it was wiser to add nothing to the conversation since he was struggling to keep up as it was. “Hashtag mind blown, right?!”

“Uh, right,” Kane said, wondering how the hell he feel so old next to a bouncy girl who was less than two years younger than him.

Jasmine seemed to understand how Kane felt (which was, in no uncertain terms, like the rug was being pulled out from his feet bit by bit) and giggled self-consciously.

“Sorry, I talk to fast and I’m a handful, I know,” she made a show of rolling her eyes at herself, smoothing her fringe back and looking at him earnestly. “But I’d love to see the room, if you’re willing to take me in. I’ll be less of a hassle than you think.”

“Doubtful,” Jacqueline stage-whispered, causing Jasmine to pout. Kane recovered and laughed it off.

“I could really use a hand with the rent, so I’d love to have you. Why don’t you come by some time? I don’t live far.”

“How about now? Mama’s cramping my style, y’know?” Her eyes sparkled as she teased her mother, who amusedly returned with a retort of her own.

“And what about my precious ‘street cred’, it’s surely taking a hit being seen with you.”
Kane wondered what alternative reality he’d stepped into where Jacqueline was so casual, and wondered what alternative reality he’d have to find so that he could experience this same banter with a family member.

Sadly, this was his reality, but it was looking a bit sunnier now.

19 thoughts on “SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Two”

  1. Aww, Kane is so awkward. It’s heartwarming to know how much he’d do for his son. He truly loves him and it shows. I adore the sincerity of his feelings and how we can sympathize with him and see his struggles.
    Ah, I totally understand Cat’s reasons, but still…Law will probably be very sad to find out that she will no longer come over to their place to play with him. He might even not understand this bit, given his age. I hope it won’t be this hard with him.
    For a moment there I really thought Elspeth would help Kane since she seems to be financially stable, but she didn’t. Still, it seems like there is another solution to his problems. Unfortunately, it is THIS girl! I fear she’s going to cause him a lot of troubles if this plan works out and she moves in. I’d also be a bit afraid to leave my child with someone like her. I doubt she will be easy to handle. Jacqueline seems to struggle with her and she is a good mother and surely tried her best raising her. Oh my…well , good luck with her, Kane.
    And don’t be afraid to write about kids. I didn’t go through ¾ of the stuff I write about. But what would I write about if I only had to go with things I thoroughly know? You are doing great as far as I know, but yeah, I am just as clueless, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is such an awkward human being, haha. I know, poor Law will lose Cat, and probably won’t understand it at all! Who knows how he’ll take to Jasmine..
      That’s really interesting! I was just thinking about how Kane is so coloured by his judgement towards her that even if she’s not being catty, he sees that she is. I felt a bit bad for her this chapter… but her helping Kane out is an interesting idea! I wonder if that’ll ever happen.
      Jasmine is quite young for her age, but you might be impressed by her! I don’t know yet, I haven’t written the next chapter 😛
      I’m fine writing about things I don’t know about usually, but since Law is meant to be ahead developmentally for his age, it does somewhat rely on me knowing stuff. Google only goes so far xD
      Thanks for the comment! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all, I seriously adore Kane! He’s such an amazing dad, putting his son’s needs above him and most importantly, not feeling bitter about it!
    Like Jowita, I was thinking that maybe Elspeth would offer to help but I was wrong. Still, I can’t help but wonder if she’ll be important to the story… somehow! I have a sense she and Kane would have great chemistry if they got involved romantically, but maybe I’m reading too much into this! 😁
    Jasmine seems like a ray of sunshine, I love her cute round face! ❤ But she does give the impression of someone not fit to look after a toddler… I wonder how that will go!
    PS: "Hashtag mind blown" really cracked me up! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw I’m so glad his character is coming across! I worry sometimes that because of his serious faults he’s not that likeable, but I guess he’s better than Faye 😛
      We’ll have to see! And I mean me, too, because sometimes things change when I write about it. I never know how some scenes will end up! Elspeth is about fifteen years older than Kane which, while of course people have relationships with that age gap fine, I think Kane would be too immature for her 😛 But it’s interesting that you think that! I love it!
      Jas kind of reminds me of Ellie from last of us in her face, a bit. I love her cute cheeks haha. She might surprise us yet! I’ll be writing the next chapter soon… I hope!
      Thanks for commenting 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Idk, has Kane thought about getting another job? Or at least looking for work at a bar that would have more customers/tips? He may be barely scraping by now, but Law’s needs will only get more expensive as he gets older.

    I kinda thought him and Elspeth would have a heart to heart moment there, but no. XD Personally I could see them developing a strong friendship if they’d just try to understand each other.

    I like Jasmine. She’s young and bubbly, but I think she’ll prove she’s a very smart person despite saying hashtag out loud.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He hasn’t, which says a lot about what he believes his skills/worth is, doesn’t it? And actually, typing this out gave me a very interesting idea that may or may not involve Elspeth… hmm, I shall say no more in case it doesn’t happen!
      Hehe, she’s a character, that’s for sure! I can’t wait to write the next chapter, she’s in every scene! I love her lil face :~)
      Thank you for reading and commenting 😀

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  4. I think Kane is doing absolutely wonderful, all things considered. The most important thing – he always has Law’s best interests in mind.
    Something tells me Jasmine is going to shake things up!

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  5. Kane really irks me sometimes. Oh, how dare Cat leave to help her family–I know where his reaction came from but jeez, he can be a doof sometimes.

    I know Elspeth is kinda judgey but she has won my heart already. I also thought she might be the solution. I’m a little concerned about Jasmine because it seems kinda quick to become roommates, and I’d have a pretty hard time leaving my kid with someone I don’t know. I guess her mom gives her some ethos but still…she better take good care of Law. 😡 Though I’m with Heather–looking for a different job might be a good idea. I know a few people who have young kids who worked at a daycare because they had the experience to work with children, plus they could be with their own kid(s) at the same time. There, Kane–some free career advice. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Total doof, I agree! Cat was right to snap at him for it.
      I like Elspeth too – she has her own upbringing and life experiences colouring her character, just as we all do (like Kane haha). I’m looking forward to writing her more.
      Hmm that’s an interesting piece of advice! I never thought about that before, but maybe I should…
      Thanks for reading!


  6. I love that Kane puts Law first. I hope he doesn’t regret it later when things get even more difficult for him. I can understand his initial reaction to Cat leaving. That’s going to be so hard on Law and to tbh I was thinking it as I read that part. Law is so attached to Cat 😟 Not sure what to think about Elspeth yet but I wasn’t looking to her to offer any type of help. She seems to self absorbed to even realize she might be able to help them. Not sure inviting a complete stranger to live with you is such a good idea. I think he needs to look for a better job. He needs to put himself out there and try like he did with Law. I’m sure he didn’t think he’d be a good dad either. He might be surprised at what happens.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I don’t think Kane could ever resent Law or regret it. Though he is terrified of being a bad father, Law is the best thing that’s ever happened to him.
      Yeah, but he is young at least! So probably he won’t remember her as he grows up. I say this yet I have no knowledge of memory at that age xD
      Elspeth isn’t necessarily self-absorbed, but I can see why she’d come across as that. She has certain views and opinions that would make her seem that way I think.
      He absolutely would be surprised! Trouble is, with the upbringing he had, he has no faith in himself :c he’s been told he wasn’t good enough numerous times, and the actions of his family only ever underlined that fact :c
      Thanks for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Heh, I love that I can tell where people fall on the political spectrum based on the response to her. Also, I largely agree 😛
      YES! She reminds me of Ellie from the last of us tbh
      Thanks for commenting bbs


  7. CAN I TAKE A MOMENT TO APPRECIATE HOW CUTE LAW IS? I’m kinda sad Cat has to go, but at the same time, I’m glad Jacq proposed a solution to Kane so fast (I mean you didn’t torture him even more than that lol) and I’m already liking Jasmine, this sunny precious child (also is it caused by the fact that I glimpsed at some screens of her and Kane kissing on your tumblr? may be xD) ALSO SHE SMELLS LIKE COCONUT it’s one of my favourite scents so +1 (now let’s see how Law reacts to her~)

    Liked by 1 person

      I wanted to move the story on tbh. And originally jasmine was going to leave too, it was going to be a Theme… but I couldn’t do that in the end.
      Thanks for reading!


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