SOL: Generation One – Chapter Twelve

Loxley hadn’t heard the news from his twin. No, their father had mentioned Liam’s decision over dinner and he had avoided Lox’s piercing gaze. He wandered into their room once he was done the dishes and saw his twin sitting on the hard wooden floor, legs out in front of him and back against the bed frame, a cushion stuffed behind for comfort.

“You’re leaving?” Loxley kept his voice even and measured. Liam’s gaze was trained on a daddy long legs fluttering along the window pane. It thudded against the glass in a desperate attempt to escape, and Lox wondered if that was how his twin felt. Liam nodded idly.

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Eleven

Think, Liam.

What did he want to do for the rest of his life? In what way did he want to distinguish himself from his siblings? How could he figure out his own niche, as it were, when so many of them were taken?

His mind ended up in wild places. He could travel the world and find hidden secrets (except where would he even start?) He could become a famous rockstar and wow thousands of people every night he was on stage (except he’d never touched an instrument in his life). He could move to further south and become a famous Broadway actor (except he could barely remember his quotes for English essays, how could he remember his lines?)

What could he do?!

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Ten

“What do you think?” Faye asked, posing in the mirror and imagining a photographer snapping his camera at her. “This is a cute dress, Sonny.”

“I know,” the girl said, lingering at Faye’s back. “It suits you. You can borrow it if you like.”

“Ugh, I wouldn’t have a reason to wear it. You might as well keep it.” Faye brushed her hands through her hair. “What about my hair?”

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Nine

The phone call from the headmaster’s receptionist asking Jessica and James in for a meeting had made them both worried, their minds immediately going to Faye, but when the headmaster saw their drawn faces he laughed and apologised.

“This is in regards to Loxley. Please, take a seat.”

Their worry now changed to curiosity and they sat in the uncomfortable seats probably salvaged from a classroom somewhere.

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Eight

And the summer sprinted past, gone in a blink, gone before the twins could get used to the idea that they were going into high school (that they were going into high school in different years), and gone before the weather noticed it was meant to be warm. The last day was exciting (for Lox, who was raring to get back into structured learning) and terrifying (for Liam, who didn’t want to face the school alone), and even that was gone too quickly.

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Seven

The day was a beautiful one.

It was a bit of an understatement, Skye thought. If she was Summer, she could describe it in perfectly poetic prose, but she wasn’t, and the best she could do was say that it was beautiful.

Admiring the scenery did little to dampen the butterflies in her stomach. This was no normal walk to the park. This was a date.

Kind of. Well, she wasn’t really sure. She thought it might be. She hoped it might be.

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Six

 A/N: I must have forgotten the image size i uploaded the older pictures as, because the new ones are slightly bigger. Ah, well. Also, Faye is our heir, but each sibling has some story of their own.

“Hey buddy, mind if I join you?” James asked, sitting down in the sand pit without waiting for any agreement. Kane could imagine Jessica looking out the window and rolling her eyes, muttering about her husband being a big kid. He smiled at the thought. James was cool. Faye was perpetually embarrassed by her family, but Kane not-so-secretly liked them. They were laid back. They were friendly.

“You looked deep in thought,” James went on, patting the sand into a vague mound shape. “Where’s Faye?”

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