SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Seventeen

Surprise chapter!

Slight nsfw warning for some of the writing, btw. And I’m sorry, but this chapter got long. There’s probably too much writing because I was trying to challenge myself, but hopefully it’s all good writing!

Law didn’t have time to take in much of the cafe except for the shining red stars lit up around the exposed brick walls, beacons in the dimming light, before someone had dived at him. It was funny, in retrospect, how quickly the drills of martial arts almost bent his body to let Echo’s momentum carry her past and onto the floor. Luckily the rest of his brain kicked in quickly enough and instead he took a hasty half-step back to steady himself against the sudden barrage, a waft of patchouli hitting him as violently as the girl had.

“I was so scared you wouldn’t show,” Echo admitted in a whisper, her grip tightening in response to the thought. Finally Law’s arms came up around her, no longer cast out for balance, and the smooth cotton of her top wrinkled under his fingers.

“Of course I would,” Law said, wondering if the weight of his half-sister in his arms would ever feel normal.

Echo dragged him over to the table and Law was sliding into a seat before he realised there was an older man sitting there, stirring his black tea with a twinkle in his eye. Law screeched to a halt, his chair only half tucked under the table, and stared at the man with the eyes of a deer caught in headlights. The man chuckled.

“I’m glad Echo didn’t frighten you off, Law. I’m your grandpa James. It’s nice to meet you.” James held out a hand and after a moment Law took it, feeling the strength in that grip. James looked like he was just shy of sixty, but there was a youthful energy about his wide grin. His hair wasn’t receding much, just shaved close to the head, a modest beard making up for it. “Since Echo hasn’t offered you anything, can I get you something to drink?”

Echo pouted at the light admonishment and curled her hand against her face, the other hand playing with the crinkling plastic that had once been wrapped around the complimentary biscuit to her cappuccino. Red hued light caressed the left side of her face, bringing out the warmth of her skin tone.

“I’m fine, thank you,” Law said, internally thinking that he was far too nervous to enjoy a hot drink. Besides, he didn’t often have caffeine, and being more jittery was not what he needed, especially at this time of day.

“Alright,” James nodded, briefly pushing his glasses up his nose. Law could see the left nose pad wobble in petulant disagreement as James endeavoured to affix his glasses more securely. “I can see you fidgeting, Law. There’s no need to be nervous.”

“It is a strange situation,” Law muttered, feeling his face redden all the same. Echo snorted and nodded in agreement, though by the twin rosy blushes on her cheeks it was clear she was only excited by this.

James shrugged a shoulder, and then rolled it back and forth for good measure, reaching over to press his thumb into the muscle and work out a knot. “I’ve been in enough of them, so I guess they don’t bother me anymore. Listen, I can understand this is strange and overwhelming for you, so don’t be afraid to take some time to get used to it. I know Echo can be a bit excitable.” He gave her a steady look over the rims of his glasses, which sneaked a little further down his nose, when she began to protest; she cut it off and pushed out her bottom lip again instead. James reached out and patted Law’s forearm. “I’m sorry if we’re coming across a bit strong.”

Law made himself relax, which was about as effective as expected. “It’s more that I want this to work,” he confessed in a rush, and his cheeks went redder still.

“We do too,” Echo said in a small voice, dipping her eyes. Shadows of her long lashes flirted with her cheekbones.

James’ irritated huff accompanied his rebellious glasses’ second attempt to escape, and he fiddled with the stubborn nose pads once again. He pushed his glasses back up and gave a little back and forth twitch of his head to test how well his fix worked. When they remained sitting on the bridge of his nose, he had a satisfied smirk. “I won that battle. Speaking of the next one, I think we should probably address the elephant in the room.”

Echo kicked her feet idly under the table, lips pursing, her small voice even smaller. “Mum.”

Law stilled at that, the mix of emotions that rose confusing and, if he was honest with himself, not as loud as he expected. But what could he feel about a woman he didn’t know? He still wasn’t even sure what she looked like. The only pictures Chase had found had been taken years ago, possibly before Law was even born.

“I – I don’t want to cause problems,” Law said, feeling his heart clench. “I can only imagine what my, uh, appearance has done –“

James gave another huff, another genuine moment of frustration, and this time it was directed at him. Law wilted, and it wasn’t missed by James’ perceptive gaze. “Please, Law. The only one causing problems is Faye.”

Law’s eyes slid over to Echo to see what she made of their grandfather’s sure words, but she didn’t look like she was about to protest.

“What do you mean?”

“I’d try to explain her to you, but honestly I don’t understand her myself.” James rolled his eyes to the ceiling, and although his tone was fond, irritation curled around the edges of the words.

“Mum is a law unto herself,” Echo said, sounding far more amused. “She sort of drifts through the world and does what she wants.”

“So are you… not close to her?” The situation was raising more questions.

“I mean…” Echo pursed her lips thoughtfully, stirring the foam into her coffee. If it was meant to be a particular pattern, Law couldn’t see it. “Now that I’m older, yes. But she acts more like a sister than a mother. When I was younger my dad did most of it, I think. He’s probably the only person that’s ever understood her,” Echo said, thoughtfully assessing the painting above their table while James made a sound of agreement in the back of his throat.

“I always suspected something happened in Glasgow,” James said candidly. “She came home so abruptly. And she was different,” he added, pausing to take a sip of his coffee with a sigh. “I had no idea what had happened, and if you asked me to guess it certainly wouldn’t have been that she’d had a son whom she’d left behind, but I’m not entirely surprised. She’s far flightier than your grandmother, and it took me a long time to get her to admit we were even dating. We’re still not married.” His laugh was sudden and boisterous. It attracted the attention of the other patrons; a whining son and his father, and two gossiping sisters sitting behind Law.

“Echo said that you knew my dad?”

James nodded. His eyes narrowed as his eyebrows drooped low, and Law realised that despite the discussion of his daughter it was the first time he’d looked truly troubled. “How is he?”

Law thought about that question and why James was so worried about him. What exactly had his father been like when he’d still lived in his childhood home? “He’s fine,” Law shrugged. “He’s hoping to buy a house soon with his girlfriend, and he’s a manager at a local bar, the Hive.”

“Aah,” James said knowingly, the sudden light in his eyes indicating that something had clicked together. “Ashley’s place. Do you remember her, Echo? Jessica and I went to her wedding a few years ago, with Courtney?”

“Oh!” Echo said, her eyes and her smile widening. “Yeah, I remember her. She’s funny.”

“Ashley and Courtney were Grandma Jess’ flatmates at university,” Echo explained, taking pity on Law’s confusion.

“Jess would love to be here,” James promised, cradling his tea just far enough in front of his face so his glasses avoided the worst of the steam. “But she doesn’t really travel much.”

“Home bird?” Law asked, catching the sad look passed between the two just a little too late.

“There was a car accident some years ago,” James said, his eyes losing their light. “She finds long journeys a bit much, and taking the train or flying takes its toll on her.”

“She’s in a wheelchair,” Echo explained. “But she sometimes manages to make it to Stirling, where Uncle Liam is. Next time she’s there maybe you could meet her? It’s not that far right?”

Law shook his head. “Only half an hour on the fast train,” he said, glad for a slight change in conversation. He’d never been to Stirling, but Rhoan had gone plenty of times to see family. “I’d like to meet her.”

“She’d love to meet you too,” James smiled, and the corners of his eyes crinkled. “Maybe when Echo moves here to go to the art school we’ll manage more trips down.”

Echo laughed. “We don’t know that I’ll get in. It’s a couple years away yet.”

“She’ll get in,” James said, dropping Law a conspiratorial wink. “No one in their right minds would keep her from arty farty things.”

“Thank you for coming. This was so lovely,” Echo said, squeezing Law tightly against her. Law nodded, feeling her plaits tickle his cheek, and smoothed one hand down her back. The waitress must have been waiting for them to leave because their table was cleared almost immediately, the precarious stack of cups clacking against each other as they were carried back to the kitchen.

“It was,” Law agreed. The time had slipped by and, before they knew it, Law had to leave to catch the last bus back. He didn’t want to tempt fate and be stranded, especially when the obvious solution would be to crash at Chase’s. He didn’t think that would be any good for his willpower, and even thinking about it now was flirting with danger.

“I’ll call you at some point,” Echo said, finally stepping back. “And also let you know when I’m next back in Glasgow.”

“Please!” Law had abandoned the fear of letting his eagerness show; Echo certainly had no reservations about it and in fact it made her beam with the force of the sun when he followed suit.

James returned from the restroom and gestured expectantly to Law, who ducked his head and smiled as he stepped into his grandfather’s arms for another tight hug. Behind him he could hear Echo yawn, stretching her arms out sleepily, and James’ warm breath tickled his ear as he laughed at his granddaughter.

“I guess someone is going to be asleep before we reach the hotel,” James said, giving Law a last pat on the back before letting him go free.

“Mmmhmm,” Echo agreed. “All that talking has tired me out.” She grinned at Law. “Even I can only be so excited for that amount of time.”

Law chuckled and checked the time on his phone, wishing he still had another hour before he had to leave. “Thank you,” he said to them both. “I hope I get to speak with you again soon.”

“Just pick up a phone,” James said, eyes crinkling at the corners like tissue paper. “Give us a buzz if you need anything or just want to talk. We’ll walk you back to the bus station.” He reached over and pushed the door open for them both, ushering them out into the chilly evening and down the street.


“Where is your offspring, anyway?” Jas asked, perching delicately on the edge of the sofa. Kane wrapped his arm around her, smoothing his thumb over the warm, bare skin of her back. He could feel the small rounded bumps of her spine.

“At a friend’s house,” Kane said, raising his eyebrows for extra emphasis. Jasmine caught on immediately and wiggled her eyebrows back at him, making them both laugh.

“Oh ho, a friend, hey?”

“So he says, but he seems to be around there all the time. I think it’s someone from his school. He’s never said anything else, of course.”

“But if it was Rhoan then he’d just say it was Rhoan,” Jasmine summed up, nodding. “I wonder if our little Law has a girlfriend! I wish he’d tell us these things.”

Kane laughed. “Do teenagers ever tell parents anything?”

“Point and match,” Jasmine conceded, inclining her head to him.

“Anyway, he’ll tell us when he’s good and ready, I’m sure. I was actually meaning to talk to you about the house.”

“Oh?” Kane asked, sitting up straighter.

“The bank have agreed to the price so long as we give a bit higher deposit than we wanted. But, I have already spoken to mum. She’s happy to loan us the difference… are you okay with that?”

There would have been one time when Kane would have seen the kindness as pity, and as a hand out that he didn’t need. Luckily, those times had long since been put to rest. Elspeth’s help years ago to tutor Kane had made him realise that others liked to help, and that there was no shame in accepting what was readily given. He was sure that Jacqueline would have offered to pay the difference without a loan, but at least this way Kane didn’t feel like they were taking anything from her.

“Absolutely,” Kane said. “Now to put the offer on and double check with Law.”

Jas sighed. “I think he’s steadfastly holding on to the ‘I don’t have an opinion’ line. But I think he liked the house, with the way he was looking around.”

Kane shrugged. “I’ll see what I can get out of him once we know the place will accept the offer.” He looked up at Jas and grinned at the sudden realisation that they were one step closer to having a place to call their own. “I can’t wait to have a house with you,” he said softly.

“Me neither,” Jas said, leaning in for a kiss. Kane indulged her without complaint, the excitement and love mingling together into a blissful state of happiness that he would have thought impossible some years ago. How far had he come? He could never have imagined this future for himself; one where he was financially stable, was constantly happy, and surrounded by two people that he loved more than anything in the world.

“I love you,” he said, grinning stupidly up at her. She laughed and winked.

“I know,” she said dramatically, and giggled as he tickled the skin under her crop top.

“I hate that I know what you’re referencing,” he groaned, but he couldn’t deny he loved the mischievous glint in her warm eyes.

She pulled away and knelt on the arm of the sofa, leaning above him, her hand going to his chin. “I love star wars,” she said, in a deep voice, as she moved Kane’s jaw as if he were a puppet talking. “Almost as much as I love the best woman on the planet.”

“Well that bit is true,” Kane said, momentarily taking control of his mouth again – but not for long. Jas was the puppeteer once again.

“And I can’t wait until I have this house where I will let Jasmine play star wars eeeeveryday, and I will let her have a star wars wedding –“

“Nooooo,” Kane laughed, breaking away from her. “If you threaten me with that, I will never propose.”

Jasmine flicked her hair over her shoulder. “It’s the twenty first century, honey. I could propose to you.”

“You’ll say ‘Kane, I want to marry you because I love you,’ and I’ll very dramatically put on a han solo costume and say ‘I know’ and walk away. And then you’ll regret ever joking about a star wars wedding.”

“I will never regret that,” she shot back, sticking out her tongue at him, and they both dissolved into laughter, as bright as the future they were looking to share.


Eilidh snorted with laughter as the comedian on screen yelled back at the audience, leaning into Law and steadying herself on his shoulder. Law laughed more at her than at the screen where the tall man walked back and forth in front of the camera, halfway through a joke.

It was nice to spend time with just her; lately they had both been busy, with school work or with other friends, so when Eilidh realised it had been almost three weeks since they’d had any one on one time she had demanded he free up his next weekend and hang around with her.

The thrill of being obviously missed boosted the remnants of any harbouring dark thoughts from his mother’s obvious lack of interest. Law had decided that since he couldn’t change Faye’s opinion, he could instead concentrate on and cherish those who did love him. It wasn’t always a perfect solution, but it worked more often than not and that was good enough for him.

As the joke finished, Eilidh cracked up again, tossing her head back and giggling so much that the corners of her eyes became damp. Law shook his head at her in amusement.
“I like this guy,” she said, knuckling away a tear. “I wish I was this funny.”

“Well you are,” Law said, leaning over to look at her innocently. “But mostly it’s people laughing at you…”

“Hey!” She prodded his cheek with her finger. “You’re so mean today!”

“It’s been three weeks; I’ve had to save it all up to use it in one go,” Law grinned.

“You’re lucky I have a tough skin,” she said. “Like a shark! They have skin like sandpaper. Rhoan told me.”

“Did he now?” Law asked, glancing back at the screen as the audience shrieked with laughter.

“Oh, he also said something else that was interesting…”

“Oh?” Law asked, though his heart had dropped into his stomach despite Eilidh’s light tone. Rhoan had told him what had happened, followed by a thousand apologies, but Law didn’t hold it against him for a second. Logically speaking Eilidh should have been the first person he’d told, and he almost had, too.

He glanced at the painting which sat as the centrepiece to Eilidh’s wall, remembering the conversation they’d had about it. He’d almost brought it up then. Almost.

“Yeah, he said you and Chase would be a good couple,” she said, picking at a piece of imaginary fluff at his shoulder. Law avoided her gaze and rubbed the back of his neck, wondering if he could just play it cool and get her attention back on the screen.

“Are you gay?” she blurted, and Law froze, which really was the only answer she needed.

Law groaned and slumped onto the giant beanbag they’d been leaning against. He couldn’t avoid the conversation now; Eilidh had sunk her teeth into it, and the stand up show faded into the background. She perched next to him and poked his thigh. “So?”

Law raised a finger to make a point, but he couldn’t work out what to say quickly enough, and ended up staring at the ceiling blankly. She reached out to take the tip of his finger and wiggle his hand to get his attention.

“So…” Law replied, drawing out the word as his mind continued to blank. “So what?” he eventually settled on, wincing as he realised how defensive he sounded.

Law opened an eye to see her boots tapping the carpet next to him, the toes scuffed to all hell and grey smudges faded into the fabric at the sides.

“So you are?” Eilidh asked, and he could imagine her face crinkling into confusion.

“Mmm,” he replied, and although the answer sounded noncommittal, there wasn’t much else it could mean.

“So why did you never tell me?”

“Because,” Law said, the well of frustration rising to the surface, “the last time someone was gay you said it was weird.”

“Well…” Eilidh fidgeted beside him, something he felt rather than saw. “I mean, it kind of is. But it’s you.”

“What does that mean?” Law snapped, and was rewarded with a poke of the ribs.

“I mean that it can’t be weird because it’s you. You’re already weird enough.” She leaned against his legs and sighed. “You’re my best friend and I hate that you didn’t tell me.”

With a sigh, Law pulled himself up and scooted up next to Eilidh, putting her arm around her. She leaned into him with a smile and rested her head on his shoulder. Her solid presence was warm and reassuring, and Law wondered if anything would be different between them if he wasn’t gay.

“I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings then,” she murmured. “It’s just not something I’m used to. But I don’t care. Not really. I just want you to know you can trust me.”

“Thanks,” he said, remembering what Rhoan told him. “And I promise not to tell you anything about what I do.”

“Nooo,” Eilidh said, her face flushing as she realised her boyfriend had spilled everything that had been said between them. “You can! You can tell me, I promise. Like, I desperately need to know if you and Chase are a thing yet.”

Law groaned and now his cheeks were redder than hers. He remembered, vividly, how close Chase was during the party some weeks ago, and since then it had taken every ounce of willpower Law had not to indulge in some of his fantasies. Sometimes he had, but only by himself, and only at night.

“That sounds like a no. Why is it a no? He’d be lucky to have you.”

Law appreciated the sentiment even as he shook his head. “Chase is way out of my league-“

“Not true!” Eilidh protested, straightening up and glaring at him. “You’re a catch, so shut up. But actually keep talking.”

“Anyway,” Law went on pointedly, “he’s older than I am, he’ll be going to college in America next year, and I’m sure nerdy fifteen year olds aren’t his type.”

“That sounds like a lot of reasons you’ve just made up,” Eilidh said, tutting. “And that’s just not good enough. I’m very disappointed in you.”

“Please stop,” Law groaned, but his protests broke against her and she was unmoved, like sharp waves against the cliffs. “I can’t have both you and Rhoan trying to play matchmaker. And don’t let him tell you that I haven’t noticed… he’s not exactly subtle.”

At that, Eilidh giggled and had to concede the point. “But you’re so incapable of doing it yourself!”

“Thanks, Lee,” Law sighed, admitting that at least he got as good as he gave.


“Did you know ukulele means jumping flea in Hawaiian?” Chase asked, strumming his fingers down the strings, his touch light and absent, his attention elsewhere. Law had been listening to the steadying sounds of the three clocks ticking and wondering how on earth Chase managed to sleep, which hadn’t been a helpful train of thought for his brain to board.

Law’s lips curled up. He loved sharing trivia with Chase; he was one of the few people, other than Rhoan, who could meet him toe to toe. “Why?”

“Good question,” Chase said, plucking a soft but cheery tune. Law sneaked a glance over his shoulder and watched Chase’s nimble fingers for a moment, wondering how he could so easily play music while paying absolutely no attention to the instrument. “I have no idea.”

“You know,” Law began, turning away again, “it’s so unfair that you’re good at music as well. Don’t you have enough talents?”

“I’m sorry.” He could hear the grin. It was like the Cheshire Cat was materialising out of the shadows. “Is this coming from you? The man whom I fondly call Genius?”

“My talent is technically just understanding a wide range of academic subjects,” Law said, curling and stretching his back until something clicked.

“My talent is just practice,” Chase shot back, fast as his fingers suddenly were on the ukulele. The tune hopped to attention and became jaunty. “Your turn, Mr. Kung-fu master.”

“Also practice,” Law said smugly, thinking of how many days of his life he had spent in the gym. The training dummy was like an old friend to him now; like he imagined he knew every faint freckle on Chase’s cheeks, he knew every notch in the wood. “But there is a certain knack for music,” Law went on. “I don’t understand how to read the notes.”

“Because you’ve never really tried,” Chase pointed out. “You learn by assimilating facts and relating it to what you already know. If you were interested, I could sit down with you and explain why the music looked the way it did. I think you’d have a better time of it then.”

“I think you know me too well,” Law mused, voice faraway. And shouldn’t that be terrifying? In a way it did frighten him, or at least that was how he chose to interpret the sudden rapidness of his heart and the yearning in his gut.

“Not as –“ Chase trailed off and began the easy introduction to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water. He cleared his throat. “Sometimes I do. Other times you’re a mystery.”

The idea of being a mystery was both ridiculous and wonderful, and Law glanced over his shoulder to see Chase watching him thoughtfully, paying no attention to his hands as they continued to create the iconic chorus of the song. “I thought you had me all figured out.”

“Oh, far from it,” Chase snorted, briefly widening his eyes to make a point. “Sometimes I get you so much it’s unreal. Sometimes I can make a solid guess about how you’re gonna swing. And sometimes… sometimes you just frustrate me.”

“I do?” That, too, was news. “In a bad way?”

Chase gave a hint of a grin in the way his eyes began to glint. “In a frustrating way,” he said, which made Law roll his eyes. He’d wanted a better answer, though he didn’t dare analyse what that answer would be.

Instead of becoming trapped in the workings of his own mind, Law stood up and Chase came with him, abandoning the ukulele beside the bed, like the two of them were attached with string. He laughed as Law glared at him.

“You frustrate me too,” Law said, hoping to win some imaginary battle between the two of them.

“Good, we’re on the same page,” Chase chuckled, reaching up to pinch Law’s cheek. “You’re so easy to tease,” he said, when Law gave him a dark look.

“See, that’s frustrating,” he bit out.

Chase tilted his head to the side, assessing Law underneath his eyelashes. “What, that I can tease you? Or that I’m just pointing out your obvious flaws?”

“I –“ Law trailed off after a wordless sound of annoyance, realising he couldn’t articulate his thoughts to himself, let alone another person. Besides, Chase would latch onto something he said to continue the teasing, and it was probably better to leave it where it was. Law had to concede this round to his ridiculously infuriating opponent.

Chase repeated the sound and followed it up with quiet laughter. “You’re a troll now, I see.” He dropped his hand to Law’s chin and directed his head up and down, repeating the sound again. “Or maybe a goblin.”

Law tutted and grabbed Chase’s wrist. “Stop it,” he complained, hating the new height difference between them since Chase’s latest growth spurt. It wasn’t that he felt Chase was metaphorically looking down on him, but the new sensation of being physically crowded by the other boy had featured in more than one of Law’s nighttime imaginations.

“I’m sorry, am I frustrating you too much?” he asked, eyes dancing, and though it was perfectly beautiful, Law could only focus on his growing anger.

“Yes!” Law snapped out. “God, I’m sure I don’t frustrate you this much. Stop being a prick.”

Chase’s eyebrows climbed. “Oh, you definitely frustrate me this much, moody.”

Before Law could work out a comeback, Chase twirled his hand around to loosen Law’s grip and, as his hand was dropping back to his side, caught the wrist. Law tried to snatch it back but Chase used his sudden inflexibility against him and jerked him forward.

“You know what frustrates me the most?” Chase asked rhetorically, the rings of his hand pressing into Law’s wrist. He tilted his head down and Law’s heart dropped into his stomach at the sudden proximity. He willed the lower parts of his body to remain where they were; he and Chase were pressed so closely that it would be hard not to notice a change. “How I’ve been trying to ignore the pining looks you keep giving me and how awkward you are whenever I’m not in my usual school clothes until you actually take initiative and do something about it.”

“What?” Law blinked, his thoughts utterly stalled. It was hard to concentrate when Chase’s lips were so close, and he was pressed into Law in many of the right places, and his warm breath was brushing over Law’s mouth in a way that could only be described as tantalising.

“You’re so goddamn blind, I swear,” Chase sighed. “That’s frustrating too. You know I wasn’t that drunk at the party, right? It was hard not to remember the way you stared at my lips. Kinda like the way you’re staring now…”

“Um,” Law said, eloquently.

Chase flicked an eyebrow up. “Should I step away?” he asked, his voice low and rough, and Law barely managed to make a sound of disagreement loud enough to be heard over his thundering heart. Chase’s lips curled. “Thought not,” he said, victory edging his words.

Chase brushed his lips against Law’s, and Law’s lips parted with a gasp. Chase took the lead and kissed him, slowly at first, his hand loosening, giving Law the chance to pull back.

He never took it.

If anything, Law pressed himself closer to Chase, the fantasies that his imagination had fuelled each time he looked at Chase’s strong arms or lithe body nowhere near as amazing as reality. Chase was better than Law could ever have thought; he relished the opportunity to finally kiss Law like he’d wanted to for weeks, and he was slow and sure, sucking Law’s bottom lip or flicking his tongue against Law’s tingling mouth, leaving no doubt that he’d done this before.

Law became aware of Chase’s other hand pressing into the small of his back, trapping him close to Chase’s body after it became clear that he wasn’t about to pull away. Law suddenly realised his hands were limp, doing nothing, so distracted by the kiss that he’d forgot that the rest of his body had existed – or, forgot most parts had existed, but Law didn’t have time to be embarrassed by that development.

Law dropped his hand to Chase’s side, fingertips skirting over the warm skin revealed by the loose vest top, rewarded by a short but low moan from Chase. Empowered, his other hand went to Chase’s arm, brushing up the way until Chase threaded his fingers through Law’s.

“Mm, very frustrating,” Chase murmured against Law’s lips, his free hand dropping to Law’s thigh, curling around his ass, and Law’s thoughts scattered. “See?” He dropped his lips to Law’s neck, sending shivers down his spine with every butterfly kiss.

“You know what’s more frustrating?” Law asked, embarrassed by how breathless he was. Chase pulled back and arched an eyebrow. “My bus is in fifteen minutes.”

“You’re kidding,” Chase deadpanned, his eyes narrowing as if to search for the punch line.

Law stared at Chase and fought to get his body under control, hoping he would stop blushing soon. Every part of him was straining to stay here (or just straining), but better sense prevailed. “Unfortunately I am not.”

Chase groaned and dropped his head, resting his forehead on Law’s shoulder. “Well,” he said, slightly muffed, “you still have five more minutes?”

“I do,” Law agreed, experimentally pressing his lips to the sensitive skin under Chase’s ear.

“Christ,” Chase muttered and so Law did it again.

Okay, so hopefully I’m back. Life just keeps delivering bad news but at this point I’m just tired of being sad about it, so I’m putting my not inconsiderable will power into just pulling through and getting back into the swing of things. This chapter I really tried to challenge myself in the writing, and I’m super excited to get to the new set I’ve built, so hopefully there will be a chapter a week for a little while. That’s the goal, anyway.

I just wanna apologise for not commenting as I was catching up on the huge backlog of chapters I had. I know how important commenting is even if we like to pretend it’s not, and a piece of general commentary I want to give you guys is that your updates have been great, and especially with the amazing editing tutorials and so on shared around, the pictures have been beautiful. I’d love to add my own two cents to it, but lbr I can’t offer much on editing or phototaking, haha. Maybe writing tips, but again, I probably don’t have much to say that ya’ll don’t already know.

Anyway, hope that kiss was as steamy as I imagined it!

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  1. Okay, I actually read this chapter some time ago, but haven’t gotten around to comment until now. Watch it, I’m going to refrain from commenting on the last scene ’till the time comes.
    First, how can you ever be sorry about your chapter being long? I don’t think the length discourages anyone, at least for me it’s great that you write them so long and I always envy you for such expression. I don’t think I’m capable on dragging my chapters too much, they always end up so plain and short. I do love your writing, Carys.
    Wow, that was quite a shocker to see James so old. I did guess it was him, though, as I noticed the old man. Still, it was a surprise. But it seems he’s doing well. I’m so sorry that Jessica had an accident and is stuck on a wheelchair. We’ve missed out on so much family-connected stuff due to Law being cut off.
    Echo is so full of life! I can totally get why Faye must resemble a sister more than a mother. I can’t wait to get acquainted with this new, mysterious man who seems to understand Faye. Someone who understands Faye must be truly extraordinary!
    Aww, Jas and Kane are such a cute couple. I wish them all the best. They know so little about Law’s love life, though, which isn’t surprising, but still… Law is so far from getting laid with a girl! He’s CHAS(e)ing a different gender. Goodness, what a lame pun. Speaking of which, would ya look at Eilidh? It’s lovely that despite being raised in a certain way, she didn’t push Law away. Although, I think he got the advantage in Chase talking about it with her earlier. This way she could ready herself for this conversation and didn’t say unnecessary, hurtful stuff to him. I love her personality. “You’re a catch, so shut up. But actually keep talking.” – this! All in all, this was a lovely heart-to-heart. And she is cheering for Lase, too (or whatever the ship name is?)!
    Aah, I love the teasing at the end. But there is something I loved even more and that’s the kiss. Woah, Carys, you described the steaminess masterfully. What a string of emotions! Look, not only Amy gave us some Caislyn moments, now you too! I wasn’t ready for you being so merciful after all the struggles you’ve both put your readers through.
    Don’t worry about the comments, I can understand you not commenting and although I don’t deny the fact that I love comments, it’s perfectly okay. I am just so glad that you provided us with a new chapter despite everything and that was quite a chapter, too! I’d love writing tips for you if you want to write about them.

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    1. Actually I had just posted this one only shortly before you commented – I didn’t want to wait until next Sunday as usual.
      I guess I worry that it’s too much for people to get through, or do in one sitting? I don’t know haha, but so long as people enjoy it that’s good! Though this will definitely be at my upper limit. And thank you for your compliments ❤
      I hate EA aging, I should have used CC to make him appear as you'd expect for a sixty year old, but oh well. I'll know for next time.
      I hope we get some time to feature him! There's a lot of ground to cover in relatively few chapters…
      Hahah, I LOVED the pun. And yeah, Eilidh has never been forced to confront the views she so readily accepts until now. But she loves and knows Law too well for this to really be something that breaks their friendship. Haha, Lase is certainly better than Chaw…
      Aaah I'm so glad the tension paid off! I'm usually crap at romantic scenes, especially ones that we've been leading up to for so long…
      I will endeavor to comment from now on. I'm not planning any extended hiatuses beyond moving and settling into a new job whenever that happens (as my placement is coming to an end, eek!)
      If I think I have much to say on the writing matter, I'll make one. For now though I'll just think on it 😀
      Thanks for your wonderful comment ❤

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  2. I love Eilidh’s expression when she is laughing. That is just so endearing. 🙂 I’m so glad Law was able to tell her he is gay. Now, there is nothing between them and their friendship. ❤

    “Um,” Law said, eloquently. Just… LOLOLOL

    That kiss was downright steamy. You're such a good writer. It's so wonderful that you're back, Carys. I agree with Jowita that you shouldn't worry about the length of your chapters. They are a delight to read each and every time. xo

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  3. I am so happy that Law is becoming more comfortable in his own skin. He finally felt comfortable to finally talk to Eilidh. And that everything worked out between these two old friends.
    And that kiss… FINALLY!!!

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  4. Ahhhh James! I totally would have not recognised him just by looking at the pictures 😮
    Who is this person who can actually stand Faye and understand her??? Wowzas! I’m really glad that Law finally realised that her opinion of him is not that important. I was impressed at his mature thought of concentrating on these who love him instead, that’s a good way to look at things.
    Yay that coming out to Eilidh — despite being a little abrupt — went well! And YAY x100 for Chase and Law FINALLY kissing! That was such a great and well-written scene 😉
    I hope life eases up on you. Don’t worry about the length (I love long chapters!) and not commenting. Oh, and I might be wrong, but I think you *may* have missed the flashback chapter (3.18) while catching up?
    Awesome chapter ❤

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    1. That’s totally understandable given how EA butchers elder sims. I should have just given him greys and wrinkles. Oh well, you live and learn!
      We will meet him at some point though I can’t promise it’ll be soon. There’s just so much ground to cover in the final five or so chapters of this gen!
      Thank you 😀 I’m so glad it came out how I pictured in my head.
      Things are looking up in parts, so that’s nice! I shall be totally commenting from now on, and trying to keep on top of wordpress rather than just leaving it to weekends. It’s far too easy to fall behind! I just checked and I absolutely did catch it, and it was amazing, but my like just didn’t stick — another issue with being home for a couple of weeks is the atrocious internet. Some days the internet just… didn’t work…
      Thanks for your comment ❤

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  5. Yes!! Finally they kissed and it was indeed so hot and steamy and aaargh! Please give us more of this! ❤
    I'm so happy Elidith reacted the way she did. I think if she just tried to play it cool she would have made things worse. I'm glad she was honest and caring.
    James! I missed the – now – old man! He's so cool. Why couldn't Faye just be a little more like him? At least as far as her kids are concerned. But then she wouldn't exactly be Faye, would she? 😛 As others said, I really look forward to meeting her husband!
    I hope everything will get better for you and soon! ❤

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    1. I shall do! At least one more chapter before a time skip 😀
      Yeah, she’s a very honest person so she wouldn’t have altered her response any. Which probably Law unconsciously knew, and I’m sure that helped.
      Haha, true, she wouldn’t be Faye, and Law wouldn’t be Law… It would be a very different legacy indeed. MUch more like the first iteration actually!
      Thank you, and thanks for your comment ❤

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  6. Love James so much ❤ I'm glad he's calling Faye out because someone needs to do it. Echo seems great, too, and I hope he gets to meet his other sister.

    I have to laugh at how Eilidh just came out with, "are you gay?" It's a little bit awkward, but I'm glad they finally talked about it. Maybe seeing how Eilidh reacted so well can help Law talk to Kane and Jas about it.

    Love how Chase was just wearing his boxers and a tank top. He knew what it was doing to Law. XD Finally they kissed! And it would have been more if not for that darn bus!!!

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    1. Lmao catch James being so done with Faye’s shit. And oops, he doesn’t have another sister – that could have been when Echo was chatting about her relationship with Faye, or maybe the glimpse of the blonde girl we had when we first met Echo?
      Eilidh doesn’t know how to bring up topics sensitively. She and Rhoan are a good match 😛
      I can totally imagine Chase like cutting down on the clothes he wears each time Law is around. Eventually he just got so sick of the thirsty looks Law was sending his way and decided to take matters into his own hands.
      Thanks for your comment!

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  7. He met his family! Sad to hear about Jess’s situation, I can’t imagine her in a wheelchair.
    It kind of sucks that the whole family has such a “wonderful” opinion of Faye, but she did it all herself.
    Also, LawXChase!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah – I wanted to show that life has moved on a lot without us seeing. But jesshas managed for many years and she okay 🙂
      Haha yes Faye can only blame herself.
      Yup finally those boys kiss!
      Thanks for the comment!

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  8. Can you hear me screaming? LOL It’s about time one of them gave in and kissed the other ❤ Love the build up to it.
    So glad that Eilidh took Law being gay so well. Sounds like she was more upset that he didn't tell her sooner than the fact he was gay.
    Plus the meeting with Echo and James went well. Too bad Faye hasn't learned or changed much over the years. That's rather sad actually. Most people grow and change as they age.

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    1. Thank you, I couldn’t draw it out any longer haha.
      Yeah, she doesn’t really understand it but then she that doesn’t bother her, and she’ll come to see it as normal soon enough!
      Sadly some people stay the same too :/
      Thanks for commenting!

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  9. It is great that he’s finally getting answers about his mom! So far, he’s taking it well.

    Kane and Jasmine continue to be a great duo too! Yay for them! They are great for each other!

    I was worried about Eilidh for a moment, I thought she would have a bad reaction to him being gay, it seemed like that perfect kind of twisty moment XD but I’m happy in the end that she’s not! Law is already going through enough as it is!

    Also, Law and Chase are great for each other too, in fact, their names together makes for a perfect like buddy cop show!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He’s fairly good at taking things in his stride until… he’s not, haha.
      Ah, Eilidh grew up with Law, he’s like her brother. In the end I think it helped that she had some time to mull it over, and realise it didn’t matter to her at all.
      OMG I love that. AU time XDD
      Thanks for your comment!

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