SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Twenty


Strangely, Law was the only one in the flat when the buzzer rang.

He’d been up for a few hours, the oversized window generous with the amount of sunlight it allowed into his room, but he’d been half-heartedly putting the finishing touches to an assignment and yawning, stretching warm muscles luxuriously and enjoying the lie in.

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SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Nineteen

“Morning, sunshine,” Echo said sweetly, laughing gently as Law gave a groan in response. “Up all night being wild?”

“As if,” Law snorted. “I was helping to host the martial arts tournament last night. It went on way longer than I thought it did, so by the time I got in I realised Chase was actually free. We talked for hours.” He picked up the coffee pot and shook his head. There was a time when he hadn’t needed to rely on stimulants to get up early in the morning, but university had long since put that to rest.

“Aw, that’s cute. How is he?”

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Just a wee note to say chapter eighteen is up on my site and may have been missed by a few people in the reader 🙂


I got a little notification a few days ago that my blog has been around for two years. Woot! So in honour of that, I’m going to do a little talking about SOL…

I generally hate inconsistencies which make for unrealistic writing, whether that’s an action that just wouldn’t make sense or me forcing my plot down one route when that is just not how it would work in the real world. But there are two inconsistencies I live with:

  • In generation zero, and also sometimes in gen one, I changed their outfits a lot more, but honestly if I did that all the time I’d run out of CC to use, lmao. So I’ve just settled with having one main outfit and then changing that around for special occasions.
  • This is a big one. Technically a multi-generation family would be spanning more than two hundred years. And of course I could have set the first few gens in the post-war with cc and all that, but honestly, fuck that. I think it’s a concession most people make, for necessity, but I just try to imagine that technology moves slowly in this world… Because technically Lukas was a post-war baby, and I’ve made references to real world news and changes over the generations that have only been a year or two apart. But fuck it!

Now, as many of you know, SOL is being rewritten from its first iteration where I was about a quarter of the way through gen 8. So here are some of the things that’s different:

  • There was no gen zero. I had a comedy legacy called The Williams which spanned ten generations, and one of my heirs was called Nate. I kept him alive for several gens and he ended up having a kid with the maid, as you do. That kid’s name was JJ (who became James Junior!)… and I decided to do something with him. The first half of gen 1 was very much still comedy-esque with the typical captions and ‘voice from the sky’. I had never written drama before and I was also like fourteen and knew nothing about the world, haha.
  • The game gave me triplets and twins… so that was fun. And in the sims community at the time, you gave each sibling a story and then people voted on whose story they wanted to see play out. The rest were wrapped up and the heir continued. Summer was a writer and ended up with a man called Ulrick, who I changed to a woman with a name beginning with U to honour that. Skye did indeed end up with Felix and actually her plot was very similar to SOLV2. Faye is nothing like our Faye. The only interesting thing about her was Kane, who she was friends with, and who was dragged into his criminal family and made a desperate bid to get out and find his true father, which Faye helped him with. But in this version I needed something more interesting, and someone on tumblr suggested having Faye’s battle be with herself. And so she was born.
  • The twins were fairly different too. Loxley’s plot was, uh, oh shit, problematic as All Hell. He rolled the insane trait and at 14 I was a lil idiot and just handled that badly. Bethany had the same trait and they did actually get married in the end. Let’s not talk any further about that trainwreck, oh boy. Liam… idk, he did something. There’s a reason he was the ‘forgotten child’ in SOLV2. I think he felt forgotten in V1 too, and ended up falling in love with some remarkable girl who solved all his problems. Cause love, I guess.
  • Oh, Lox still worked with Lukas. That bit is a Plot Point, so.
  • Gen 2 is of course also vastly different, in that Echo and Law are both raised by Faye and Kane. Law is a genius and ends up working with Lukas who has to work hard to hide his presence from the main family who could recognise him, and also meets Chase who lives with his grandma, not his aunt, for the same reasons as in V2. The words “they told me I could either be their straight son or a gay stranger,” were said by him, and IIRC lifted from a deviantART comic I used to read which was based on this one dude’s friends. Can you remember deviantART? Man, what a throwback.
  • Law and Chase have srs issues, tho, cause it was super important to Law to have a biological child and he threw himself into this same sex research and ended up driving them apart, especially because to Chase it is so unimportant to have a child that is biologically theirs, as he or she would still be theirs. Luckily they managed to keep themselves together. I contemplated the same thing happening in V2, but it’s going to take a back seat. I can’t imagine Law being desperate to have kids for another decade at least! But the research is definitely going to happen, because I need babies for future generations when more same sex couples happen.
  • Echo becomes a partier and helps with the research to make Lukas human. And I’m going to say nothing more about her plot, because even though her entire character is changed, the rest will become a spoiler for the last few chapters of this generation.

Generation three is going to be much more in line with the original, in that the family structure is the same and the plots are generally the same, just better thought out and with better writing. I want it to be a short one, so there will be a massive timeskip at the beginning to bring us up to speed and cut out useless childhood years where nothing happens. Also, I want to get to generation four which is the entire reason I started rewriting this monstrosity!  This was the generation that made my legacy, where the plot started coming to me properly, where my legacy and my friend’s legacy became so much more than just in the same world, but utterly combined with the plot. Even now, though I can look back and see various plot holes, I’m proud – this is the generation that tended to be the favourite of the readers too, and I hope I do it even better this time around.

So, there it is. Hope that was interesting to anyone other than me 😀 Can you believe I’ve been writing this damn legacy for like ten years?



SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Eighteen

“I guess they can’t really give me detention for using the knowledge they gave me,” Chase said, smugness clinging to his words and the devious curve of his lips.

“I’m sure studies have shown that listening to music while doing work does impede your concentration.” Law raised his mug to his lips, the chipped china feeling incredibly detailed under the many nerves of his tongue. Lukewarm tea flooded into his mouth and he made a face; he’d left it too long. The perfect temperature of a tea was an elusive thing.

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SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Seventeen

Surprise chapter!

Slight nsfw warning for some of the writing, btw. And I’m sorry, but this chapter got long. There’s probably too much writing because I was trying to challenge myself, but hopefully it’s all good writing!

Law didn’t have time to take in much of the cafe except for the shining red stars lit up around the exposed brick walls, beacons in the dimming light, before someone had dived at him. It was funny, in retrospect, how quickly the drills of martial arts almost bent his body to let Echo’s momentum carry her past and onto the floor. Luckily the rest of his brain kicked in quickly enough and instead he took a hasty half-step back to steady himself against the sudden barrage, a waft of patchouli hitting him as violently as the girl had.

“I was so scared you wouldn’t show,” Echo admitted in a whisper, her grip tightening in response to the thought. Finally Law’s arms came up around her, no longer cast out for balance, and the smooth cotton of her top wrinkled under his fingers.

“Of course I would,” Law said, wondering if the weight of his half-sister in his arms would ever feel normal.

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SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Sixteen

I’m not even gonna front with you guys, some of these pictures are not up to my usual standard. The chapter was a headache to shoot (the phone I shoved in game happened to only be an adult’s accessory, of course), and then one of the scenes evolved but I didn’t have the right picture for the end, and so on. But these past few weeks haven’t been great – lots of emotional rollercoaster stuff – so honestly I just need to get this out otherwise I’ll keep putting off coming back.

I will actually get a holiday next week – yes, you heard me right, my first damn holiday since Xmas – and I plan to catch up then, though my comments may be sporadic.

It was almost no surprise when Echo’s response to Law’s message came through that night. It was always him that was cautious, taking time to reply, and didn’t that just reflect how he was in every day life anyway? But Echo, she was quick and excited, and by the time Law was home and ready for bed she had sent a message back.

He’d been on his phone anyway, aimlessly scrolling through the New Scientist website, the subscription to which Elspeth and Eilidh had bought him for the previous Christmas. He was skimming an article about physics without any true comprehension about what it really meant when the notification popped up at the top of his phone. His heart seemed to freeze for a second, before pounding twice as fast as before, and with shaking hands he read the rest of her message.

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