SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Seventeen

Surprise chapter!

Slight nsfw warning for some of the writing, btw. And I’m sorry, but this chapter got long. There’s probably too much writing because I was trying to challenge myself, but hopefully it’s all good writing!

Law didn’t have time to take in much of the cafe except for the shining red stars lit up around the exposed brick walls, beacons in the dimming light, before someone had dived at him. It was funny, in retrospect, how quickly the drills of martial arts almost bent his body to let Echo’s momentum carry her past and onto the floor. Luckily the rest of his brain kicked in quickly enough and instead he took a hasty half-step back to steady himself against the sudden barrage, a waft of patchouli hitting him as violently as the girl had.

“I was so scared you wouldn’t show,” Echo admitted in a whisper, her grip tightening in response to the thought. Finally Law’s arms came up around her, no longer cast out for balance, and the smooth cotton of her top wrinkled under his fingers.

“Of course I would,” Law said, wondering if the weight of his half-sister in his arms would ever feel normal.

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SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Sixteen

I’m not even gonna front with you guys, some of these pictures are not up to my usual standard. The chapter was a headache to shoot (the phone I shoved in game happened to only be an adult’s accessory, of course), and then one of the scenes evolved but I didn’t have the right picture for the end, and so on. But these past few weeks haven’t been great – lots of emotional rollercoaster stuff – so honestly I just need to get this out otherwise I’ll keep putting off coming back.

I will actually get a holiday next week – yes, you heard me right, my first damn holiday since Xmas – and I plan to catch up then, though my comments may be sporadic.

It was almost no surprise when Echo’s response to Law’s message came through that night. It was always him that was cautious, taking time to reply, and didn’t that just reflect how he was in every day life anyway? But Echo, she was quick and excited, and by the time Law was home and ready for bed she had sent a message back.

He’d been on his phone anyway, aimlessly scrolling through the New Scientist website, the subscription to which Elspeth and Eilidh had bought him for the previous Christmas. He was skimming an article about physics without any true comprehension about what it really meant when the notification popped up at the top of his phone. His heart seemed to freeze for a second, before pounding twice as fast as before, and with shaking hands he read the rest of her message.

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SOL Bonus Post

Hey everyone! I’ve had a hectic couple of weeks so I haven’t done ANY pictures. I basically spent last weekend playing d&d, this week going to a funeral, and this weekend I’ll be camping. I have, however, had some fun going on a CC binge and creating an apartment for a few chapters down the line where Law rents a flat while at uni, with some others who I won’t name just yet. These pics were taken before I was finished so there’s some slight changes but I’m so pleased with them I thought I’d share! Plus some bonus pictures at the end of a couple of couples 😉

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Pose Directory (2)




  • Dark blue: romantic pose packs (warning, some nsfw!)
  • Red: Basic poses, like model poses, or friends. Anything that could be used in a basic talking scene.
  • Yellow: Children/toddlers/family
  • Light blue: Fighting/arguing or anything that could be used in that sort of setting. Fear, depression, sadness, death, etc.
  • Green: mixed pose pack, or multiple types from the creator.
  • Pink: Lots of good quality varied packs, well presented (pictures that give you an idea of the scene it can be used in, which I like), ones that I use quite often and/or recommend. There are tonnes of good pose creators out there, most of them are listed below, but the pink just denotes my staple ones, really.


Directory advice (from personal use and preference)

  • Have folders by creator, then subfolders with pose packs (as you can see I haven’t always been successful with that haha).
  • Include any accessories or important notes the creator gives, ESPECIALLY pose codes. If you have a directory and write down the codes of what you want to use before you go in game, you can save time, trust me. Plus there are some great packs out there that aren’t pose list enabled (note: you can use pose codes even if a pack is pose listed).
  • ALWAYS include photos – check before you close the original post if they’re in the download. If not, save the photos from the post and make sure to name them with the creator and pose pack name.
  • Tag jpeg pictures with a system if you use a lot of different poses, e.g. talking, romance, fight, etc. OR:
  • Create an ‘all pictures’ folder, where you copy the pictures of each pose pack (this is where proper naming comes in VERY handy), and put into subfolders if you like organisation. That way you can scroll through until something catches your eye, and then use the picture name to find the original folder with the pose pack in it.

As you can see, I have far too many poses to keep in game. Too many slows the pose player down, and as the game plays while you search for one (unless you just use codes) then you can easily change the light etc which you might want to remain consistent within your scene. Also, I find pictures replicate themselves onto other poses, or I can’t find the one I want, etc. The directory has cut down a lot of time, let me tell you.


I’m not going to link to every single pose creator I have, but I’m going to link to those that have a good number of pose packs. Use the key on the pictures above to decide if you want to find others, and feel free to ask me if you can’t track anything down or links are broken. Some of these creators also have ts4 packs, so make sure you’re getting the right ones!

AkuiyumiAlfinAnnelyAoihanaBlakcBlinksimsBloodyscholasticChibikinesisCloudWalkerNZCrazysimmaryDeggdeggDoryeonDukenessecho-simellechosim FL clubFyachiiGrumpySimmiesHanecoiltdsIMHOK2m1too Lenina_90 –  mypixiesims mysweetsimsnoelyely** – notjustabooksims paranoia or drunkard – pasograndes*** – phantom-jinxx*** – pilbosimspipifonnesims3posesbybeeRed – ribbon journalssgisimssimperiuslilasimsaywhat simsimiskylarkizmanic* – spectacledchicspladoumstarsha – stupidjellyfish*** – subpoint – sunny*** – theboywhosimmed*** – theainyxtinutwinsimskeletonstyliewannabecatwriter

*I’m not 100% sure if Skylar and Skylarkizmanic are one and the same.

**afaik noelyely has gone, all their downloads had been uploaded into one massive folder, but the links are weird. Let me know if you particularly want anything but the dl is down.

*** My searches are like 50% pinterest rn for some reason, but either I can’t find these creators or their original blog is deleted but some of their links still work. Worth searching for them to see if you can come up with anything. Let me know.


Pose directory?

Hi Friends!

I don’t have much to post atm, as I’ve been sorting out my pose directory properly. I don’t know how much you guys depend on the poses (most of my scenes are entirely posed) but I was wondering if anyone would find it useful if I shared what I do. I’m not entirely sure how best to do that, but I thought I’d offer.

fyi, my pose directory looks like this:


Most of those folders have several pose packs within. I basically have almost every pose pack I’ve come across in the last year or so, except for the ones that don’t really add anything to the way I play the game, like selfie ones, or ones with babies, or model ones. Which there are a lot of. I have the pictures and the accessories needed within the folders too, as well as my ALL PICS folder which has just the pictures which are then divided into categories for easy viewing. It helps me when I just want to scroll through pictures and see what would fit for a scene I have in my head. See below – the main bulk of pictures are just fairly normal ones that I can use for talking in the legacy.

all pics.png

If you think knowing more could be handy for you, please comment and let me know what I can do! I’m not going to go through and link every pack I have, but I can link/recommend my staple ones, or the names of the creator and packs so you can search for them yourselves.

It’s 2.15GB in total, though since every picture exists twice that’s not all that surprising. But it may give you an idea of just how many poses I have saved on my computer!

So if there’s any poses you’re searching for – or interesting ones you have that you think I might not have – please let me know!

SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Fifteen


Hey friends! Quick heads up that Loxley looks quite different from his teenaged self. That is because he was edited, because my sliders tend to hate children and teens, but the edited version looked bad aged up so I went back to the original file. You can see A LOT of James in him, so I’m gonna say he’s just grown into his features and lost the little puppy fat he had.

Also, I gotta recon and say that Loxley will be lecturing the week after next when Law got Echo’s message.


“Don’t you just love it when the pictures don’t show the worst bits of the house?” Jasmine asked, nudging her shoulder into Kane’s as he snorted. The wind blasted into the exposed porch and he tugged on the strings to his hood, tightening it around his neck. Jasmine didn’t seem to notice the cold; Law wondered if her stomach had long ago become used to all weathers given how often she liked to have it exposed.

Law half listened to his dad’s response, his attention on his phone instead. He stared at the message Echo had left him the week before, chewing on his bottom lip. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to say, or even if he did want to say something. His mind had been going circles since and he had barely slept; it was a relief that Saturday had finally come around. He could feel the struggle in keeping his eyes open, especially after the boring house tour. Law had already taken one look at the outside and turned his nose up, but he stuck to his internal promise not to say anything that would change the minds of his father or Jasmine.

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SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Fourteen

Chase frowned as he slotted the key into the hole, listening to the click as the lock opened. He ducked into the room, shaking rain out of his hair, worry sinking his gut. Law hadn’t turned up at the festival in time for it to close, so Chase had to make up an excuse for him. There’d been radio silence all day, and Chase’s heart was fluttering with panic. He’d given Law this opportunity; he’d planned it all out and encouraged the younger boy to go. What if something had happened to him? It was unlikely, he knew, but Law was practical. He wouldn’t just ignore Chase’s messages…

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