SOL – Generation One – Chapter Five

Jessica and James arrived home soon enough, something that Sam was grateful for. He loved the kids but the house was small and Loxley and Faye could not be in close quarters without arguing, which meant they argued constantly.

“They’re quite a handful,” he sighed, hearing his daughter come into the kitchen again.

“I know,” she sighed. “We keep trying to tell Faye to stop letting him tease her. He only does it to get a rise.”

“I’m sure it’s a normal thing.”

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SOL – Generation One – Chapter Four

Weird how time seemed to be moving so fast, and yet whenever James thought of university, or even moving into this house, it felt so long ago.

“I bet I can go higher than you, grandpa!” Loxley smirked, flinging his legs forward and leaning back on the swing. His granddad chuckled.

“I’m sure you can, Lox. Your young back is probably much more suited to swinging than mine.”

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SOL: Generation One – Prologue

After some hours of reading, the man slips out of his seat and wanders over to the large windows. He stares out of them, unseeing; his gaze is blank, his mind miles away. He keeps his back to the letters and the opened box, to his files upon files from work, to the experimental plasma orange juice from the science department (his friend had given it to him with a smirk, and said that it was going to be called Blood Orange if it passed all the tests). He keeps his back to what his life is like now, and remembers what his life was like then.

He hears her approach – of course he does. She’s not exactly subtle.

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SOL: Generation Zero – Chapter Eleven

“I don’t want you to go,” Jessica groaned, opening her eyes as James placed his hands on her cheeks and leaned over her. “Stay in Scotland for the summer.”

James chuckled and she felt his breath brush over her lips. “Why don’t you come down to England?”

“England sucks,” she said cheekily.

“Technically, you are English.”

“Shh, don’t tell. You’ll ruin my street rep.”

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