SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Three


“Oh my Gosh!” Jasmine’s shrill voice cut through the anxious internal monologue in Kane’s brain as he realised how underwhelming his kitchen/living space was, but when he turned to Jasmine she looked as if she’d never seen anything nicer.

“This is cuuuute,” she sang, her face still a picture of astonishment. Kane wetted his lips and looked out over his kitchen with its scarred and crumby counter, the overflowing bin, and an empty water bottle he had yet to get round to throwing into the recycling.

“Really?” he asked dubiously, voice little more than a mutter. Jas beamed and giggled.

“Oh, you should see the accommodation I’ve been living in for the past year. This is swish! Oooh, can I see my room?”

“It’s still got baby stuff – sure,” Kane finished with, as Jas had already spun out of the room.

Less than a fortnight later and Jasmine’s room was transformed into a dumping ground for her bags. Kane had discovered an IKEA dresser and had spent the better part of a day yelling at the walls while trying to understand the instructions – and the left over screws – and the bed was a charity shop find. Only the mattress was new, and that was what Jasmine bought herself. She refused to put up with another bad night’s sleep, she said, and Kane didn’t complain about her taking some of the cost.

Of course, the flat wasn’t his, and paying for cheap furniture should have been his landlady’s responsibility, but they both took a healthy disinterest in each other’s lives and he’d long since learned that doing what he could to prevent himself from bothering her with repairs or anything new meant it kept the rent suspiciously low for the area, and he wouldn’t complain about that.

Kane hadn’t lived with anyone since he’d left home – not counting the extended periods where Faye would crash at his – so he’d been apprehensive with this change. Still, after reading into co-sleeping like Jacqueline had recommended, Kane wondered why he’d never been doing it before. It was comforting beyond words to have Law snoozing next to him, even if the first week he had barely been able to sleep for fear of rolling over in the night. That, if anything, was the best thing to come from a new housemate.

Not that there were any real negatives. Having what was effectively a live in babysitter was amazing, and soon Kane was accepting several shifts he would have once turned down. Sure, she wasn’t quite the level that Cat was, but Jas read and played with Law, and had even started taking him to some group sessions that got children outside with nature once a week. Law’s progress had always been surprising, but Kane noticed another jump with that – both in language and in his motor skills.

Halving the rent was, of course, another amazing bonus.

But beyond that, it was comforting to have another person in the house, especially one that wouldn’t drive him to frustration or made him feel belittled. Jas was easy going and clean, and was always a ray of sunshine. Kane didn’t notice exactly how black the cloud could be hovering over him until she perked him up each and every day.

She loved to cook, and if Kane had a day shift she always had dinner on when he returned. Kane tried to do the same for her, but it was obvious who the talented cook was here and it wasn’t him. He instead baked every so often, letting her help herself.

They fell into easy companionship and became comfortable with one another, and sometimes Kane would come back home to see Jas in front of the oven, the radio playing low in the background, and Law playing with something that was only in his imagination. Kane would swoop his son up and come up to catch up with her, and if a good rock song came onto the radio they would both dance, Jas doing a respectable boogie while Kane swung Law around in his arms, both of them collapsing with laughter after the song came to a close.

“Hey, wait up!”

Kane turned over his shoulder to see Jasmine rushing to catch up, and obediently slowed down for her. His reward was to see her sunny grin, and she came into pace beside him.

“I’m going to take Law to the park, you tagging along?”

“Oh for sure,” Jas said, sweeping her braids over her shoulder. “I love this park. It’s such a good place for everyone. Do you think you’ll stay in this area?”

As usual, Jasmine’s excited stream of thoughts left her mouth with no communication with the rest of her body, and Kane often wondered if he’d have to remind her to breathe. She pulled out her phone from where she was hiding it (her bra? Kane tried not to think about it) and began to take snaps of the too-bright day to share with her friends.

“I love it here,” Kane confessed. “Even though I don’t know many people, I can tell it’s a close community. People help each other out. It’s not like a city.”

“I dunno, people in Glasgow are super friendly.”

Kane made a face. “There’s a lot of areas in Glasgow I wouldn’t go.” Since he knew the stuff his family was involved in, and what exactly their work entailed, he was less than enthused by the prospect of venturing into those areas which, he knew, weren’t far off the beaten track in cities.

“Whaaat, why not?”

Kane’s eyes cut sideways to her. “There are bad people in Glasgow,” he said.

“Well sure, there are bad people everywhere, but it doesn’t mean you should be afraid.”

Kane snorted, knowing exactly how wrong she was, and quoted something he’d heard his dad say once. “They don’t do subtle over there. They do pisshead bampots killing girlfriends in paranoid rage after drinking for two days straight, or coked up neds jumping on a dude’s head outside a club ‘cause he looked at them funny, or drug dealing gangsters shooting another as a comeback to the same thing that happened the week before. It’s straightforward and obvious, not a who-dun-it. More people to be wary of, more people to get caught up in the crossfire.”

“Let’s let Law ride the ship see-saw!” Jasmine enthused, apparently forgetting their darker discussion a moment ago. Kane smiled and picked Law up, who was squealing with delight, and let him sit on the ship. After a moment, Jas said, “Hey, why’d you call him Law? It’s a nice name, but the only time I’ve heard it before was on some fighting game.”

Kane laughed. “I dunno. It felt right. I didn’t want him to have a boring name, one that was too common, you know?”

“Well,” Jas said warmly, “even if he was called John, he’d stand out. I was an live in nanny in Italy for a bit, and Law is way ahead of their youngest. He’s such a good kid,” she said fondly. Kane glanced over his shoulder and grinned at her, the compliment summoning his fatherly pride.

“Weee, off we go,” Kane said, picking Law up from the ship and back into the stroller.

“Play again?” Law asked, his sweet eyes almost making Kane cave. He steeled himself and shook his head, because he’d promised Alicia he’d catch up with her at the tail end of her shift in the café on site. Law pouted but didn’t start crying, but that was typical behaviour for him. Law wasn’t much of a tantrum-child, which often made Kane wonder what he’d done right to avoid that.

“I sometimes worry he’s too quiet,” Kane murmured to Jas as they made the rest of the trip over. Jas looked over to him in surprise, so he elaborated. “I know he’s capable of stringing words together, and he listens, but he doesn’t usually talk much – especially when he’s outside.”

Jas shook her head and pointed to Law’s head, which was turning all the time as he found something new to look at. “He’s busy observing the world, or whatever’s close enough for him to make out. I think he’s just a quiet, intelligent kid. Nothing to be worried of.”

They settled into the café which smelled pleasantly of old books and patchouli. Alicia gave them two drinks on the sly and they settled down at the back, perching on surprisingly comfortable slatted chairs while they waited for her shift to end. Jas slurped at her ridiculously complicated and creamy drink, eyes roaming over the covers of books around them.

“This place was my favourite to chill in before I left,” Jas said, after a long pause, voice melancholic. Kane raised his head from where he had been pressing his lips to Law’s head, noticing something different in her tone. His surprise must have been obvious because Jasmine turned to him with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re usually more upbeat. Are you sad to have left?”

At that Jasmine laughed, and stood to drift over to the bookcases pressed against one of the walls.

“I needed to leave. I needed some space to think. I love my mum – God, she’s amazing – but we’re very different people. It’s hard to see each other’s side in things, sometimes. I think I’m a lot more like my dad despite how much I look like her.”

Kane watched her and waited, sensing that she wanted to continue speaking. He wasn’t wrong.

“I know what people probably think about me when they first see me.” She laughed, and it sounded like she didn’t have any hard feelings about the matter. “I’m a lot to handle, and I guess I’m that typical millennial girl who spends too much money on avocados and too much time on her phone.” She raised her finger to run it down the spine of a book which was embossed, eyes faraway.

“Everyone has their own complex war they’re fighting on the inside,” she finally summed up, though she still wasn’t meeting his gaze. “I decided life was too short to be anything other than happy, but getting there was hard. Do people realise that’s why I’m like this?” She snorted. “No, of course not.” She turned around then, catching his gaze and pining it with her own. “Everyone has their own story that you only see a glimpse of.”

“Yeah, true,” Kane nodded, wondering where this was going.

Jas’ attention was still refusing to let him turn away, and her usually affable nature was replaced with something much more insightful and piercing. “Do you really understand that, though?” she pressed. “I think once you do, you’ll let go a lot of the burden you’re holding.”

Kane was taken aback at the out-of-nowhere assumption, and even though he knew it was true (probably because it was true) he felt heat flood his cheeks and sucked in a breath to snap at her.

She only smiled brilliantly and waved over to Alicia, whose shift had finished at that moment. Kane narrowed his eyes at Jasmine but said no more on the subject.


“So what’s the deal with the Law’s mum?”

Alicia raised both her brows and glanced over to Jasmine, who seemed to be comfortable in her odd position lying on the floor, though how Alicia didn’t know. The girls had got on so well at the café the other day that they’d exchanged numbers, and now Jas was taking advantage of having someone in the know around.

“Nosy much?” Alicia teased, once the out-of-nowhere question sunk in.

Jas grinned in return and nodded, knowing Alicia could never turn down an offer to gossip.

She raised herself and slumped down onto the beanbag chair – the only other piece of furniture that Jas had put in her room – and wriggled around until the beans sat comfortably underneath her. Jas, in turn, rolled over onto her back and craned her neck painfully to keep Alicia’s gaze.

“Okay, so, Faye gets the spare room at mine and it’s pretty much fine. She’s, I dunno, a bit self absorbed and doesn’t really get the world, but she’s fine company. Shallow and no ambition, but that’s just some people, you know? Everyone has different speeds of doing everything.”

Jasmine nodded impatiently, making a get-on-with-it gesture. Alicia snorted, sweeping her ginger hair back over her shoulder in a very hair-advert type of way.

“She worked with Kane, and Kane’s – bless him, Kane doesn’t really get close to people outside of work, and his family… well, that’s definitely his story to tell.”

Jasmine arched her eyebrow at that, wondering.

“So Kane tends to have his friend group the same as his work group, which is how he and I know each other. Anyway, he and Faye get it on without really getting to know each other, which y’know is fine, cause tonnes of people do it. What wasn’t so good is that they didn’t really work together, their respective issues clashing a lot, and then Faye has a miracle baby.”

“Law,” summarised Jasmine, watching Alicia nod. She reached out and touched the girl’s black boot, humming thoughtfully. “I like your shoes.”

“Thanks girl.”

“And she took off?”

“Uh-huh. Cut all ties. Sometimes I wonder what she’s up to, but her social medias are all on lock down. Whatever she’s doing, I hope she’s learning more about herself. I don’t think she’s a very happy person.”

Finally deciding that the floor was becoming too uncomfortable, Jasmine twisted around to lean against her drawers, the corner pressing into the side of the spine and massaging her knots quite effectively. Jas fidgeted and felt her muscles loosen after the flash of discomfort.

“Not a lot of people are, all the time,” Jasmine said eventually. “Especially those that don’t really know themselves.” She went silent, thinking, and then sighed. “Kane’s one of them, isn’t he?”

Alicia shrugged. “He’s better than he was. Law’s really… really changed him. I think the worst thing for him is loneliness. He never got on with his family, and he’s never let anyone really get close to him. I used to worry about him a lot,” Alicia admitted. “I mean, I still do, but less now with Law.”

Jas nodded, chewing on her bottom lip as her eyes trailed over her bare room. She was sure with some prodding Kane could be helped. It was just knowing how much prodding was too much…


“Hey sugar-kane,” Jas grinned, coming to sit beside Kane. He rolled his eyes and gave an exaggerated groan at the nickname she’d taken to using though it was all for show. He muted the TV he had been half-watching and waited for her to settle down next to him.

He could tell she was about to broach a topic with him, because otherwise she’d have stayed standing to burn off all the excited energy she always seemed to be full of. Plus she had a habit of pulling her right earlobe whenever she was nervous, and he knew her well enough just to give her the floor at this point.

“I was talking to Alicia…”

Kane did groan – for real this time. “That’s not a good way to start a sentence.”

Jas pulled her legs up onto the sofa and fidgeted around until she was comfortable, and Kane let her choose her words while idly watching the moving pictures on the TV.

“I think you should talk more about Faye.”

Kane had suspected it would be something along these lines, and at first he misheard her. “Talk to Faye?” he spat out. “She doesn’t –“

“No, no,” Jas said hurriedly, tugging at her earlobe. “Talk about her. In fact I think you should talk about a lot of things, more than you do.” Despite her dark skin, Kane could detect a hint of red across her cheeks, or maybe he was projecting since his face felt beet red.

Kane quickly bit down on the retort he wanted to fling at her, succeeding on biting the edge of his tongue as his jaw snapped shut. The pain distracted him, so when he next considered what she said, he wasn’t as gut-reaction-hurt.

“I mean,” Jas went on quickly, interpreting his silence as something far angrier than it was, “Kane, your heart’s in the right place, but from the stories you’ve told me, sometimes – I mean, I just think…” She trailed off, and this time Kane could see that Jas’ cheeks were red. She tilted her head down and let her hair provide a safety curtain between their gazes. “It would help you a lot to open up about stuff. People in general could do with talking more, really, but I don’t live with them.” She laughed a little, a shrill edge to it, and let her words hang in the silence.

Finally, Kane let out the breath he hadn’t realised he held. He bumped her with his knee, trying to let her know that he wasn’t taking her words as personally as she thought. Well, he was, but…

“I’m not good with words,” Kane mumbled. “And it’s hard to talk. Guess I’m used to people not listening.”

Jas turned to him with a hard look in her green glass eyes. “You probably have every right to self-deprecating instead of reaching out, but choosing to do that means you can’t blame anyone else when they don’t try to fix you.” Her gaze softened. “Only you can help yourself, Kane. But you do have friends that’ll support you.”

Kane flushed again at the quick reprimand and struggled not to snap at her, but eventually settled for a non-committal shrug.

“Think on what I’ve said?” she asked hopefully, looking up through her eyelashes. And, with a tight chest, he could only nod.


“Come in,” Jas called, and Kane slipped into her room. He cleared his throat and was about to greet her when he noticed the obviously cold burger sitting by her side. Obviously, because it was nine in the evening, and he’d seen her make it at five.

“Why do you always sit on the floor?” he asked instead, blinking down at her. She glanced up quickly from the book and flashed a dimpled grin.

“It’s comfy!” she chirped.

Kane shook his head – both in disagreement and wonder – and nodded at her book. “Whatcha reading?”

“Oh, it’s the new graphic novel by some of my favourite writers. You should try it! It’s really awesome, and it has a lot of cool pictures in it if you don’t like reading.”

He could tell by her tone that she was teasing, and humoured her with a snort.
“Ha-ha. I was just going to ask if you can look after Law tomorrow. Work’s asked me to cover a shift.”

“Yeah course,” Jas said absently, before cutting her gaze away from the book and giving him a firm nod. “Sorry, but this is really good.”

“Who’s it by?” Kane asked, only because he knew that was a common question when someone was trying to recommend a book to you.

“Oh, um, Uma and Summer Williams.”

It was lucky that Jas was so entranced by the book. She missed the double take that Kane did, and the pregnant pause while he fumbled with his lacklustre response. He eventually mumbled out some string of words that Jas barely noticed anyway, and then ducked out of her room to press himself against her now closed door. He heard her bright delighted laughter at something in the book, and slowly let out his breath. He didn’t know why it had surprised him so much, made his heart skip a beat in panic, and he went back to his room surprisingly shaken.

Curiosity got the better of him and after a quick check on Law, Kane pulled his phone out. A quick internet search showed him the graphic novel – simply titled Torchlight. He scrolled through the Amazon listing of it just to make sure it was them (as if there could be another Uma and Summer Williams around) and viewed the first few pages. Summer’s other novels were listed there, and Kane was surprised to note she’d published a trilogy, and his eyes strayed to the second page where he could see a dedication – to my wonderful niece Echo.

That made him curious about the rest of the siblings, wondering which one of them had a kid now, but after a quick sneak on Skye’s facebook page he could only see various travelling photos of her and Felix. He skipped over Faye’s entirely and remembered that they also had younger brothers, and glanced through Liam’s page. There was a baby with wisps of black hair who he assumed was Echo featuring in some pictures with another man and a woman. Stung by the pure joy on their faces, he backed out and then failed to find Loxley’s page.

From what he knew of the guy, he wasn’t the type to bother with social media, but now that he had started Kane couldn’t help himself. He typed his name into the search bar and wasn’t surprised to find articles and various search results about his findings. Kane shook his head in amazement, wondering how that family had been so fortunate and smart.

Well, all except for one…

Kane glanced over at the snoozing Law and smiled slightly. “Maybe that’s where you get your genius from, kid,” he murmured.

A/N: The bit about Glasgow was a paraphrased quote from a book by Christopher Brookmyre, because I could never claim to be that witty and truthful about the damn city. Though if you ever happen to be in Scotland, just remember that Glaswegians are incredibly friendly (way more than those who live in Edinburgh). But maybe don’t wear the colours of Celtic or Rangers football teams on match day… or ever…

30 thoughts on “SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Three”

  1. Wow, Jasmine is a ray of sunshine but she did do her own self reflection to get there… now I admire her even more! Who knows if she’ll be able to help Kane eventually. He has to want that too!
    I was so glad we got to learn about the siblings! Uma and Summer have published their own books and they’re still together – apparently! Yes! ❤ But I was wondering about Faye too… what could she be up to? Will we find out about her eventually?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She was definitely, at one point, a very confused and emotional teenager that had to do a bit of soul searching. So she knows how to see it in others, I think. She’s very insightful!
      Yeah, I had to get it in there. And when I stumbled over the reading poses in my directory I realised it would be perfect. We will find out about Faye, but not for a while yet. I shall say nothing more on that lest I give something away 😛
      Thanks for your comment! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love Jasmine! That girl is a true ball of fire and she infects everyone around with her optimism, so contagious that even Kane caught bits of it. I am so happy that he got someone like this in his life for we all know that living on his own with Law wasn’t good for him and now he can also focus more on his work and maybe even earn some many to keep everything at a decent level for his own and Law’s good. So it’s almost as if Jasmine had been given to him as a gift from heavens in exactly the right time as he lost Law’s previous babysitter. Thank god for her! I was really anxious about Kane after I had realized that Cat had to leave. Fortunately, things seem to be going well without her around and I’m so relieved.
    Also, Jasmine is deeper than I thought. She’s so right in that everyone has their own story and we can’t judge a book by its cover. The quote from Mark Twain came to my mind: “Every person has its dark side, like the moon, which he does not show anyone”. Maybe I also misjudged Jasmine because I kind of had that fear that she’d be irresponsible and mess up badly in Kane’s life, when she seemed to have done a lot of good already. But, who knows what can happen down the line…
    Aww, I loved how you used social media and Kane checking on them to introduce us better into the lives of Faye’s siblings. Seems that Liam’s polyamorous relationship is working out well for him and his partners, Summer and Uma are happy together and also creative, Loxley is fine with his inventions, but Faye…what about her? I can’t wait until you introduce your heir back cause what the heck is she doing on her own? Is this about self-development or something? I hope she can finally grow out of her habits and raise to be a better person. I guess I have much more faith in her than I have Sam. She can do it!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wow, when you said you were compiling thoughts you really meant it! Thank you! ❤
      I actually made Jas around the same time as I made Finn for Liam, so she's been around for a while and was in fact meant to be introduced earlier but instead I used Cat. I don't think Kane was in the right headspace before, or desperate enough to accept a room mate. But yes, now he can save up a bit of money – but will it be enough? We might get a little more on that next chapter…
      That quote is so accurate. Unfortunately not many people realise this! I think writing really helps in that regard, and makes it a lot easier to deal with annoying people IRL too.
      I really didn't want to actually 'visit' the family because it would take away from Kane's sort of isolation from them, but I also wanted people to know they were still alive and happy. As for Faye… she won't be around for a while. I can't promise she'll be *much* better when we next come across her, but she can't get any worse right?! 😛
      Thanks for your comment, again! ❤

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      1. Haha, yes, I always try extra hard with your story because your chapters are usually pretty long and I want to address everything in my comment and also I just really admire your story and ah…yeah, I just wrote over 300 words of my comment in Word, but I feel like I could do more.
        To be a good writer you have to be very insightful and because we always seek understanding of human nature to write about people to the best of our ability, we end up understanding more not only about others, but also about our own. I really admire this about writing. And if you don’t realy like someone, you may just end up creating a similar character and along the way as you try to picture them as well as you can and think more about them, you may just find out things you hadn’t realized before.
        Hmm, I can’t wait to meet the new/old Faye, whatever she will be like.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s true, my chapters are usually pretty long! I don’t know what the word count is because I write them differently from when I posted onto LJ, but I know that I was usually around 3-4000 words. But that always worked best for me!
        That’s such an insightful way to put it, and it’s exactly right!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Jasmine is an amazing character, I love how you’ve portrayed her! On the surface she’s bubbly and extremely sweet, but she has a darker backstory that changed her and helped her become who she is today. I think she could really help Kane find happiness. Law is adorable btw, I can’t wait to see his personality as he gets older! I wonder what Faye’s up to now…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I never know how much to show and how much to tell with these things. Hopefully I get a good balance in there!
      I am SO excited to get to Law growing up. I think I’m only going to have a few more chapters of him this young, maybe as few as two!
      Ah, well, we’ll see… eventually!
      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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  4. Jasmine has been the ray of sunshine that Kane and Law needed in their lives. And do I detect a bit of a spark between them?
    This has also made me more curious to see what Faye has been up to. I do hope that she has matured and found her path in life.
    If I ever plan a trip to Scotland (which I want to do) you will have to be my tour guide. Tell me what to do, where to go (and where not to go), and what to eat.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oops, I think I missed this one!
      Maybe! There’s definitely scope for it but I’m not going to push it. We shall see what happens.
      Hah, we’ll see. I’m not convinced, but again, until I write her I don’t even always know how someone has changed!
      Absolutely! I recommend the west coast and the islands. The cities aren’t as interesting, but Edinburgh has wonderful architecture and museums. Also castles, looooads of castles.
      Thanks for the comment, and so sorry for my late reply!! D:

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  5. That made me realize that Faye’s relatives probably don’t realize she had a kid, do they?
    Anyways, Jasmine is a dear. I think she’s just what Kane needs right now. Hopefully, he takes her advice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nope, they have no idea! Which will be fun down the line for her, I’m sure >:)
      Fingers crossed! He’s pretty hard-headed, he needs people to really bang it in there until he takes advice haha.
      Thanks for your comment 😀

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  6. Law is so adorable! And smart! I can’t wait to see how he matures. As for Jasmine, I think her character is awesome! She just might be what Kane needs in his life. I don’t know what your plans are for these two, but I’m beginning to ship them. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He is a little genius, that’s for sure!
      Sometimes I don’t even know where we’re going, which means I find out along the story same as everyone else! I do have some plans but, well, plans do change…
      Thanks for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Yes! I just knew Jasmine was smart and deeper than she appeared at first. She’s really great and I love that she made the decision for herself to be happy. Kane and her have such a great relationship so far, even though he hasn’t opened up yet. She’s really trying to make this work.

    I love the end of him looking everyone up on their social medias. It’s great to hear about everyone again, but where is Faye? The way she’s shut herself off from everyone is really worrying.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jas has a great depth to her that a lot of people are quick to ignore. But I guess she doesn’t show it all that often either. She genuinely cares about people, but accepts she can’t do much for most of them. For Kane though she can have a real positive impact.
      Well, just because she’s shut herself off from what the readers see doesn’t mean she’s not with her family. We will find out one day!
      Thanks for reading!!

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  8. I hope Kane listens to Jasmine. She made a lot of good points. Kane would do well to talk about his past and Faye. I think once he stops looking at the past and measuring himself by that he’ll be able to move forward. Law is a good reason for him to do that. It was nice to see a little bit about Faye’s family. I miss them especially Liam.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is all very true! But then many humans are hung up on their past – it’s what shapes us for better or for worse, and it’s hard to let go of until you deal with it. Maybe Jas will help him with that, though!
      Thanks for your comment ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  9. You know Kane’s fear of crushing Law reminds me of my own fear of crushing my cat when he was still a tiny kitten and like to sleep right next to me on the bed xD I think Jas is exactly what Kane needed even if her words may not sit well with him for now! Also, I’m sure that she’s way more than just a typical ‘millennial girl’ and I do wonder about her and what she’s been through akgjdfkjdkjfdf! And it made me so happy to somehow know what happened to the kids (well…most of them) ALSO I CAN’T BELIEVE ONE OF MY FAVE COUPLES HAD A BABY I can’t wait to see how everything turned out ;_____;

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha right!! I have that fear too sometimes. But I think they’re more robust than we think… cats anyway.
      There is more to Jas that sadly was sacrificed in the interest of time! But she is very insightful because of all the personal growth she did while travelling.
      I’m saying nothing but leaving an evil face here >:)


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