SOL: Generation Four – Chapter Three

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“We’re going to the East. The County of Angus, to be exact.”

“Never been there,” Dova grunted.

“Shocker,” Korra muttered.

“I have a country house near a small wee village called Bridge of Craigisla. It’s right on the edge of thousands of hectares of forestry, which has been leased from the Forestry Commission. You’ll be doing various fieldcraft exercises in there.”

“Hey, can you stop and let me out? I’m having second thoughts, specifically about this exercise stuff?”

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SOL: Generation Four – Chapter Two

Towards the end of Q’s story, both Risa and Fury were struggling to stay awake. The cousins knew the highlights, but having all the gaps filled in made sense of their history. Half the puzzle had been missing, leaving the cousins mystified and more than a little blase about the threat. Now it was filled in the picture became clearer, and far more threatening.

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SOL: Generation Four – Chapter One

“You cannot talk back to a teacher like that, Korra!”

Korra blew out a breath and rested her chin on her fist. Her mother stood over her with a deep frown, the expression so common that even when the grimace was gone the skin was still wrinkled with its shadow.

“He can’t teach for shit.”


“For poop, then. Whatever.”

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SOL: Generation Four – Prologue

Q wakes from the nap to see the sky is bright again, shining its brilliance through the large windows still coated in raindrops. They wind their way down ever so slowly, twisting in strange ways, joining with other tracks of water, and glistening under the sunlight. Raindrops had fascinated him as a child. How little they cared for gravity. How leisurely was their trickling descent. He had often wished to be one – fresh and often reborn, ubiquitous but unnoticed, accommodating yet able to shape all elements. He has always believed water to be the champion of elements. It could carve earth and douse fire. It was more necessary than anything else for life. Perhaps this was why his power had manifested in water.

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SOL: Generation Three – Chapter Thirteen

Kian had told her to take it an hour at a time, and Isabelle had, and she was struck by how that had taken her up to this moment. Somehow the hours had piled up into days, into weeks, months, years. And here she was, resting her head on Kian’s shoulder, curled around him and breathing him in, surrounded by family (yes, she thought, that still hurt).

Three years on. How was it three years? She’d gone back to school, got her grades even though she had no direction in life, fell into an easy routine with Kian and then gave up the pretence of sleeping in her own room. Three years! She was nineteen, she had an admin job for the town hall, and she was watching her silly, ridiculous brother toast to Cara’s pregnancy.

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SOL: Generation Three – Chapter Twelve

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“I’m proud of you,” Mia said, curling fingers around Quinn’s wrist. He gave her a shaken smile, but couldn’t help fidgeting in his seat.

“Isn’t this a silly thing to be proud of?” His voice was quiet, but even through the din Mia managed to pick up what was said. Her disapproving look told him that much.

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SOL: Generation Three – Chapter Six

Quinn had arrived first, following directions on a scrap piece of paper until the Arron’s Arcade sign had caught his eye, spilling neon blue light out onto the dull side street. He had recognised the name once Mia had suggested the venue; his uncles had visited on occasion, but luckily he wouldn’t be running into them that day; they were in America for a conference-and-holiday, so Quinn didn’t have to worry.

He’d drifted inside and was pleasantly surprised to find a friendly assistant point him into a cosy room, where muted grey walls gave a good contrast to the electric lights of the arcade machines.

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XMAS2018 Pose Dump


Ho Ho Ho. Oh wait, it’s boxing day. Whoops!

Computer issues + laziness = a late pose pack, with not very pretty pictures.

In this download you get: pictures (titled with their codes), a note containing said codes and some comments from me, PLUS the links to accessories used, the animation files (feel free to tweak if needed, but no reuploading), and the package file itself. 

This is NOT pose list compatible. See: laziness.

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Generation Three: Prologue

He knows that he should have retreated to bed, but as the sun continues to rise it is hard to pull himself away from the words. He reads hungrily, pausing only on occasion as a well of emotion surprises him. He is vaguely aware of his wife greeting him in the morning, taking one look at how enraptured with the story he is before deciding to leave him alone. When he is like this, there is no point trying to convince him to rest.

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