SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Nine

“Does your friend know how watches work?” Rhoan asked, leaning on one of the white plastic chairs that were somehow far comfier than they looked. Law had happily taken and stayed in a seat, though Rhoan and Chase had wandered around to investigate the volunteer-run library.

“She’s usually late,” Law said with a shrug. “But she’ll be here.”

Chase looked askance at him. “How do you two know each other?”

“Oh, her mum tutored my dad for a while when I was… too young to remember, honestly. We’ve been friends forever.”

Rhoan pushed out his bottom lip. “I’ll never be good enough to compete with her.”

Chase snorted. “I don’t think it’s a competition.”

Rhoan shook his head solemnly. “My sweet summer child. The best friend position is coveted, mostly because I’ve been friends with Law for – what – four, five years now? And dude, this is the first time I’ve been to your town. And you still won’t let me in your house?”

Law reached over to pull one of the thick folders of their project notes towards him, uncomfortable under the curious – and piercing – look Chase was giving him. “You hate buses, Rhoan. Also, my house is tiny. I barely fit into my bedroom. And the library makes us more productive.”

Rhoan raised his eyes to the ceiling. “Always thinking about the work.”

“That is what we’re here for.”

“All work and no play makes Rhoan a bored boy,” Rhoan grinned. Chase laughed as Law huffed a sigh and ignored his friend.

“I gather this is why no one else wants to be your partner?” Chase asked, flicking up an eyebrow at Rhoan, who merely shrugged innocently. Chase didn’t seem bothered, though, and shifted his weight to his other foot, glancing over the top of fake ferns to see what Law was reading. Law looked up and their eyes locked for a moment, and Law realised it was the first time he’d noticed half the things about Chase that were staring at him in the face. For one, he had piercings in his ears that Law hadn’t noticed the other day, and a smattering of freckles mostly over his left cheek. It made sense that Rhoan had jokingly referred to him as ‘pretty boy’ rather than by name after Chase had returned to his football.

Rhoan whistled low. “Dude, that’s Eilidh? I mean I guess you never realised she was cute, but damn.”

Law blinked. It wasn’t that he didn’t think Eilidh was pretty, but mentioning it to his friends just seemed weird. Chase seemed to think so too, as he made a loud scoff and rolled his eyes in disdain.

Law offered his friend a wave as she slid open the glass doors and ducked inside, where the large west facing windows actually made the room much warmer than the outdoors now that it was past noon. He made a show of looking at his wrist, where a watch would be lying if he owned one, and Eilidh stuck out her tongue and blew a raspberry, giving no heed to the fact that they weren’t alone.

Her boots clicked on the hard wood floor. She didn’t look in the least bit bothered as two pairs of eyes swung to her, but then Eilidh didn’t make it a habit to care what people thought of her. Law loved her for it; she was effortlessly cool in the way that most teenagers wished they were.

“Hmm,” Eilidh mused, tapping her lips with her forefinger. “I heard that I had an appointment today with my nerd best friend to do some art?”

“And you’re only forty minutes late!”

“Nuh-uh, I arrive exactly when I mean to. Like a wizard.”

Rhoan made a confused sound. “A wizard?”

“Yeah, like Gandalf, duh,” Eilidh said without missing a beat, barely looking in his direction. Chase snorted and she gave her usual winning grin. “What is it we’re actually doing? Oh, and does this count as cheating if I help you? ‘Cause if it does I am so proud of you Law.”

“It’s not cheating,” Law said primly, “because they didn’t mention it was against the rules.”

“So a loophole, huh?”

“Is it really a loophole if there were never any rules to begin with?” he mused, and then remembered that their back and forth was not private for a change. “Rhoan, Chase, meet Eilidh.”

“Hi!” she said cheerfully, waving enthusiastically and then taking a seat beside Law. “So you’re all from that smart school, right? I think Law talked a lot about you when he first moved there, Rhoan.”

Law made a show of sighing. “Don’t tell him he’s cool.”

“What? I’m cool! Did you think I was cool, Law?”

“Only when I first met you, Rhoan.”

Rhoan and Chase settled into their seats. Rhoan kept sending sneaky glances to Eilidh, and Law wasn’t sure if she noticed or just didn’t care. Chase, meanwhile, kept quiet, his eyes going between the three of them bantering like he was watching a tennis match. Law frowned and chanced a look towards him, but Chase didn’t seem put out to be unincluded. On the contrary, he actually looked like he was enjoying the chat, and amusement spread over his face.

“And you, Chase, how’d you know these tools?”

“Hey!” Rhoan protested. “You don’t know me. You don’t know I’m a tool.”

“Yet,” Eilidh said savagely, grinning like a shark, before turning back to Chase.

“Oh, just art. Though of course it’s hard not to know of Rhoan, being the giant tool that he is.” Chase grinned, his eyes crinkling at the corners, as Rhoan spluttered in protest.

“I’m being verbally abused,” Rhoan complained. “This is going to give me low self-esteem, guys, please stop bullying me.”

“There, there,” Eilidh grinned, reaching out to pat his knee. Law hid his laugh as a cough behind his hand as Rhoan practically melted, gazing at Eilidh with a lovestruck expression, and exchanged a knowing smirk with Chase.

“Shall we get on with our project?” Law asked, waving his hand towards the pile of folders. “Basically, Eilidh, we have to make a piece that draws inspiration from three or four different artists.”

Eilidh scooched over to the edge of her seat to peer at the writing on the side. “Oh, right. I know of Goldsworthy. He’s a bloke that makes art out of nature. And Turner, of course, did landscapes of the natural world a lot, among other things. Erm, the others could use a bit of research though.”

“Luckily we have plenty of that,” Chase said, picking up one of the heavy folders.

“Game plan,” he went on, rubbing his hands together. “We take an artist each and summarise them when we’ve read. Then we can see what we come up with.”

“Yeeeah,” Eilidh said. “Why did you need me again?”

“Because we have to write something about why we made what we did.”

“And present it,” Chase added.

Eilidh sighed. “Honestly, that bit you can bullshit, but I totally want to spend my Saturday with a bunch of nerds.” She laughed as Law reached over to poke her side, and then obediently picked up a green folder. They got to work, the quiet sounds of the road outside and occasional conversation breaking the silence.

“I think Rhoan’s got it bad,” Chase said, leaning back on the bench and glancing over his shoulder at Law, who was perched on the top of the bench. He took his gaze away from the sun (he’d been looking for the green flash that sometimes happened at the exact point of the sun setting, but reckoned they didn’t have the right conditions for the interesting phenomena to present itself) and met Chase’s eyes.

“I think you’re right,” Law sighed, glancing over to where Rhoan and Eilidh were playing horseshoes.

“This is a really nice village,” Chase mused. “Do you like it here?”

“I’ve never known anything different,” Law shrugged. “But I would definitely miss it if I left. What about you, where do you stay?”

Chase missed a beat, but Law couldn’t blame him – the anguished cry of Rhoan briefly distracted them both. “I, uh, actually lived in Edinburgh for most of my life, but I moved to this side of Glasgow not long ago.”

“How come? Do you miss Edinburgh?”

Again, another beat was missed, but Law didn’t notice. Rather than watching Rhoan this time, Law was scanning the horizon for the bright planets which should have been showing at this time.

“Not exactly,” Chase said, in a strange tone. “I like Glasgow well enough. Even though it’s a bit rough in places.”

“Isn’t everywhere?” Law shrugged. Chase inclined his head to agree, leaning back to stretch and then remaining there for a moment, his neck craned back and eyes resting on Law.

“Why hasn’t Rhoan been here before?”

Law shrugged. “He asks a lot of questions.”

Chase nodded and turned back to watch their friends muck around. “Like me, right now?”

Law laughed a little, if only to dispel the sudden awkwardness. “No, just that I only live with my dad, and I hate to think Rhoan butting into my house and asking my dad about my mum and stuff. It’s the kind of thing he’d do. He doesn’t really get subtlety.” This time Law did laugh, for real, thinking of all the time Rhoan had unblinkingly blundered in social situations. Chase snorted.

“Aye, puts his foot in his mouth.”

“Yeah,” Law grinned. “And, you know, I don’t want to upset my dad. He doesn’t really talk about her.” Law tried to say it casually but he must have failed, since Chase looked over his shoulder at him again, the orange hued light from the sun deepening his blue eyes. He turned away and said nothing, somehow sensing that there was nothing more to say on the subject.

“Who do you think will win?” Chase asked quietly, nodding towards the game.

Eilidh’s giggles were infectious and unapologetic. Rhoan groaned as yet another horseshoe missed its mark by miles.

“Okay, shut up, you’ve totally fixed this.”

“How can I fix it?!” Eilidh squealed, pointing at his dejected horseshoe lying outside the box.

“I dunno, but you’ve definitely practiced.”

“Duh, this game is in my park, I come here all the time. I bet I could do it with my eyes closed better than you,” she grinned, tossing her fringe away from her eyes.

Rhoan turned to Eilidh, laughing as she snorted accidentally, and then they were both laughing at her rather than his poor attempt at playing horseshoes, their sides hurting. A cool breeze gently stirred Eilidh’s brown hair back into her eyes and she shoved it back impatiently.

“Go on then, blind.”

Eilidh snatched the horseshoe out of his hand, made a show of covering her eyes, and shot it almost perfectly into the box. Rhoan groaned in defeat, shaking his head at the girl who was jumping up and down in celebration, not at all self-conscious and completely unremorseful in her joy.

“Alright,” Rhoan said grudgingly. “You win. What’s your prize? A – a coffee, maybe, on me?”

“Ew,” Eilidh said. “Coffee’s gross. I’ll take the pride and honour, thank you.”

In the distance Rhoan could see Law shaking his head, both of them swapping something that was too quiet for Rhoan to hear, and Rhoan inwardly reminded himself to ask Law if it was Eilidh was oblivious or if it was him.


Law was watching a rerun of the latest Blue Planet season, entranced with the fascinating life forms under the sea and Attenborough’s hypnotic and powerful narration. He gave a distracted greeting to his dad when he came into the room, changed from work, and it took him a full minute to realise Kane was standing awkwardly in front of him with a semi-panicked look on his face.

Law would have loved to continue watching the TV, but now that he was aware of his father it was hard not to be distracted by the fidgeting man. Law gathered he wanted to broach a topic with him and hoped, desperately, it wasn’t something to do with sex ed (Eilidh had been pale faced one day as she’d told him about the talk she’d had with her mum, and Law had dreaded it ever since).

Law turned the TV to mute and gestured to the seat next to him.

Kane settled onto it, biting his lip.

“Is this the birds and the bees talk?” Law blurted out, colour rising to his cheeks. He definitely did not want this conversation with his father, especially as school had already covered it in enough detail. Besides, Law couldn’t see himself being distracted by girls any time soon. Rhoan took all the attention away anyway, which was fine by Law (as unlikely that he thought it was that he would be anyone’s crush).

“Uh, no. Though…”

“Nope, I’m fine, thanks.”

Kane snorted. “Fair enough. It’s actually about Jasmine. We’re, uh, officially dating.”

Law laughed. “You’re as slow as an iceberg, dad. Eilidh and I were trying to get you two together since the bowling alley birthday.”

“Oh.” Kane blinked. Law laughed again at how oblivious his dad was. But since he figured that this was a good conversation to talk about how things stood in their strange, small family, Law hesitantly broached the topic he’d been curious about for years.
“I’m happy for you both, dad. I love Jas. She’s been around for as long as I can remember.”

“Yeah. Since you were… two, or three.”

“Right.” Law cleared his throat and looked his dad square in the eyes. “So what about my actual mum? Jas said she didn’t know her, but what happened?”

Kane quickly looked away to the TV, hands pulling at the strings of his hoodie while he composed an answer. “I, uh, it’s… complicated.”

Law’s eyebrows shot up. “Complicated?” he repeated flatly. “Really?”

Kane reached out to Law but Law shook his hand off, making a face.

“Dad, come on, this is ridiculous! If you were totally crazy about her and she died, I get that you don’t want to talk about her, but I deserve to know don’t I?”

Kane winced. “It’s more complicated than that,” he insisted, though given Jas had told Law that much he knew it had to be.

“Again with that word,” Law muttered with a roll of his eyes. “Make it simple. Just tell me what happened in a sentence or two.”

Kane rubbed his eyes. “I… I just… Law…” Kane trailed off and stared at his son, and when nothing else was said, Law shot off the sofa and spun around to face his dad, true anger radiating through every line of his body.

He folded his arms over his chest and pulled himself to full height. “Alright, twenty questions. They only need a yes or no answer. Do you think you’re capable of that, at least?”

“Enough with the attitude,” Kane said firmly.

Law stared at him. “Fuck. You.” He enunciated each word carefully so that his father would know exactly what he thought of this conversation. Law hadn’t sworn at his father before, and even though his heart was hammering in his chest while he said the words, he felt like it was only through them that he could show Kane the depth of his anger.

“Law!” Kane’s eyes went round, his face going red. Law shrugged at him and turned to stomp out the room, a black cloud following him.

Law brushed his teeth with far more force than was necessary, glaring at himself in the mirror, as he got ready for bed. He was surprised that steam wasn’t rising from his ears, he was so hot with anger. He spat out his toothpaste and fumed silently, hands gripping onto the side of the sink. The extent of his fury surprised him; he’d usually viewed the situation with curiosity or mild annoyance before. Law had never been so mad, and yet he knew his dad still wouldn’t tell him what he wanted to know.

And why not? Was he hung up on her? If so, why was he finally dating Jasmine? Was there a secret he was trying to hide, or what?

Law shook his head and watched his reflection do the same, spots of colour on his cheeks finally fading as he forced himself to breathe calmly. Maybe one day he’d figure out how to find out for himself.


One of Law’s chosen electives at his school was martial arts, which often meant a gruelling training regime with his instructor three times a week. After the sessions Law always felt sore and yet loose at the same time, warm and pleased with himself that his progress was continuing. Unlike most of his subjects, which came easily to him after some studying, martial arts was a completely different ballgame. Though the three hours a week training were hard, they were rewarding, because Law could see when his hard work paid off. It was for this reason that he often dedicated more hours to it than necessary, enjoying the use of the training dummies or sometimes a sparring partner in Tee. His body moved fluidly, dancing between each of the steps as if it were as natural as walking, and then he would refine the newer moves until they became just as easy, just as smooth.

On one of these times, the headmaster came into the gym and waited patiently with his hands clasped in front of him until Law acknowledged him. Mr Cooperman gestured for him to continue if he wanted to, and since Law was in the middle of a sequence of moves, he elected to remain where he was.

“Can I help you, sir?”

“Actually, I’ve come here with a bit of a proposal.”

Law glanced up briefly, raising an eyebrow, and was pleased when he still managed to duck out of the way of the arm swinging back around. He slowed so that he could hear the headmaster over his heavy breaths, sweat prickling his neck and back.

“You have an instinctive understanding of science that is far beyond others of your age, Law. In fact, your decision to take extra biology classes as one of your electives was a pleasant surprise, given your natural grasp of the subject, and I believe you’re soon to complete all that is traditionally taught at high school level.”

Law wiped sweat of his brow and nodded, now more intrigued in the conversation than he was in his training. He took a step back from the dummy and grounded himself for a moment, trying to distance himself from the typical adrenaline rushes of training so that he could think more clearly.

“I was talking to Miss Poad about that. She says she can continue into university level, though I can retake my elective if I’d like to.”

Mr Cooperman nodded, unlinking his hands to smooth down his smart waistcoat. Law wondered if he was offended by the muggy smell of sweat that accompanied the gym no matter what.

“Yes, and if you’re interested, I have a very interesting elective offer that has come to me from an old friend of mine.”

Law approached the headmaster curiously. “I am interested.”

“He specialises in viruses, and more broadly is a professor in cell biology at Glasgow University. He was one of the leading researchers in the recent paper detailing how to create a flu vaccine against the common variations of flu by targeting the parts of the virus cell that doesn’t mutate regularly. I believe you read the paper for a recent project?”

“Yes, I did; it was fascinating.

“More than that, he has facilitated several projects in the past and has an extensive knowledge of biology, including reproductive biology and cancers. If you’d like, he can lecture you in cell biology, with emphasis on viruses and anything else you might wish to cover. He’s very flexible.”

“Wow,” Law said, his eyes growing wide. “Uh, yes, I’d love that! That sounds amazing, thank you, sir.”

Mr Cooperman beamed at Law, which struck him as a rather strong emotion from the usually mild man. “I am so pleased, Law. I think you’ll do well under his tutorship and he’s eager to meet you. We shall organise a trial month as usual with the electives, so if you decide it isn’t for you, you can of course choose another elective or put one forward. But I do hope you enjoy.”

“Oh, I’m sure I will,” Law grinned. “Cell biology is fascinating, so this is perfect. Thanks again, sir. This is such a good opportunity.”

The headmaster nodded in agreement. “I’ll let you know when Luke is available to meet with you, Law. Expect it in the next few weeks – I think he’s very eager as well, and I’m sure you’ll come to a scheduling agreement that works for you both. Until next time I see you, good luck.”

Law nodded and waved at Mr Cooperman, before turning back to his training dummy with a smile plastered across his face and excitement curling in his stomach.

I am so glad I managed to write this in time. I felt sooo ill the latter half of this week. I must have picked up a bug from somewhere. Luckily I survived 😀

Also I’m certain that I didn’t make that scientific breakthrough up. Basically flu viruses are super hard to vaccinate against (hence why they have a different vaccine each year) because they mutate so often that the proteins and such on the surface of their cells change too much to be recognised by our immune system, but I fuzzily recall hearing that they think they can use the parts of the cell that can’t mutate as often for longer lasting vaccines. Which is cool!

30 thoughts on “SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Nine”

  1. I wonder if Chase and Law can become good friends in the future. I actually was surprised there for a minute when he suddenly paid attention to his face and stuff. It’s not common for Law to get distracted by things like that, especially if he’s supposed to work on the project, right? Oh, maybe I just looked into it too much.
    I love how cool Eilidh is, she doesn’t give a hang about what other people might think of her. I am the total opposite, so I can definitely appreciate her. And who knows, maybe she really is not into coffee?
    Law is so similar to Faye, it’s a bit striking to me now!
    Wow, Law must have gotten really mad at Kane, he doesn’t usually lose his cool like that, he’s a rather peaceful person. I can understand both him and Kane, who doesn’t want to talk about that, but still, he knew that would eventually inevitably come to this and he can’t keep the identity of his mother from Law forever, especially if he’s such a bright boy with hunger for knowledge. I think it hurts him a few times harder, then, that something is being kept away from him. He seems like he would want to know everything! And well, the thing with his mother is, sort of, connected to biology, so…Why did he wash his teeth, though? After saying the bad word or something?
    I wonder who Law will be working with, it’s so exciting. It’s not his uncle, right? That was my first thought. And also, I love how realistic your story is with the school system and such, and also how you show us how, bit by bit, Law is getting higher and higher with all those chances he takes up and closer to being a respected scientist. It will be a fascinating journey to watch, for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is true, usually Law doesn’t get distracted! But I imagine it’s partly because he doesn’t actually know Chase that well, so he’s still trying to get a grip of him in his mind if that makes sense.
      Yeah, plus Law is a moody teen now, and if they’re going to argue about anything it’ll be about that. It does hurt having it kept from him. I’m laughing at myself though… In my head he was in his PJs and heading to bed. I totally didn’t mention that though, hahaha, so thank you. I’m going to edit that in XD
      Oh, we shall find out. Can you believe I’ve actually written the next chapter already AND working out the poses for the next next one! O: I’m procrastinating on my other writing projects on my long weekend haha.
      I’m so glad you think that the school system is realistic! I have no idea how accelerated programmes actually work but this is what I’ve come up with haha. And really in a school that costs as much as it does, they wouldn’t have a lot of students to keep track of.
      I feel like I did Lox more justice with how much he loved science, but law just loves learning EVERYTHING. He’s a curious fellow!
      Thanks for your lovely long comment 😀

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      1. Well, I’ve written and prepared everything up to 5.6, but my chapters are not nearly as extensive as yours, though, so that’s probably why. Something about this gen really excites me.
        Ha, ha, yeah, that thing with the toothbrush almost felt like it came out of nowhere XD
        Of course, I enjoyed writing you a comment as always.

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  2. Well, we knew this moment might come sooner or later. I wonder if Kane ever prepared himself for it? I can see why he doesn’t want to talk about Law’s mom and I can also see why Law is so angry. It makes sense he would pursue this line of questioning. I really like how that exchange went, actually, because it rang true.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He knew that it would have to come around, but he just didn’t want to think about it! I’m glad it rang true – I struggle to have arguments that sound genuine and don’t get resolved quickly, because I am not someone who argues most of the time!
      Thanks for your comment 😀

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  3. Okay, first of all: I already ship Rhoan and Eilidh so bad! ❤ Rhoan's sudden puppy love managed to melt my heart, lol! But don't mind me, apparently I'm a hopeless romantic deep down! 😁 I hope they'll drink that coffee eventually – unless you're reserving her for Law? 😈
    I totally understand Law asking about his mother and getting mad for not getting any answers… I bet Kane still wants to protect his feelings and all, but come on. Law -being Law- craves answers and he's capable of understanding so much more than Kane gives him credit for! I don't think it's still *that* painful for Kane to talk about her, is it?
    Looking forward to seeing Law getting into university and meeting that vampire professor from last gen! I mean, I guess that's who asked about him, right? I loved this chapter and I can't wait for the next one! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She’s so unlike any girl he’s ever met before that he’s like “heart eyes, motherfucker” xD Heh, well, this IS a drama legacy…
      It’s sort of moved on now from kane finding it hard to talk about. I’ve literally written two chapters in the space of two days and am working on the third, but I think it’s the chapter after this where Kane defends his actions.
      Technically the university will be coming to him 😀 but you could be right, yes… 😛
      Thanks for your comment! If I continue on like this I’ll definitely be posting once a week for the foreseeable future haha! (If not more?? O:)

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  4. Oh boy, crushes and big talks! I love Eilidh, she’s a fun one. Talking about crushes, is it just me or is Law kind of attracted to Chase? He paid a whole lot of attention to him.
    Lukas! It’ll be nice to see him again.

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  5. Law’s school friends meeting Eilidh was so funny! Rhoan’s got it bad!

    I think Kane is just trying to protect Law from knowing the truth because it will hurt knowing that his mother didn’t want him. But at the same time he can’t keep the secret forever and Law is probably old enough to handle it. He’d find a way to figure it out anyway.


  6. Law’s school sounds so interesting. I wish I had classes like his when I was in high school. Not only are your chapters fun to read, but they are educational as well.
    I do have to say that I am disappointed in Kane. I know that he is protecting Law by not talking about Faye, but he had to have known that this day would come eventually. Of course Law is going to be curious about his mother. He should have been better prepared to at least say something about Faye. Even a little bit of a conversation is better than nothing and Law finding things out the hard way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! It would be so much better than being lumped in a huge class with people at different levels. But who are we to question our education systems? /s
      Oh, he enjoys living in denial. He’s never dealt with things well, and will continue not to do so. He’s an idiot, but he is my idiot, so 😛
      Thanks for reading!

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  7. It’s amusing that Rhoan called Chase “pretty boy” when he looks like a teen model himself. Really a lovely young man.
    Wait, the green flash is real? I never knew! Here I’ve been thinking that was a Pirates of the Caribbean thing all this time.
    “Nope, I’m fine, thanks.” had me chuckling far too much. You’re amazing at comedic pacing.
    Oh damn. A hard F at your dad. Not that I can entirely blame Law considering it’s not good to hide the truth from kids. They’ll find a way to figure it out and then it’s worse.
    Ooooh, the return of vamp scientist! Which will be great because Law already showed that he’s curious in a logical way about things like that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Somehow I missed replying to a few of your comments (though I read them all!). Rhoan is a very pretty boy, yeah. he could be a model!
      It is – i was reading about it in this lovely book about nature walks. So cool, never seen it though.
      I don’t think I’ve ever written Law swearing except for that moment. I think maybe it’s Elspeth’s influence on him! But also he’d probably think that if you’ve got to the point of using swear words then you’ve lost the battle xD
      Yeah! And this time Law might just solve the mystery…
      Thanks for your comment 😀

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  8. Yeah I read about a longer lasting vaccine and could not understand how such a thing was possible. But then again science is NOT my area of expertise.

    Also look at me! Reading SOL! Lol


  9. I like the relationship between Law, Chase and Rhoan. Hopefully they’ll all become the best of friends. Kane is not being fair to Law. He should tell him about Faye. It’s better coming from him instead of finding out by other means. Law is too smart not to find out on his own. Kane is only making things worse by keeping quiet 😦

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  10. Eli has the eyes of Roan…but I wonder how Law will feel about that if they were to become a thing. It’s like, I don’t know, complicated!

    Also, Blue Planet is AMAZING! Law would watch that!

    I do think he has a right to know about his mom and he’s definitely old enough and it’s a wall between him and his dad that should not be there anymore, at least I feel that way! Also, Law has a huge opportunity, I am sure he will make the most of it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It can get pretty complicated! Friendship drama, oh boy. I think this legacy has enough drama coming up haha.
      Yesss I love Attenborough X_X
      He definitely has a right to know – but will Kane budge?
      Thanks for your comment 😀

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  11. It’s becoming my evening routine to read this while I’m having my dinner. I’ll be kind of sad when I’m all caught up :’)
    Really like this gen so far. I’m really curious to see how this all connects up with the main family. Oh, and I’m loving the bright, colourful pictures so much! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw I’m so honoured! You’ll be catching up very soon, you’re almost there in fact!
      Aha, well I hope the reveal doesn’t disappoint!
      Thank you, I really enjoyed trying to brighten things up and improve my picture taking this gen 😀
      Thanks for reading ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ye, and it makes me a bit sad! It might be because I read a few too many on my lunch break today – I just couldn’t help it 😦
        I’m sure it’ll be great, no matter what. Your writing is wonderful 🙂

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