Pose Directory (2)




  • Dark blue: romantic pose packs (warning, some nsfw!)
  • Red: Basic poses, like model poses, or friends. Anything that could be used in a basic talking scene.
  • Yellow: Children/toddlers/family
  • Light blue: Fighting/arguing or anything that could be used in that sort of setting. Fear, depression, sadness, death, etc.
  • Green: mixed pose pack, or multiple types from the creator.
  • Pink: Lots of good quality varied packs, well presented (pictures that give you an idea of the scene it can be used in, which I like), ones that I use quite often and/or recommend. There areΒ tonnesΒ of good pose creators out there, most of them are listed below, but the pink just denotes my staple ones, really.


Directory advice (from personal use and preference)

  • Have folders by creator, then subfolders with pose packs (as you can see I haven’t always been successful with that haha).
  • Include any accessories or important notes the creator gives, ESPECIALLY pose codes. If you have a directory and write down the codes of what you want to use before you go in game, you can save time, trust me. Plus there are some great packs out there that aren’t pose list enabled (note: you can use pose codes even if a pack is pose listed).
  • ALWAYS include photos – check before you close the original post if they’re in the download. If not, save the photos from the post and make sure to name them with the creator and pose pack name.
  • Tag jpeg pictures with a system if you use a lot of different poses, e.g. talking, romance, fight, etc. OR:
  • Create an ‘all pictures’ folder, where you copy the pictures of each pose pack (this is where proper naming comes in VERY handy), and put into subfolders if you like organisation. That way you can scroll through until something catches your eye, and then use the picture name to find the original folder with the pose pack in it.

As you can see, I have far too many poses to keep in game. Too many slows the pose player down, and as the game plays while you search for one (unless you just use codes) then you can easily change the light etc which you might want to remain consistent within your scene. Also, I find pictures replicate themselves onto other poses, or I can’t find the one I want, etc. The directory has cut down a lot of time, let me tell you.


I’m not going to link to every single pose creator I have, but I’m going to link to those that have a good number of pose packs. Use the key on the pictures above to decide if you want to find others, and feel free to ask me if you can’t track anything down or links are broken. Some of these creators also have ts4 packs, so make sure you’re getting the right ones!

AkuiyumiAlfinAnnelyAoihanaBlakcBlinksimsBloodyscholasticChibikinesisCloudWalkerNZCrazysimmaryDeggdeggDoryeonDukenessecho-simellechosim FL clubFyachiiGrumpySimmiesHanecoiltdsIMHOK2m1too Lenina_90 –Β  mypixiesims mysweetsimsnoelyely** – notjustabooksims paranoia or drunkard – pasograndes*** – phantom-jinxx*** – pilbosimspipifonnesims3posesbybeeRed – ribbon journalssgisimssimperiuslilasimsaywhat simsimiskylarkizmanic* – spectacledchicspladoumstarsha – stupidjellyfish*** – subpoint – sunny*** – theboywhosimmed*** – theainyxtinutwinsimskeletonstyliewannabecatwriter

*I’m not 100% sure if Skylar and Skylarkizmanic are one and the same.

**afaik noelyely has gone, all their downloads had been uploaded into one massive folder, but the links are weird. Let me know if you particularly want anything but the dl is down.

*** My searches are like 50% pinterest rn for some reason, but either I can’t find these creators or their original blog is deleted but some of their links still work. Worth searching for them to see if you can come up with anything. Let me know.



26 thoughts on “Pose Directory (2)”

  1. Wow, you’re so helpful, Carys, I love it. I’ve tried pose masking for the first time today and can’t tell I was really successful – my spine hurts from staring too much at a computer and I didn’t even save anything because I keep pressing some shortcuts which ruin things and I have no idea how to get back. I’m such a noob, lmao. I will look into it when I need new pose packs πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m coming back to double thank you, because I cannot believe I have never seen ILTDS poses before. There are so many! They all look so well made! And the multitude of adorable mom + baby poses are going to be super duper handy later! I’M SO HAPPY πŸ˜€

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s always interesting to see how others organize. I personally use Windows Live Photo viewer, an oooold program for sure (idek if you can still download it anywhere) but it lets you put tags on pictures within folders. So i have all my pose pictures in one folder, but I can sort them by tag, or even multiple tags. I find it super handy!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, when I switched computers the jpegs all had their tags saved but I had to re tag the pngs 😭 I ended up converting them all to jpeg so I wouldn’t have to do that again but I’ve added so many since that who knows what file type they are! πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I was wondering then, if you have some advice on how big the pictures should be to be most helpful. I have done some slightly larger than the thumbnails seen in game to much larger pics. Not sure which would be preferred.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hmmm for me I would say just regular sized photos. If you’re taking them in game I wouldn’t bother resizing them. So long as you can clearly see the detail of how the poses fit together or are supposed to be used, that’s really handy πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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