XMAS2018 Pose Dump


Ho Ho Ho. Oh wait, it’s boxing day. Whoops!

Computer issues + laziness = a late pose pack, with not very pretty pictures.

In this download you get: pictures (titled with their codes), a note containing said codes and some comments from me, PLUS the links to accessories used, the animation files (feel free to tweak if needed, but no reuploading), and the package file itself. 

This is NOT pose list compatible. See: laziness.


Download HERE (SFS)

Accessories used: controller | pencil | deco laptop (any will do, plus omsp) | phone | beer bottle | mug (larger mug – from stupidjellyfish – no longer available, I think, but I’m sure another will work fine).

This is also in support of sims3hasstoppedworking, who is asking for support for her mother, who has terminal cancer. You can read more about it here, and if you wish to donate as a thank you for these poses, you can do so via  PayPal or Zrzutka (Poland). 


Well, time for a nap, I think. Have a good holiday, folks!

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