SOL – Bonus post

Good news, everyone! I’ve fixed the computer and spent the day sorting sims out. Some minor furniture changes have occurred because some CC was missing, but other than that, I’m back up and running. I still haven’t had time to go in game properly, but rather than missing out on posting, I decided to do a little bonus post.

Two short pieces of prose were written using Kian and our mystery man as inspiration, so that’s below. And THEN I discovered photobucket had fixed all my images so I’m going to show you some pictures of the original characters we know and love… brace yourself, the lighting is TERRIBLE.


TS3W 2018-09-11 17-51-19

You’re the boy with a mirror for a heart, and they say they’re portals, don’t they, they say they reflect energy away. You’re the boy with the mirror which sees the dark, spits out light because it can. You’re the boy who carries the sweet grief of it-could-have-been-me. You’re the boy who holds his books like they’re hymn sheets. You’re the boy buying dreams like they can fill your gaps. You’re the boy that sings with why-wasn’t-it-me.


TS3W 2018-09-08 20-25-33

A gambler, living and breathing probabilities, has them tattooed on his eyelids so even blinking is a step forward. This is no poker, though.

There are odds, and predictions, and he’s learned to read them like he’s counting cards. But the stakes, oh, they’re catastrophic, baby. Families and races and freedom and the world. Juggling numbers like that was bound to become his religion, talent his faith, and the whispered motto of ‘the greater good’ both a prayer for salvation and a guilty confession. 

Oh, how easy it was to become the addict when the other choice was death. How easy it is to make the choices, condemn the wrong-time-wrong-place people. This isn’t a superhero movie. We don’t save everyone here.

Idealism blackens and crumbles and burns under this pressure. Realism is knowing there will be a time when you hate every inch of the mirror.

But each time you deal yourself in, because to judge you for it, people have to be alive.


And here are some pictures! This is from the first chapter of gen 2 and was taken in 2011, if you can believe it… And that was when my first comedy legacy was like 7 gens in.


James! Known as JJ in the original and born in game. A happy accident that created this spin off. I couldn’t find a young pic of him and Jessie, as she’s called here, but they exist somewhere.

Screenshot-3 (1)Screenshot-2 (1)

Faye and Kane. Good God, look at that wall. Kane was created by a simmer friend this time around, hence his very different look from my usual style.




Skye! (And Faye, pregnant with Law. In this version Kane was also the father of Echo).


Behind Kane is Bethany, and in his arms is Rhoan! He and Law were great friends, but in the new version, when it fit Loxley so much better to be ace, they aren’t cousins. But our Rhoan was a homage!


And a better picture of Loxley. Look at the shine on that book, lmao. Oh, Summer exists. But I can’t be arsed trailing through chapters trying to find a pic where she’s around!


Law, looking very serious, and Chase.


A middle aged Echo… Unrecognisable.


LOOK at Lukas. I tried to keep his hair colour and eyes. These are fairly important traits to the gene pool, because I’m so used to seeing his descendants have them. Oh, and beside him is Shanna! Personality wise, they were both v similar to the characters we know.


Isabelle and Kian… Kian is unrecognisable. Both in appearance, personality, and plot. He has got some similarities, but to talk about them would be spoilers 😉


Ayr! Making a big pouty face, aw.


Last but not least of the triplets, is Quinn. Beside him is someone who shall for now go unnamed, but she was given to me by a close simmer friend. God, that hairstyle for Quinn. What a massive forehead… I’m so happy the new! Quinn came out so much better. I actually tried to instababy before I settled on our current Quinn and got this:

TS3W 2018-09-11 21-08-47

I am SO glad I tried again, haha. He’s a baby face cutie but it wasn’t right.


Now, on a final note and while I remember, there is no heir for generation three. They each have a child which make up generation four, but if you’re curious, it’s Quinn’s genes that get passed on to the rest of the fam!

Phew, well, I hope you enjoyed a little deviation from normal posting. Hopefully next week I’ll get right back into the story!

Happy hols, folks.

16 thoughts on “SOL – Bonus post”

  1. Yay, so glad you got your computer fixed 😀 I didn’t find time to say anything on your last post, but I was getting seriously scared you wouldn’t get it done. I need my fix of your pretty pictures and adorable dads (seriously, I think that’s your thing – there was James and now Lukas? The dadorable is real) 😀
    I loved seeing all of your old pictures. You’ve come so far. You’re right they’re pretty much all unrecogniseable :O Loved the little pieces of prose as well 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s quite alright, it was mostly my ranting!
      I have a thing with adorable dad’s, don’t I? I just love emotionally available father figures lmao.
      Oh I so have. Seeing them was physically painful, and don’t get me started on the writing…
      Thank you! I really love when I feel very poetic, since I don’t get a chance to use that sort of writing in my everyday stuff much.
      Thanks for your comment 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad. I’d be sad to see you go, Carys!
        It seems you do and since I’m also fond of emotionally available father figures, I dig it 😛
        I know the feeling – all my old pictures are still in folders as well and it’s painful to look at. But it is cool to be able to look back 😛


  2. Heheheh those are the legacy sims I remember!!! It’s funny looking back now, but my sims looked so similar and now they are so different 😛

    Also, you’re making me want to write a story based legacy and I can’t just yet… 😦


  3. YAY! It’s fixed. I’m late to the party but you know what they about better late than never. 😂 Anyway, look at those characters! I love seeing how they began and who they are now!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The prose was beautiful for both characters ❤ – now I want to get to know them even more badly than before, lol!
    And oh wow, your pictures now are so different than before – I love seeing how simlit writers are improving with time (and effort of course) and you've come such a long way! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 😀
      Oh, SO different, it’s unreal. But then I didn’t know anything about pictures, or even much about CC back then! I’ve definitely embraced the alpha cc now, I love the realism in sims you can get.
      Thanks for commenting ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh good lord 😂 Just gotta love the photobucket watermarks lmao. Your pictures have improved so much!
    Those are some amazing pieces of prose. The way they flow is like the holy undertones in much of your writing — like grand, sweeping gestures.

    Liked by 1 person

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