SOL: Generation Zero – Chapter Three

Brian had a habit of shamelessly wandering around with only his briefs on in the morning, (not that Jessica was complaining) and she assumed that was the reason for his conversation with Connor in the morning.

“So, even though you like how guys look, you don’t want to sleep with them?”

“Nope,” Connor shrugged, popping the p, and took another spoonful of cereal. Brian looked perplexed.

“Is it… Is it just because you haven’t found the right person?”

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SOL: Generation Zero – Chapter Two

The morning came, and with it a bleariness that came from the lack of sleep rather than alcohol. Jessica knew as soon as she woke up and saw the clock – god damn eight o clock, are you kidding me? – that she was going to be in a foul mood. Her bladder and her empty stomach reminded her why she couldn’t just go back to sleep, and with some muttering to herself she forced herself up.

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SOL: Generation Zero – Chapter One

There were two problems that Jessica had come across when moving into the blank canvas of her university dorm room, and they were as follows:

1. The shower room was a bizarre compromise between having enough showers for the students, and making use of the limited space. They had hardly any privacy; the cubicles were barely passed acceptable and Jess couldn’t see how you would dress in the tiny space – or, indeed, how you would keep your clothes from getting wet while you were showering. It would have been a problem if not for number two.

2. The dorm was shared with boys. In itself, not a problem – far from it. However, they had a tendency to be quite distracting, and then inevitably they had feelings and Jessica had to break it off. It was all very messy. This was worse; they were universityboys. They were, hopefully, cooler, more experienced and, above all, more mature. Jessica eyed up a pair of boys giggling to themselves about… Ah. The address of the dorm; the Fanny Mackenzie Dorm (named after a donator), Dyke Lane. Did they know that a dyke was a dry stone wall? Probably not.

Scratch out the ‘more mature’, then.

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SOL: Generation Zero – Prologue

The old man is bent double, all his weight on a sturdy cane. His gnarled fingers are wrapped tightly around the wood and his mouth is open; he is breathing in short gasps.

He has left a box by a large house and his badly dressed state is out of place against the ostentatious backdrop. How he delivered the box, it is not clear; he certainly is in no shape to carry it.

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The Quest

The Quest: Season One
Set in an undecided location in our universe, our leads are on a quest to clear the family name of the Urin’s. Short, sweet, and written largely like a script.
The Quest: Season Two 
Set in the same universe, but the mission has changed: they must locate their friend while avoiding detection by the authorities and meeting some interesting faces on the way.

1234 – 5

The Quest: Season Three – Early/Mid 2018
The Colonies must be rebuilt while the threat of a second war with the Alliance looms. A criminal empress reveals her hand. Valk’s past isn’t as far behind as she had hoped.


The Quest: Season Four – 2019
The known universe is under Benefactor rule, but a group of loyal friends and reliable allies set out to save the ‘verse.