SOL: Generation Zero – Chapter Ten

James hadn’t talked much except to give her directions. Jessica respected his space and kept quiet also, letting him choose when to break the silence. The drive itself wasn’t too long; James lived in the north of England so it was only a three hour drive. She glanced over to her friend. James was resting his head against the window, dried tear tracks staining his cheeks. His eyes were still red and puffy and he was huddled up against the door, arms wrapped around himself as if cold.

“Could you come in with me?” he asked quietly, voice rough.

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SOL: Generation Zero – Chapter Nine

It was strange how time seemed to speed up at points and slow down at others. It was strange to pack up the dorm, to know that she wouldn’t be sharing with the same people next year, and to move back home. It was strange to miss another place so much as if it was home.

For better or for worse, Jessica had moved back in with her mother for the three months of Summer.

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SOL – Generation Zero: Chapter Eight

Courtney ate what was salvageable of her rather burnt waffles, though Jessica wasn’t nearly as picky. “Do you want to do some studying today?” she asked.

Jess wrinkled her nose. “Nah, I’m meeting James at the park later. He’s going to quiz me.”

“Right,” Courtney said with a roll of her eyes. “Of course.”

Jessica was tired, grumpy and hungry. She glared over at her friend. “Okay, what do you mean by that?”

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SOL – Generation Zero – Chapter Seven

The three of them stood up and marched into the kitchen, where they could hear Brian and Sam’s voices.

The brothers immediately knew something was up: Courtney had her arms folded over her chest and her chin jutted out, challenging, and Jessica only was slightly less intimidating. James hovered behind, but even so the three of them were clearly being confrontational.
Before Courtney could leap in and do her usual damage, Jessica cleared her throat. “Do you know if some of the guys on the football team are spiking drinks?”

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SOL: Generation Zero – Chapter Six

Jessica was barely awake when her phone buzzed. She groaned and gave it a cursory look, seeing only the sender (James) and part of his message – happy birthday. She decided that the reply could wait until she had downed unhealthy amounts of coffee and had survived the first hour of what was easily her worst hangover to date.

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SOL: Generation Zero – Chapter Five

The three week break from university came at a bad time. Jessica didn’t want to leave this hanging over her, but she had little choice. She would have to leave it to Court and enjoy the holiday as best she could.

JAMES WILLIAMS: Chilling in my xmas sweater. Fucking cold here, but no snow.

JESSICA HOPE: Are you kidding me? Soft southerner! It’s way colder up here, so I’m staying inside for the whole holiday. Also, no xmas jumper for me 😦


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SOL: Generation Zero – Chapter Four

“Harsh,” James said, between one sweet and the next from their bag in the middle. “You were very rational, though. If someone yelled at my brother or something, I would have flipped the fuck out.”

Jess shrugged, momentarily caught up in the game, and then grunted when she lost the round. “I’m relatively cool headed, I guess. I would have been mad had she not acted as if Ash can’t be with who she wants just because Courtney liked her, though. I’ve never subscribed to the idea of letting someone dictate what I do.” She half smiled. “Too damn stubborn.”

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