SOL Bonus Post

Hey everyone! I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks so I haven’t done ANY pictures. I basically spent last weekend playing d&d, this week going to a funeral, and this weekend I’ll be camping. I have, however, had some fun going on a CC binge and creating an apartment for a few chapters down the line where Law rents a flat while at uni, with some others who I won’t name just yet. These pics were taken before I was finished so there’s some slight changes but I’m so pleased with them I thought I’d share! Plus some bonus pictures at the end of a couple of couples 😉



Kitchen – front door just beside the fridge out of shot, and behind the camera is a door to the dining room.


Shot towards the downstairs sitting area


Downstairs sitting area, feat. window seat just on the left there.


A bedroom!


A second bedroom for someone who loves plants!


Law’s room. I need to add a bit more to it, but honestly he’s not going to live with clutter like the others.


Teeny tiny bathroom!


Downstairs – see dining room in top right. I didn’t include that picture because I’ve tweaked it a lot since then, and it wasn’t the best pic anyway.


Upstairs – again I didn’t show the upstairs sitting area because that’s changed too.

Now I haven’t shown the outside because just like with Faye and Kane’s previous places, the outside will be a different set (so that I can take pictures in a 64×64 world or something) and then whenever I need to show the outside I will load up the bulkier save. I have a lot of work to do for the outside but I really want it to look like the flats are above shops along the street, but sadly it looks trash atm and I might give up haha.

Also notice the windows – this was based on a Glaswegian flat I saw on a renting site, but a lot of the older buildings have windows like that, and I wanted it to have a converted tenement feel.

(I’ve also been taking pose pictures so that all of my packs have pics with them. Here are a couple I loved!)





Crazysimmary request (5)

Guess who? O:


16 thoughts on “SOL Bonus Post”

  1. That flat looks awesome!! 😀 It’s so well designed and I hope you’ll be able to make it exactly like you want it (the apartment-above-shop is one of my favorite things too)!
    Haha, I sometimes do the samd thing with interior and exterior shots – nothing beats a tiny world for quick picture taking 🙂
    Hmmm that woman looks exactly like Faye… and is that her new husband? Can’t wait to see them in your story!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😀 I’m testing a few things out just now. It’s not the end of the world if I don’t succeed, but I will be happy if I can get it right!
      Sooo true, especially for a laggy lot like I’m sure this one will be!
      And yes 😉 I got some new clothes and tested them on Faye. She’s stylish!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Your pics are so gorgeous! I really love the flat. Do you think they’d notice if I moved in? haha And, Faye! I wonder what she’s been up to all this time? I can’t wait to find out!

    Liked by 1 person

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