SOL: Generation Three – Chapter One

March began in Winter’s clutches still, Siberian weather flooding the British Isles with thunderous winds and snow so heavy it packed itself onto every available surface, a smothering blanket of flakes turning everything white for days. When the sky finally cleared from the apocalyptic yellow-tinged grey, the sun beat down on the snow with enough strength to tan skin. Still the cold persisted and it was days before it cleared, and weeks longer until the clumps in the shadows of buildings and trees bled away. The weathermen ended their frothing excitement over the beast and returned to their usual programme of apologising for the rain and forgetting that anywhere North of the border the temperature was never as balmy as they promised for the South.

After more than a week off school and work, the house was bustling again. Mornings were chaos, but it was the sort of chaos one would find in nature, and if you were to look closely you would discover delightful order, a pattern in the routines and rushing footsteps throughout the house, a sense of a dance, perfected years ago, being performed in the smallest of time frames.

Lukas was often out of the house before the others had yet to rouse. Sleepiness still clung to the rooms, the odd beep of an alarm being slapped into submission. By the time he was ready, Echo was awake, and they paused in their separate melodies to press their lips together, a wistful swapping of desires, their routines freezing the outside world for just the moment it took to weave together for the briefest of touches, and then they parted and the music sped up once more.

Echo always found herself yelling into the downstairs bedroom. Quinn’s bed, at this point, was already cold. He had sneaked out at the first alarm, cocooned himself in the warmth of a shower, and then found somewhere to curl up while he read or daydreamed. It was his brother that was hell to drag into the unforgiving cold of the day.

He would eventually slouch through for breakfast, bleary eyed and grunting, desperately waving a hand through his hair to tame the extraordinary bed head he cultivated each night. His food was often ignored in favour of bitter coffee, cupping the warm china in one hand while, on the other, he tried to rest his head and drift back into unconsciousness.

In contrast, Isabelle needed no such aid. Echo knew from experience that she would already be out of the shower by this time, the noisy whirr of the hairdryer creeping down the stairs, the quiet study of makeup following. Isabelle would float into the kitchen with a kind of grace that Echo secretly believed was reserved for vampires or for royals. She’d bless them all with a sweet smile and then reach in to tease her brother awake, pinching his cheek playfully and sticking out her tongue when he groaned for mercy.

The three of them didn’t always need words, as attuned to each other’s looks and behaviours as they were. Echo wondered sometimes if it was the bond of being triplets or if she was simply blessed with teenagers that tended to get along more often than not – although the consequence for this was that on the occasion when a storm was trapped inside the house, friction sparking off every touch, the triplets flung barbs at one another without mercy, knowing exactly how to dig thorns underneath skin.

Ayr finished his last scalding gulp after a black hole of a yawn, peeling his eyes open to watch as Echo put leftovers in boxes for her children. They were both bathed in the yellow light of the rising sun.

“Shanna?” he asked, scratching sleep away from his eyes. And this was where the dance could vary. If Echo shook her head, Ayr would drift to the study where he could doze to the comforting sounds of his brother’s breathing, the familiarity of his precise turn of a page lulling Ayr to peacefulness. Quinn’s finger would scrape the corner of a page, curl underneath, and then push it over, each movement accompanied by a whisper of paper.

If she sighed or murmured ‘please’ under her breath, Ayr would muddle his way upstairs, sleep making his focus – and therefore his dyspraxia – worse. He would catch his feet a couple of times on the lip of the step, dull metallic thuds echoing the complaints from Ayr. He’d scratch a couple of times at the door, alerting his youngest sister to his presence, and then he’d duck in to the room.

Isabelle’s and Shanna’s shared room was, to Ayr, a complete tip. It was different from his familiar pigsty; he had no idea how the girls found anything in this room. Despite the clear floors, every shelf and drawer was packed tight to the brim, the dressing table cluttered with Isabelle’s make up and textbooks. Shanna existed in a small corner. Ayr was convinced that she’d melt into the walls if she could.

Her little faced peeked out from under the covers, screwed up in annoyance when Ayr flicked the light on. He could see the bags under her eyes, the dark smudges a physical clue to her distress. With a wicked grin he would fling the covers back, cackling at her squeals, and bounce down on the bed beside her.

“C’mon monkey,” he said, tickling under her chin. She squirreled away from him but he pushed the duvet back further, giving her no reprieve, even going so far as to open the blinds next to her bed. “Up you get.”

“I don’t want to go,” she sniffed, burying into his side as the sun’s glow hit them full force.

Shanna – almost a full five years younger than the three of them – maintained that she loved all her siblings equally. Ayr not-so-secretly reckoned it was the Animal Farm sort of equality, where he was more equal than others, but Shanna firmly corrected him each time. Isabelle was her big sister, and anything girly she’d ask her about. Even though her older sister existed on another plane, as amazing and unattainable as celebrities, she would always bridge that gap for Shanna. And Quinn was there for any of her geeky needs, or for school work, or just for someone to sit in silence with.

But Ayr had replaced her teddy bear from the age of three, and Shanna treated him like a diary. She could tell him anything. And she would, too. This was how he ended up here some mornings, after her nightmares were so bad she didn’t want to get up, in perpetual fear of them becoming true.

“What was it today?” Ayr asked, drawing her close to his chest. He felt her shudder, a little wisp of a girl in his arms, and tightened his hold.

“That I was lost and all alone,” she whispered, clutching at his jumper.

“Let’s think about this,” Ayr said, as he always did, and rocked her from one side to another. “Where are you going today?”

“School,” she murmured.

“And how are you getting there?”

“The bus, with you and Iz and Quinn.”

“And how are you getting back?”

“On the bus,” she answered dutifully, wriggling out of his vice-like grip to peer up at him with mousey eyes.

“And do you know what we would do if you didn’t get on the bus at your school’s stop this afternoon?” Ayr prompted, his lips unfurling into the sort of grin one might expect was inspired by the Cheshire Cat.

“No…” Shanna said, freezing.

And then they both moved as one, Shanna leaping off the bed with a squeal as Ayr dove for her, clumsily snatching her back into his arms and pulling her up to his chest. She protested between giggles as Ayr swung her around, making the kind of noise more suited for someone’s fake Bigfoot video. Eventually Shanna squirmed enough that she fell out of his loosening grip, and she darted for her clothes and danced away from Ayr before he could grab her again.

“Would you really do that to the bus driver if I wasn’t there?” she asked, bouncing from one foot to the next. Ayr crouched down until he was eye level with her, snarling all the way, giving her his best fierce expression.

“Worse!” he growled, his hands inching towards her, fingers writhing like worms. She squeaked and hopped away from his tickling, running away from him and into the bathroom where she slammed and locked the door.

Ayr chuckled to himself and slid down the banister to return back downstairs, swinging by his room to slide his laptop into his school bag. Mornings weren’t his favourite, but some days they weren’t so bad.


“Let me see the drawing again, sweetheart,” Echo said, tucking wispy strands of hair behind her ears. In the warm light of the fire, roaring happily behind its grate, her son’s freckles were highlighted against his tan skin.

Quinn leaned forward to slip it off the table he was working next to and passed it up to her. She hummed and traced her finger over the outfit, imagining how to apply it to her son’s scrawny frame. There were many benefits to having Echo as a mother, and one of them that her costume design skills made her a perfect partner for creating cosplays. It was something they had bonded over for many hours over many years, a nice hobby for them both to share; an open secret. She crossed one ankle over another and made some adjustments to her own drawing.

“It certainly is an interesting weapon he has here,” Echo murmured, eyeing the coiled blade. Quinn grinned at her and bounced a little at the opportunity to share his particular facet of geekdom, introduced to him by his father who had one year discovered a hobby Echo could not share, no matter how much she tried. She loved the improvisation of story telling on the stage, in comedy, but when it involved make-believe characters that she couldn’t visualise so easily, a set piece entirely in the mind, it was one too many stretches of imagination for her. “I didn’t realise dungeons and dragons could be so, ah, flexible?”

Quinn chuckled. “This is a different roleplay game.” He appreciated her trying, though, and she smiled and reached over to run her hand over Quinn’s hair.

“Sounds lovely,” she said, pushing a thread through the eye of a needle. “You’ve talked to your uncles about staying in Glasgow for the convention?”

“I think Law’s foaming at the mouth at the chance to talk to me one-on-one about his latest biological project,” Quinn snorted, remembering hearing his Uncle’s excitement down the phone. His uncle was a mild man, but it was easy to find the emotion once you knew what to look for.

“You are the only one in this house, other than your father, who has a hope of understanding it,” Echo laughed, reaching out for the warm drink next to her before remembering that she’d finished it half an hour ago.

“Even then, it’s a bit of a stretch,” Quinn muttered. “He tries his best to explain it in layman’s terms, but I think he’s forgotten what the average high schooler knows about biology.”

“You’re hardly average, love,” Echo hummed, glancing up when she heard movement in the kitchen. It was the light steps of her husband, a leftover grace from his days as a vampire – not that the children knew that, of course. Not yet.

Lukas drifted though the arches and leaned against the side of one. “Drink?” he asked.

“Please,” Echo said, picking up her cup and holding it out with a smile. “Tea, if you would.”

“Of course,” Lukas said, playfully posh, saluting her with the empty cup. On the floor, Quinn snorted at their banter.

“Me too, please,” he said, and his father nodded, leaning over briefly to look at the prop he was painting.

“Looks good,” he said. “I hope you didn’t listen to the new episode just yet.”

“Later tonight?” Quinn asked, glancing up as he held his piece a little closer to the fire to dry.

Lukas nodded in agreement and left to make their drinks, placing them into their eager hands and kissing Echo’s forehead on his way out again. Quinn went back to his work, contented warmth in every inch of his body.


“Would you like to invite your girlfriend around for dinner?” Lukas asked, glancing at his daughter over his glasses. She was painting her nails fastidiously, not even glancing up as she replied.

“Carey? No, I broke up with her last weekend.” Isabelle scrunched her face up, pushing her glasses further up her nose, and continued her precise work.

“Oh,” Lukas frowned, wondering why he was always the last to know these things. Well, he supposed, as the father, the answer was obvious. “I’m sorry, mija.”

“No, it’s fine.” And Isabelle did pause then, her brush hovering above her nail. She gave her father an unreadable look, or perhaps it was only unreadable because he didn’t want to see the sadness clinging there. “She just wasn’t – it wasn’t… ugh. It’s never been like I imagined. You know?” She wrinkled her nose and spread the brush with painstaking slowness over her thumbnail. “Maybe you don’t know. I mean, you and mum had such a romantic story…” Wistfulness pooled on her words, like dew on grass.

Lukas frowned as he reached over to turn the hob down. He tended to take care of the evening meals, though Echo loved to cook more than he did, but he maintained that it was only fair since she was the one to herd the teenagers (and almost-teenager) to school in the mornings. He had only had that privilege a few times and it had been worse than herding cats.

The story wasn’t as easy as Isabelle thought it was, and with any luck it would remain that way. He didn’t share Echo’s opinion that they should know. It was the only thing they’d ever truly argued about. “Everything is romantic if you romanticise it,” Lukas said, lips curling with faint amusement. “Sometimes its fireworks and sometimes it’s just a fire. Both are true.”

Isabelle blew on her nails. “I didn’t really feel like it was right,” she said instead, apologetically. Her father was right, and she knew that she probably put so much pressure on something perfect, but growing up with the stories of her family and their relationships, of all the books she’d read where everything seemed so much better, much simpler, more exciting – well, who could blame her?

“I’m going to head out and read for a bit,” she said, standing up and shaking her nails. “I’ll be back in time for dinner.” She blew her father a kiss and he murmured a goodbye, watching as she grabbed the book never too far from her person.

Isabelle curled her scarf tighter around her, slipping into a jacket and then out of the door. There was a hint of warmth in the air, but no more than that; the sky was cloudy but for a change there was no pressure associated with rain. The brush of wind was pleasant, though Isabelle still needed the extra layer if she was going to be still for a while, as was inevitable when faced with a good book.


She walked down the road and hummed to herself, curling an ear bud up through her scarf to hook into place, listening to something upbeat as she walked the mile that ended just outside the town hall of their town, which they lived on the outskirts of. There was an old oak tree that was some many hundreds of years old, which Isabelle had loved to sit against and read under for years. It was her typical haunt, and where she had met Carey as the girl had passed her and then backtracked to say hi. Isabelle had thought maybe this was it, only to find later that there was no spark. But a meet-cute like that should have lead to more excitement on her part, right?

It was as she was puzzling through this that she turned the corner and crossed the road with no more than a cursory look, the road and its many crumbling pot holes as quiet as usual. She rounded the wall and stopped in surprise.

Underneath the emerging buds of the oak tree, sitting on a folded blanket, a boy sat in her space. He was clearly not from around here – and that was no statement on his dark skin, but on the fact that Isabelle had never seen him before, and their town wasn’t a tourist destination by any stretch of the imagination. It was also unlikely that there was someone she hadn’t met before, as the town barely brushed a few thousand, and Isabelle had lived here her entire life.

He should have been in school, too, but more than that: there was no way she wouldn’t have noticed him before.

High, sharp cheekbones, small and dark eyes, long fingers flicking the pages of a book Isabelle didn’t recognise. He had an alien look about him, a sort of confident air that was rare – if not impossible – to find in a teenager.

“You could,” he said, and Isabelle started at the crisp, well enunciated words, “take a picture, if you’re really that intent in gaping at me.”

Isabelle reared back at the surly tone. The boy spoke English with the kind of care that came from not being native, a flawless pronunciation that spoke of no accent whatsoever. Despite the acidity oozing from him, Isabelle was curious.

And at a loss. Her usual composure failed her. “Sorry, it’s just… you’re in my space.”

The boy’s eyes flicked up from his book and raked over her. She had no idea if he liked what he saw, but she felt inadequate anyway. He made a point of twisting to look at the tree behind him.

“My apologies,” he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes back to hers, “but there doesn’t seem to be a sign here saying that. And so I will continue reading here, in peace, if it’s all the same to you.” He clearly didn’t care if it was or not, but he returned to his book and it was like she had stopped existing.

Isabelle narrowed her eyes and stomped over. The boy didn’t look up again, but she could see him tense; his shoulders became tight, jaw bulging as his teeth grit together. She went to the side of the tree instead, the one with a worse view and less shelter, and stubbornly set her blanket up to read for an hour before she had to return.

No more words were said between them, and Isabelle found it impossible to read with the obnoxious – but magnetic – personality next to her.

And so the generation truly begins!

For those who don’t know, dyspraxia is a condition which affects balance, co-ordination, and a whole host of other things. If any of you watch Dr Who (which you should absolutely be doing because its? actually good this season? what?) one of the companions, Ryan, has it. This was what inspired me, though I also know someone IRL with it.

I’m still messing around with ReShade and my editing style, so forgive any inconsistencies within the lighting of scenes, especially with Ayr/Shanna. I was just experimenting!

Finally with tumblr going tits up, I wanted to give a shout out to some lovely people new(ish) to wordpress. My dearest AureliaMoon, Igglemouse, and PixelatedDreamz are totally worth checking out if you’re looking for new friends. I believe Igglemouse will soon be posting on blogger as her legacy doesn’t shy away from NSFW, but I definitely recommend checking these wonderful people out if you haven’t already 🙂


20 thoughts on “SOL: Generation Three – Chapter One”

  1. Gosh, both your writing and picture-taking is just fantastic. I loved this a whole bunch ❤ Your descriptions are just so natural and right and I love the words you choose to describe sensations. Lukas' blue eyes are just dreamy as well. He's my favourite.
    I can't wait to get to know all the new characters 🙂 There's already so much personality to all of them.
    This was awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Well, I really like your pictures, so no worries about testing the filters. It’s okay; in fact, I got ReShade back a few days ago to mess with the filters. I still for the life of me can’t figure out how you to get DOF to work, or which of the DOF’s to use, but whatever. 😛
    I like how you described each of Echo’s kids’ personalities. It reminds me of how you described every kid in your first generation, Faye and her siblings. Which reminds me, this new guy kind of reminds me of one of your earlier characters, but I can’t really put my finger on it. Kane, maybe?
    Ayr and Shanna are so adorable! And I hadn’t known what dyspraxia was, but I googled it right away, before I read your explanation.
    Oh, Quinn reminds me of Frank, but it’s just this hair color and hairstyle that he had right when he aged up to YA. I have fond memories.
    So, Isabelle’s bi? I’ve noticed that people of this family for some reason often end up LGBT. Not that it’s anything wrong, just my observation. Oh, and they often have many kids and multiples 😛
    It looks like Isabelle is interested in make up and such. There are two shots of her in which she first puts make up on and then paints her nails. There is also a lot about her there, making me feel like she could be heiress. And she’s your profile picture on tumblr, too! I was wondering who it was.
    Wow, it must have taken a lot of time for the boy to perfect his pronunciation. And here I am, not even being able to pronounce damn ‘R’ in my native language right. Life is unfair 😛
    Oh, it looks like PixelatedDreamz has already been deleted. :/ As for Britt, I’ve already discovered her blog. I need to check out Igglemouse soon!
    Lastly, I know you’ve been feeling down lately, Carys, and I do hope you’ll feel better soon! Please take care.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooh I’ll try and get that screenshot for you today!
      Oh hmmm… Probably Kane, yeah, they’re both quite standoffish and apart from the crowd. Good spot! I love Kian so much, I’ve already written thousands of words for him. I hope you’ll love him too!
      Ayr is such a good big brother. I love all these kids, ugh.
      She is! Huh, maybe there’s something in the water where I live, or I attract the LGBT crowd, because I feel like maybe a quarter to a third of my friends are LGBT! It’s becoming a very accepted thing in (some) areas and crowds, I think.
      Oh, crap, I forgot to do my spiel about how this gen was going to work! I’ll try to include that next chapter. Basically they all have a child in the next generation. Isabelle is a very put together person! I just love her face.
      Hahaha, he’s spent a lot of time watching British TV in his defense 😛
      Oh hmm I think I just linked it wrong. Hopefully. I’ll get in touch and figure it out – thanks though!
      Thank you, Jowita. And the same for you, too ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The writing here is soooo good! Especially love the part with Echo and Lukas stealing a moment in the morning. And the way relationships were shown was great!

    I agree with Echo on the vampire thing. The kids should know when they’re old enough to handle it.

    I have to agree with the mystery guy, it’s a public space! Isabelle seemed a little entitled saying that he was in her space, but she was probably just thrown off from it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, thank you!! Good to know I’ve got it right 😀
      Is ignorance bliss or dangerous? That’s the crux of their argument. We’ll get into it shortly!
      She was definitely thrown off, but also a little rude!
      Thanks for your comment ❤

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  4. I am wowed by how fantastic this is! 😀 Well, I shouldn’t be because all your stuff is fantastic. 😀 I love the pics! They really are beautiful. I love your characters and descriptions. It makes getting to know them so much fun. I really, really love Lukas. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thank you for the shout out, lovely! ❤

    This generation is making me so darn excited. I literally just posted on all three chapters (when I am sure you know). If I remember correctly, I am SUPER excited to keep reading and seeing all of the characters I loved so dearly.

    Also, your editing style is just so… lovely. I am in love with all of it. I have missed you. More please? 😛


    1. Of course! ❤
      Yay!! I know, I love this iteration of Law, but this generation is so much more exciting because like… shit is about to get WILD. And I'm hyped for it 😛
      Thank you!! I've been doing a lot of youtube photoshop tutorials, haha, and reshade of course 😀
      More is on it's way tomorrow!!

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  6. Carys, your writing never ceases to amaze me. There’s something about it that makes reading your chapters such a unique and three-dimensional experience — very active and grounded, so it feels like I’m actually watching the characters move. And I really like what you’ve done with the pictures as well. In particular, you’ve made the blur look so nice.

    Now, onto the chapter content itself! I greatly enjoyed the detailed account of the family’s morning routine — and a new generation — unfolding through time. Echo and Lukas (yay for continuing with my fave couple!) clearly have done a wonderful job of raising their children. All three of the triplets are so personable and I like them already, with their endearing and vibrant quirks, which also make the family seem very real. I felt this especially in the scene where Echo and Quinn are talking about D&D. These kind of little real-life details help to place the characters in such a vivid setting, and I hope to achieve your kind of realism detailing in Gen 4 myself 😀

    The relationship between Shanna and Ayr is just so adorable. I am concerned about Shanna and her nightmares though, she seems so withdrawn and unhappy — almost forgotten — compared to her older, more outgoing siblings. I wonder if her nightmares aren’t just a child’s phase and may come into play in future events? I’m intrigued in how all the threads come together to become what you’ve hinted at in the prologues.

    And finally, Isabelle is my favourite of the triplets so far. I like her interesting blend of a strong head with a romantic soul, although she does seem a tad naive about love. And I’m digging this new guy Kian already! Sarcastic, stubborn, slick, and smart? Yes! I’m looking forward to seeing what conspires out of this situation 😉

    I’m glad I finally forced myself to make some headway in my extremely backed-up Reader. This comment took me about 30 minutes to write, me looking back at the chapter while writing, which is why it’s so hard for me to catch up lol. Super fast at reading, but superrrr slow at putting together all my thoughts into what I hope is a well-composed comment! And by the way, I think you missed my comment on the montage post? Awesome chapter, crossing fingers it won’t take me another hundred years to comment on the next one haha ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG, this comment, Lila you’re doing God’s work, and I love it.
      As I’m sure you can imagine that is SUCH a massive compliment. And I’m trying to get my eye in for photos too – don’t always get there, but I’m improving slowly thanks to this community!
      I really enjoyed writing this and showing a flavour of the siblings. It’s always so difficult to jump back in so far down the line but in a way it’s quite nice to do it like this too. I think, as well, I really like setting things in the ‘real world’. Bringing my knowledge of Scotland and its places into things is so fun to me, haha, and I think anything with fantastical elements has to be more realistic, not less. Well, that’s my two cents anyway!
      Yes, Shanna is absolutely almost forgotten. My sense of her character right now is like, absolute wallflower. If she could disappear and have life happen around her, she would. She’s very passive in her own life and that won’t change until she realises that tactic doesn’t work. I will let you know that, if all goes to plan, things will start coming into play in a few chapters!
      Isabelle is really naive, yes. She wants that fairytale romance and is frustrated and thinks it isn’t ‘real’ when she doesn’t immediately find it. Much like Shanna, actually, she’ll realise that this doesn’t work. Oh, and let me tell you, I have written 2.5K long scenes for Iz and Kian… *inhales* I’m ride or die for them.
      Haha, but we appreciate comments like this so much!! Oh I might have done – I’ll go back and hunt it down right now 😀 Thank you for your wonderful comment and I hope you’re having a fab day!

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  7. Your writing gives me the chills. Literally. The vivid way that you describe the winter weather makes me feel like I am right there with them.
    I am so excited for this new generation to begin. This is what I love about your legacy (as I can say this about each and every generation); you don’t just focus on the heir and let the rest of the siblings fall to the wayside. Each one has distinctive personalities and stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I’m finally here and ready to catch up, yay!! ❤
    I seriously loved this chapter! It gave us a wholesome glimpse on all of the kids' personalities, as well as the relationship between Lucas and Echo, which is still going strong ❤
    As I was reading, I was actually going through an internal debate on which of the children is my favorite, but I just couldn't decide! I love smart nerdy characters like Quinn, as well as carefree sweet ones like Ayr ❤ But I think Isabelle takes the cake here – like many other readers already said, she's my favorite too! I can't put my finger on why yet, but there's something about her that makes her very interesting to read 😀
    And omg, that last boy! ❤ ❤ He's sooo handsome, cool and intriguing! I can't wait to find out more about him!
    I really love the way you write, it's so lively and it flows so well! ❤ Your pictures are brilliant too – loving the filters you are using! Now off to the next chapter for me! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay!
      Aw, thank you for your kind compliments. I think Ayr is my favourite, possibly because he’s had more screentime, but Isabelle does have something about her, doesn’t she? Quite poised, I think!
      I LOVE Kian, so much, so I hope you like him too 😉
      I’m really getting to grips with reshade, and having lots of fun with it. And then I have been editing the pictures further, to give them warmth and sharpen facial features. Hopefully I’ll learn how to do that in reshade…
      Thanks for your lovely comment 😀

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  9. I am only….almost a year late T_T I’m so sorry and there was a shoutout to me too! Thank you so much! I’ll try not to get so behind again and your story, the pictures, the writing, the characters, it’s all really great! I envy it!

    Ah, as for this chapter, I look forward to all the new characters, especially the last mystery boy…nothing better than a handsome mystery boy I say!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Better late than never, right?! I can’t believe that was almost a year ago, wow. Thank you ❤ I have just started a new generation so it may even be easier for you just to read the gen 3 summary and skip ahead. Then again, lots happens…
      Mystery boy~
      Thanks for reading!

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