SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Twenty One

Echo unloaded every word that she’d heard Lukas and Law say, and then every thought and worry she’d had following that moment. In a panic she had greeted Law as if she hadn’t heard a thing, and the dishonesty sat uncomfortably within her, like a too-full stomach. Naturally, she went to the one person in the world that she had no secrets with; her father.

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SOL: Generation Two – Chapter Twenty


Strangely, Law was the only one in the flat when the buzzer rang.

He’d been up for a few hours, the oversized window generous with the amount of sunlight it allowed into his room, but he’d been half-heartedly putting the finishing touches to an assignment and yawning, stretching warm muscles luxuriously and enjoying the lie in.

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SOL: Generation Two – Prologue

Knowing when to begin is the hardest piece of starting. “Why,” they call, “at the beginning!” This is all very well, but it is rather misleading. My beginning is vastly different from yours. It would take too long to tell you all of my life, and you do not need to know it to understand what I require you to understand. I started these journals, therefore, at your beginning.

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SOL: Generation One – Chapter Six

 A/N: I must have forgotten the image size i uploaded the older pictures as, because the new ones are slightly bigger. Ah, well. Also, Faye is our heir, but each sibling has some story of their own.

“Hey buddy, mind if I join you?” James asked, sitting down in the sand pit without waiting for any agreement. Kane could imagine Jessica looking out the window and rolling her eyes, muttering about her husband being a big kid. He smiled at the thought. James was cool. Faye was perpetually embarrassed by her family, but Kane not-so-secretly liked them. They were laid back. They were friendly.

“You looked deep in thought,” James went on, patting the sand into a vague mound shape. “Where’s Faye?”

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